Global Seminar: Shakespeare on Site

Shakespeare on Site takes place in London. A typical day we’ll be in the classroom for a couple hours discussing Shakespeare’s plays, discussing things we’ve seen, discussing things we’re going to see. I think one of the greatest parts or aspects of the program are the excursions that we take. And so a typical day we might go to the Globe Theatre and see a performance. We took a weekend trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s hometown. One excursion we take is to Windsor Castle I do that because Shakespeare is very interested in the monarchy as an institution. Another thing we do on a typical day is go out and explore London or explore parts of England near London I think the greatest part about this study abroad program was that it really allowed us to learn things firsthand. Like we’re learning Shakespeare and Shakespeare can be difficult as it is. But we actually got to go to the Globe and see these plays and read them as well. We also got to visit a lot of historical sites. So we got to learn about Shakespeare as a person which I think made learning about him a lot less intimidating and just a lot more interesting. I think the location definitely played into it because London is just a great city to experience culture and plays and especially Shakespeare. London has this amazing kind of local market culture. There are amazing museums. I think it’s great for people who are a bit intimidated by studying abroad because it is an English-speaking country. I think it’s a great way to sort of dip your foot in the water of study abroad. It’s been an extraordinary experience and the feedback I’ve gotten from students is that it’s extraordinary. That’s the adjective that’s been used most on my feedback I want them to see the world differently after taking this class and my sense is that’s happening. I think the greatest part about being in a different place is just really being able to step outside what you know and what you’ve always known and seeing things from a different perspective. When it comes to studying abroad one of the greatest, most pivotal moments in my undergradute career. And I would encourage absolutely everyone to take advantage of that.

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