Globe restoration: more secrets revealed

Okay so here we are stood in the dress
circle area, the balcony. Behind me you can see how the building’s been stripped back right to the bare bones, the steelwork manufactured in
Middlesbrough by Doorman Long and we’re now finding just the secrets that have been hidden behind some of these walls. It’s really interesting to strip
these buildings back to the bare bones and understand how they’re actually
constructed. We find some things that of course we never expected to find and also some really good surprises that really make that journey a little bit
more interesting. On the other side of this wall
there’s the Globe stage and we can now only look at it because we’ve completed
the demolition of the adjoining dressing-room block and what we expected
to find was a good solid-built wall with supporting steel frame, but as you can see well what we’ve found is that bricks are not actually tied into the steel and
well we’ve just now got to resolve these structural issues in a positive way. We have found quite a few interesting things in the building inevitably as we’ve been stripping it out: management signs, pieces of technical equipment and even details of decoration that we didn’t know existed. When we actually look at these buildings we often find things that we didn’t expect and well, that’s just the nature of restoring old buildings, you never quite know what you’re dealing with until you really get into them. So as I stand here today we’re probably at the most basic level of strip back. This is the moment when the building turns round, when we turn the corner, and we start to put things back into the
building and start on that wonderful journey to restore this fantastic
building back to its original glory.

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