Globe on Tour: The best bits

What’s your favourite Shakespearean word from the plays? Knave. Oh, mine’s fadge. Rudesby. Cock’s passion. What’s your favourite line in the three plays? ‘I knew a wench married in an afternoon as she went to the garden for parsley to stuff a rabbit, and so may you, sir. And so adieu, sir.’ What is the best insult in the three plays? ‘You whoreson villain!’ ‘You beetle-headed, flap-ear’d knave!’ I like ‘Come hither, crack-hemp.’ What’s your favourite character out of the three plays – Nice! – and why? I love Lorenzo. It’s a lovely little part. I’d love to have a stab at Shylock. Malvolio, there’s another one. Um, Sir Toby Belch. That’s a good answer.

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