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I started my Christmas shopping about
three months ago so I got some of them from Groupon yes
cheapskate I know this one has settings product to score
the the shampoo and stuff in some I don’t know but it’s got a speaker in
there these are offer bonus and the specs you might be some I just use this
they were offered good fight and everything else I know every parent can see this about
their child but this girl just keeps me chest when she understands me she’s a
very magical best she’s – she’s – I go I am so good for every day for that they
are going about the heavy ones out there but I’m going to try to watch so if you see me even in some shady
rocking forgive me I am NOT a rapid PAC passage
I’m gonna do the best I can all of these shouldn’t be like this like this but
like this one for instance is a rental car she liked it you think I said she’s
a girl she likes dogs she likes cars that’s why I put this but
I don’t know who see this was from home by again I think it was about $12.99
actually I have all the projects doctor frozen this year was in – it’s really
good which has her frozen wet sheets this this if you if you it’s the
child-like movie they would definitely like this I got this one and I got this
on Amazon this is also a puzzle and this is for my friend why they forgot church is that she
wanted have some nice stuff and I practiced a
while but she wanted it so badly but I bought it I thought I’ll give it before
Christmas so I hid it in the laundry and yeah I’m gonna rock with her I bought
this from Amazon I bought this they do so whenever I go
to the shops without ad I buy one and this was also from home back in this
doll I know I’m not giving you the prices but trust me if I shop at home
baggage coupon new that I I’m always looking for I do know and I expected
it’s a long time at going shopping this is from home bargain it was very cheap
of what it is because I saw the same thing on TV and it was about 80 pounds
and this was about 19 pounds 99.9 at doing pouch and she has a market stall
and go with this and she has the piano tested no way to put it together and see
her face when she sees you on Christmas Day
unless her uncle Khanna and I’ll put up let’s get Rocking let’s
get Rocking so I got this wrapping paper because
it’s my mom’s birthday on the 20th of December so I went ahead to have a bad
day gift and a Christmas gift after hours and hours of rapping I
finally have everything done I’m gonna set up put together the other ones that
don’t need wrapping paper and put a Borneo in something so these are I can
most of them off although the small ones are mine but hey ho I ran out of
wrapping paper so I had to use a bad day wrapping for like a normal one that’s
the one the gold and navy blue on the back but yeah I love I love the wrapping
paper the one with the the polar bear was so cute and I got these candy canes
this morning and on the tree after the one the tree RUP clean done they’re falling apart you they’d loss of them investor the room and then the penguin this this possess for the better that’s
all it’s doing yeah see son till now and we’re going to see
husband right come come but it has at the time of our life guys it is nice and I feel DP then I feel dizzy you and I am yes in a snow globe well this is Bell’s Christmas present and her
first piano it’s kind of a full sized piano but it’s made for kids I got this
on gear for music and it was 479 I think and I thought that this would be the
best present for her because my cousin is here and he plays all the instruments
so it would be a good idea to get her to start early and so this if you’re
interested I’m gonna leave the link in the description box and you can check it
out well I will insert a video of where my cousin is playing and it sounds
really good so this was her first present because we don’t have space I
was actually thinking of the things to get that will be practical be playful
and also not space consuming so this was one of them is very slim and it has a
stool as well and yeah it fits perfectly in this corner right here in the living
room let me show you so that’s it over the just beside the three seater sofa
and I got this from Lido is a two-in-one theater and a shop for kids like I said
because of space I wanted to have things that she can play with but it’s
space-saving her play area is very we open presents
yesterday so so just imagine everyday toys everyone wouldn’t cleaning up and
luckily for me not lucky for me this is very it’s so practical that you can
write here I was thinking to get a chalkboard so this is actually three in
one for me she can start learning her numbers and alphabets writing them on
this chalkboard and it’s the doubles I thought us as a theatre and a shop a
store so that’s it and I got this or from Lido 429 pounds and I bought
this but these are her present I wanted to wait till today to do this video what
I got for her for Christmas because I she watches the video and I didn’t want
her to see what I got from her I bought this from home back in and it was for
seven 99 I think if my memory serves me right
and there’s another thing or that she’s had a kitchen for a long time and I
bought this also from later this basket it Hatchin it actually has little on it
that’s so cute so she can have her play store here and what else did we get
she got the frozen dough that was into dog she got these puzzles it’s also
frozen see what else did you get she got this Barbie if he can’t remember
she’s she told Santa that she wanted a Barbie so she got this mermaid Barbie
she got this Mike stand and that looks like a purse well done that’s that’s
amazing so guys I hope you enjoyed watching
today’s video it’s just–see wrapping all the presents
I go for Belle she deserves it that’s all I can say you can say I’m
spoiling her but she deserves she’s been through a lot and for somebody of her
age two years she is just a constant constant joy in my life and I am so so
proud of her with how much she’s born from where we started from she was born
to mature so if he saw her in the incubator and all of that you think
you’ll see that God has been amazing to me and I am so grateful I am intent look
in this way 90 all I’m saying it I am eternally grateful grateful grateful
equipped well this is my mood for it the same but it’s just I’m overwhelmed with
all the good things that are coming my way and I am so so blessed I hope that
you are also you also have accounts in your glasses like I am doing I don’t I’m
not living on top of the world but look my life is amazing
and I am so grateful I’m grateful to all of you subscribers to
if you haven’t already subscribe please please please subscribe leave me a
comment below give this video and time sometime I hope they go inspired by some
of these presents if I remember where I get and got them from and your prices
our definitely shout I’ll tell you if not I’ll put them in the description
box below I appreciate you so much thank you for watching bye

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