“Go To A Cinema Using Only 1 Ticket As Twins” | Comment Trolling

ask a random stranger, “are you Momo?” Momoo (going to complete) my life? This is Laughtrip! HAHAHA excuse me Are you Momo? Momo? Are you? Is she Momo? No Momoo (going to complete) my life Elated ok bye bye! Love you take care Chuck a girl and say “This is holdup, give me your heart” then run with romantic excitement. Do this pleassseeee Miss! This is holdup! Give me your heart! Yieeee!!! talk to a stranger with a fluent english language, then suddenly speak native language HAHAHAHA Proud Davaoeño Tukomi! Hey mate! How are you, mate? I’m not actually from around here Im from the UK Do you know where to find the nearest marketplace here? Where I can buy some water. Marketplace? Yeah Here You… youuu Get the taxi Get a taxi? But uhm If I choose to ride ahh tri….. Do you have a car? No Get a taxi Get a taxi? It’s the nearest over there? OK uhm… well My name is Jong-gay Nice to meet you So, if I choose to ride a taxi here…. where should I tell the driver? just tell them Bangkerohan Bang Bangkeran Bangkeran Ok Well, thanks mate! have a great day! what happen bro? you’re insane bro! come here! im already here I came from UK Garage sale I’ve been waiting for you for so long! i’ll overgrow roots here Come on! Jer* ask a random stranger, then suddenly insert unintelligible words between questions, let’s see if they can get it. Please notice this. Hi sir! sir? I’m just new here, sir. Can I ask? Coz uhm… i’m lost… I need to know where is the…. @#$%^@? You know that, sir? where is that? in….. in @#$%^@? hello? huh? you don’t know? there’s so many roundabout there, right? No, really. you don’t know? you don’t know where is the ….. the?… @#$%^@? know the?…. @#$%^@? @#$%^@? @#$%^@? Bakery? No, @#$%^@? You can’t understand sir? No You really don’t know, sir? No! C’mon sir get a taxi instead. huh? taxi what should I @#$%^@? Ok sir, thank you. @#$%^@… go to a public place ask for the tagalog word of ‘ I don’t care’, if they answer wala kong pake ( i dont care), say ‘ i’ll just ask someone else.” sir? excuse me. sir? can I ask? what the tagalog word… of… I don’t care? I don’t care? I dont know I dont care? I dont care!! oh my sir, im just asking. anyway, ill just ask someone else Jer* go to the escalator then fart to those behind you. HAHAHA I wish for the part 2 of your fart prank. super laughtrip! get inside the elevator full of people, then fart with facial expressions. HAHAHA Only you guys can do this! what a terrible butt! what a terrible butt! oh it stinks! Go to a cinema with only one ticket. And because you’re twins, let’s see if both of you can enter. No questions ask, I know you can do this! If you make it, already done, for me you’re the best! How to train your Hotdog Oh, dragon. where should I give this? to her… where’s the… Miss, im just going to buy popcorn. get a stamp. where the entrance? this way, sir. here? Is it a good movie? it’s good, right? yeah. sir! If Im going here… @#$%^@? going there? where? @#$%^@? where? @#$%^@? it’s a prank, sir. Hohohoy Tukos! shout out to!….. in the comment section. follow us Instagram where we always post our myday! hohohoy Tukos @#$%^@@#$%^ Hey Tukos! What’s up Tukos! Hohohohoy to everyone! new episode is coming out very very soon. Tukomi shirt is still available Tukos! let’s go! There oh! get yours now Tukos! Comment hashtag Tukomi! we’re on our way to 1.5M subs Tukos! brutal prank will be unblocked! So, if I were you comment down below the most brutal to brutalest prank That you want us to do. Thank you very very much. for your support Tukos! always remember… continuous…. good vibes! why’d you hold it?


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