Globe On Tour: The Comedy of Errors

The Touring Ensemble is… Eight actors, and a backstage team. Three different productions We have Pericles, Twelfth Night, and Comedy of Errors Pack our suitcases We’ll have our little van And go on the road! All over the world! ( Upbeat music plays ) I thought it was a farce! And it is it’s wickedly funny um… but it’s actually rooted in a really sad sad story. It’s fun… but it’s tears at the same time. It’s about a family that’s been split apart! Two sets of twins. There’s two characters who are literally on a search to find their other half, and there’s two characters who have no idea that they have another half! And that’s when the hilarity and the fun ensues with the mistaken identity and lots of confusion! It’s a wild wild comedy about mistaken identities. If you want to feel something that you haven’t felt for ages, if you wanted that fire in you to happen Come and see this show! It’s full of emotion it’s so unexpected, and it’s so relatable. ( Upbeat music fades out )

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