Globe to Globe Hamlet: Actor Ladi Emeruwa Talks About Performing in Kiev, Ukraine

And was there somewhere where the play started to make sense to you? Or was there somewhere where it felt particularly resonant? There are so many places. It really happened for the first time when we were Ukraine in Kiev. That was an amazing experience for me because obviously we were there the day before the elections. We had the now President Poroshenko in the front row right in the middle and then we had the now Mayor Klitschko to his right. And we’d just been in Maidan Square that afternoon and we’d learned about the recent history as well as the further past history by the past history and so much of the play made so much more sense in that context. You’d say things and you’d hear a collective intake of breath because I was talking to the president elect. It was just really fascinating. you know this and there’s a hole for
timber us everything the whole for the And all of the Fortinbras bits make so much more sense in the context of that kind of thing. And that also happened when we went through the Balkans and obviously they’ve been through awful awful things. Particularly in Bosnia when I was talking to the actors. They were incredible people but in their lifetime, when they were children, they had lived through war. So a lot of the play, particularly the political aspects, began to jump out more.

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