Globe Theatre – Mamma Mia! Review by Easton

My name’s Easton, and right now, I’m seeing Mamma Mia!, at the Regina Globe Theatre. So, Sophie, she read her mom’s diary and then she noticed, she had, Sophie’s mom, knew three men who got in love with her, who broke up, got in love, broke up and that was the last broke up. So Sophie’s trying to figure out who her dad is and, Spoiler Alert! They all showed up to the wedding. I thought it was actually a great thing. When I first listened to the music I’m like… “Who wrote this!?” Well the show was very fun, there was lots of dancing. The music was great, I just thought it was an amazing show. Well I saw lots of the audience actually dancing. One lady in a box was dancing her head off every song. Well my favourite part in the show was, completely all the songs. I just think the songs were fun, nice, funny, so ya. Come and see it. Bring your friends and, have a nice mom time. A Mamma Mia! Get your tickets before it’s too late, bye!

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