Globe to Globe Hamlet: 90 Seconds with Matt and Amanda

Under a minute you say? Under a minute 3, 2, 1, Go! What travel tip have you learnt from one year of continuous travel? Bring a good book. What is your favourite line of text from any Shakespeare play? Friends to this ground. What Shakespearian role would you like to play other than the one you are now? Ophelia Yeah I would What are the three things you can’t live without when travelling? My hair shampoo, a book and my love for buying instruments. Who is your favourite hero in fiction? I don’t know – Achilles On the road what is your greatest extravagance? My shampoo. Which country would you most like to go back to and why? All of them. One. St. Lucia because I love it What play has influenced you the most in your career? Midsummer Night’s Dream On the road is your most treasured possession? A bowl? What’re you pointing at? Is this a hint? no no! Say it! We’ve only got one left On the road…a treasured possession… …my bag. So I can just put things in. Stuff that I buy. And I collect it. What is the thing you miss the most when on the road? Boyfriend!

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