Globe Theatre Model Macbeth Choice Project

Hi Ms. Bihun! I’ve got my choice project done
and I’m here to hand it into you I know it’s been such a long time and I will accept late
marks I just hope that it can still be handed in this late. I hope you’re doing well we miss
you here at the school. for my Macbeth Choice Project, I have done a 1:1 Scale model of
the Globe Theater where all of Shakespear’s plays were preformed in now this theatre is
completely to scale it’s 1:1 so the exact length of it is going to be 31.27m and I’ve
got the proper width the length of the stage is 18.75m and the width of the stage is 12.81m
if I’m correct and it’s based off of all of the real measurements that were in the actual
Globe Theatre now you might be wondering “for a 1:1 scale model, it does look a little bit
goofy” and if you’re thinking that you’re right, cause I based it off of the measurements
of the old Globe Theatre and then based it off of the design of the new theatre the one
that was built after the Globe Theatre was burned down and they tried to make the new
theater as close to Identical to the old theater as possible, but through my model I can tell
that they didn’t get it completely right just because it doesn’t match the pictures of the
outside of the theater of the old one now fun fact there is actually no pictures of
the inside of the Old theater there have been none found and the closest thing we have to
understanding what the inside of the Globe theatre looked like was just studying the
plays and an old theater called the Swan Theater which was a different English Rennisance Theatre
that was thought to be very similar. I’m going to give you a quick tour of this model and
most of the information and the conclusions from it will be in my write-up portion. to get to the seating there are pathways that run behind all of the bleacher-like things
(brilliant wording) I’m not going to walk us through all of them but this is what they
all looked like. For the most part it is very detailed. Okay I’m done this is
taking too long, hope you
can hear me

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