Globe to Globe Hamlet: Actresses Miranda Foster & Jennifer Leong on their Performance in Rwanda

We just had to busk it. We were outside but it was wonderful. You had all the kids and young people and students and local kids all came to congregate and that in itself was something really special in Rwanda because they’re not allowed to
congregate in public places. There are signs saying no loitering. People get arrested if they literally hang out in public together. But because we were doing our show, people could hang out! And be together! And even if they didn’t understand, which a lot of the kids didn’t they they
would just say just loved hanging out with us there and be altogether and it was something very
very special very very special and memorable. They all stayed there after the show and wanted to be there when we were packing up. It was a very special day. All the kids were with us until we left.

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