Globe Ensemble: In Rehearsal

Birch soil and bottle, and this kind of life… What would you like to know about the rehearsal process? Your hose should be ungartered, your bonnet unbanded – We’re kind of training like a football team. [Michelle Terry:] All in there together! It’s messy and swamp-like, but a bit more organic – Why, whither, Adam, wouldst thou have me go? [Michelle Terry:] And we’ve opened the doors up so that people can come in as and when they like. It’s just open, it’s an open space. [Upbeat introductory music] Oh Jupiter, weary spirits! It’s nice to have two plays to bounce inbetween. [Michelle Terry:] Hamlet and As You Like It are both written around 1599, similar year that the theatre was built… [Colin Hurley:] We’re working on the scenes but without a script even though we don’t know the lines. Wearying thy hearer in thy mistress’s praise… Someone will be giving you the lines… Sorry? [Off screen:] Go with me if you’d like upon report. Go – go with me if you’d like upon report. Line by line, just feed, so it’s like ‘oh! there’s a magic voice…’ [Ringing sound] Thank you! I prithee… recount. Which means you can connect with each other – Thank you! When I was at home… [laughs] I was in a better place. It’s given me a lot of freedom to not think I’ve got to nail this, or I’ve got to come in and present something that I’ve prepared. Without a script in your hand to hide in you feel a bit more vulnerable early on. Not a bad thing! I broke my sword upon a stone! We’re going to try and expose the process and through that expose why we came to this decision or that decision. That means letting go of some of the control. [Laughs] That young swain that you saw… It’s such an open and free way of working. If thou rememberest not the slightest folly – You know, here’s my shtick and here’s how I do it so that I look cool – I’m excited to see what it’s going to look like. – and there’s no looking cool over there! [Tanika Yearwood:] I’m super excited! I’m scared… [Laughs] Marry, he trots hard with a young maid… [Colin Hurley:] So I guess that’s our aspiration. How strong can we become as a group – as an ensemble? And with that strength can we then be brave enough to meet an audience and share stuff beyond just our shtick. [Off screen:] I don’t think it’s up for discussion – I think it’s brilliant! [Everyone laughs] [Inaudible chatter as ensemble talk over each other] [Upbeat closing music]

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