Giving your teammate a scope can create serious drama – Loan

Did you find anything in Gatka? Yeah man there were heaps of guns Really? Yeah Why didn’t you yell them out? Ah that’s annoying One thing I didn’t find were any sights or anything Do you have anything? Ah I found a scope… Perfect – can I have it? Ah it’s a 4x – I was kind of hoping to put it on a gun if I found one But you haven’t found one yet Well… No… Coz I’ve got one but I don’t have any… Sights on it Argh I guess… I was just really hoping to put it on a… Yeah okay Do you want it? Yeah great Oh sweet a crate! Oh nice Yes!!! A kar98! Oh sweet can I grab the scope back? What? Can I grab the scope back? I just found a kar98 Well no it’s on my gun Well.. Yeah but I just found a kar98 now so I can chuck on the kar98… Yeah but I.. I’ve already got it on my gun yeah but I’ve just found a kar98 Which is perfect for the scope So can I have the scope back? No! I’m using it on my gun! I wouldn’t have given you the scope if I knew I was going to find a kar98 seconds later But you did give it to me So it’s mine now And I’m using it I was being genuinely quite generous to you I could have kept it Okay so you WERE being generous And now… what? You’re just being a dick about it? Let’s say YOU found a 4x scope and you didn’t want to part with it But you did And then SECONDS later you found a kar98 Do you think you’d want it back? Well yeah I would regret it! I’d be annoyed! ButI wouldn’t ask for it back! Ohhh you! You definitely would! In fact you would demand it back! Like you’re doing right now? Oh my god – you know what? You see the problem here?? The problem – the CONFUSION that’s arising because you think this is OUR problem But this is YOUR problem This is a team problem! **Distant arguing** I forgot how much of an asshole you are! Oh jesus! Where’s that coming from? Up there up there! You got any health? Oh okay you’ve been hurt? Yeah yeah can I grab some health? Okay yeah I do have some bandages Is that alright? Yeah just any bandages Yeah sweet just just to let you know though I might need them in like 2 seconds So probably best if you don’t actually use them I can give them to you but can you just hold onto them for me? Oh okay okay so you’re going to compare a valuable 4x scope to some shitty bandages? Is that what you’re doing? Oh really so they’re shitty? So you don’t need the bandages now? Oh great!! Urghhh It’s these guys… What is wrong with them?? I’ve played these guys before they’re the worst They are just always arguing Should we just shoot them? Yeah Hey guys if you enjoyed that remember to subscribe Yeah and if you do subscribe don’t then just a couple of seconds later unsubscribe Like if you gave somebody a scope and them immediately asked for it back OH OKAY BEN We’re getting back into that are we?? Okay I don’t think you quite understand the point Okay we’ll just leave it there! We’ll just leave it there – just remember to subscribe! Subscribe everyone


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