Globe Playground – Making a fake animal body

Making a fake animal body. Prop makers at the Globe are often asked to make all kinds of unusual things to be used in plays. For the play, The Lighting Child, they have made a model of an animal for a feast.
The prop maker starts by gluing large pieces of foam together. The pieces are slowly cut with an electric
saw to give it a rough shape. When the basic shape is made, she then uses a brush to smooth the edges. She then cuts it in half and hollows out the
inside. She uses a special glue to stick pieces of leather inside. To make the animal look more real, the prop maker paints a rubbery material onto it. See how she uses different coloured paints to make it look more real? Now it is time to glue the two halves together. A metal rod is put inside the foam to make it stronger. The halves are then put together. It takes two prop makers to push the pieces
together as the glue begins to dry. Excess glue is wiped off and a block is placed
underneath to keep it steady while it dries. To make it look realistic, the model is covered
in red paint before every performance. All that is left to do is hang it on the stage.

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