GOD FRIENDED ME Official First Look Trailer (HD) Brandon Michael Hall CBS Series

New York City home to eight point six million people Everyone’s searching for meaning and answers. There is no proof of God anywhere in the universe We would have made that and more on today’s episode of the Millennial prophet I am your host Mao Spiner reminding you that there is no God and that is okay per usual You’re misinformed you grew up in the church. You know this better than anyone. Yes. It is. True. My father’s a reverend We got the whole Luke Vader dynamic going on I thought I had it all figured out but then something happened and it changed my life forever. I Got a friend request from God What Who’s John Doe whoa I am so sorry John Doe Well, what the hell man, I think you just saved my life, thank you Yo who the hell is Carol bloom let me get this straight you’re being catfished by someone calling themselves God on face Yes, and I need you more hacker skills to give me their IP address How many times I gotta tell you I’m not a hacker? Okay. I’m a video game enthusiast Okay, what do you know my only lead Kara bloom she writes for catapult cute and accomplished. This isn’t tinder I cash you mean bumble, bro. Nobody uses tinder anymore. I’m gonna go down there. Let me get to the bottom of this What are you gonna tell her God sent you? Kara kara, are you God? Excuse me. I just really want to know who’s behind me. God account Look, I don’t know what you’re on but I carry mace We’re glad you didn’t grow up with social media Listen I don’t know anything about the God account doesn’t make any sense. Why would they send me your name? You want to figure out who’s screwing with you I’m a journalist. I know how to find people you Can’t have one foot in the eternal plane you either believe or you don’t or you Recognize that there’s something greater at work here. I don’t know some grand design connecting us. All there is no grand design You know, it’s kind of like the prodigal son except God is using Facebook to bring you and Dad back together You see was growing up in a house of religion test of the month Rakesh yo, you need to get back to your apartment like right now someone or something hacked your computer It’s crazy. It won’t stop showing your photo the same song’s playing over and over. I can’t make anything stop. Just pull the plug No, no, there has to be a reason why they’re doing this How’d you get it to stop I did it it stopped on its own I Gotta go What was that all about it’s just you and your family. My mom’s doctor a nurse. You think she knows one of them Do you remember their names I was eight but there is one person who may know dr John Andrews and his nurse Susan Albright it took great care of your mother. Thank you. Hey miles wait this podcast of yours You think you’re helping people but you’re not that’s not true. You are taking away people’s Hope you’re telling them that God is watching over us, you know better than anyone that’s not true You don’t think that what happened made me question my faith today It’s hard to see Hell of a view Look, I know the nurse in the photo is your mom. She left when you were a kid, right? I didn’t care when I was 8 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer So I pray for a miracle and then it happened. She went to full remission. The doctors couldn’t even explain it I don’t understand if God answered your prayers What are you believed because on the way home from the hospital she died in a car accident Look I don’t know who’s behind this But why they chose me, but I do know that your mom is still out there. I’d give anything to say the same Ashes you can do this It’s a really nice day yeah it is Yeah, I heard you the Sheba nurse Kara why didn’t you come home? Mom Oh No guess that answers that wait Yeah, she came out of nowhere hold on one 1john dove you’re the guy from the subway. She needs a doctor. I am a doctor We got a pulse You save John dove and he saved me if you think about it it’s kind of like a grand design That want to be a part of your life When you pull me back realize, you know, I didn’t want to die, thank you People say that God has a plan for all of us Well, I never believed that to be true, but then he friended me and it kind of turned my life upside down Not that I think it’s God, but in these crazy times we live in we owe it to ourselves to ask the tough questions Wait a minute. You don’t think dad is behind this. Do you really miles? He can’t even use Netflix You You


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