Globe On Tour: Pericles

The Touring Ensemble is… Eight actors and a backstage team Three different productions We have Pericles, Twelfth Night, and Comedy of Errors Pack our suitcases We’ll have our little van And go on the road! All over the world! ( Upbeat music plays ) Pericles is an underrated gem! It’s kind of like a really great Netflix series He flees his kingdom, in order to protect it He has a shipwreck and he goes through this amazing life! Encounters love, death… He fights! He saves people! Births, rebirths… He woos, he falls in love, he gets married, he has a kid! Gods… He loses it all! In the end… and intensely hopeful story The story of Pericles really is it’s fleeing some form of disaster on a journey of hope! And the turmoil… and what you do after like Do you give up? Do you shut down? Or do you keep striving and fighting? Imagine the saddest moment of your life and the happiest moment of your life. Reliving those moments again… that’s what the play is all about! It’s quite inspiring I guess! And again yeah, one of those plays that has sort of everything in it. ( Upbeat music fades out )

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