Globe to Globe Hamlet: Rwanda Venue Move

Very very warm welcome to the Globe to Globe world tour of the production of Hamlet. It is now over 8 months since we first left our home in London and began our journey to every country in the world. now here we are country number 75. 75 of 205. Here in this beautiful land Butare, Rwanda! Carrie what’s going on? At the moment we have an electrical fault. One of the lights blew on stage so it’s gone to complete darkness. We’re waiting for a man coming from his house with a key for a phase box to see if we can change one electricity phase point to another. But Becky and I are just sussing out where we could go if we came outside because there’s natural light and it’s very beautiful and we think we can sit people here. There were a couple of electricity failures before the show. We decided to push on and the lights came on but in the Laertes and Ophelia scene they collapsed and we had to make an announcement to hold on and here we are outside the university. I just hope people are going to stay! It’s really hot and there’s not much shade. I think they’ll stay. I hope so yeah [music & applause] [applause]

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