Goldberg joins the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018

[MUSIC] Three letters say it all, WCW, where the big boys play.>>Fast and furious,
in the right place at the right time, a lot of cliches that could apply. I don’t know about you, but Bill Goldberg,
the guy looks strong, good shape.>>Vertical suplex here, got him up,
[SOUND] Combination slam, one, two, three, Bill Goldberg,
out of obscurity! [SOUND]
>>I just appeared out of nowhere and it took off. [MUSIC] Who’s next?>>Goldberg, Goldberg. [MUSIC]>>You’re not gonna find any
man in any walk of life in any sport more intense than Goldberg.>>Blast off!>>And Bill Goldberg remains unbeaten.>>Put another mark in the win column.>>More amazing by the victory.>>First undefeated man
in the history of this sport to ever win the World Championship.>>Goldberg will rule,
Goldberg has climbed to the top of the most elite
mountain in our business. [MUSIC]>>Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!>>12 years, ladies and
gentlemen, and he didn’t forget.>>There’s a lot of things I miss
in this business, the biggest thing that I miss is being a superhero for
the kids all around the world.>>My favorite.>>And I thought to myself, maybe I
have one more ass kicking left in me.>>After 12 years,
Goldberg returns to the ring.>>Goldberg gets one
more run as a superhero.>>Spear by Goldberg, jackhammer,
Goldberg’s the Universal Champion.>>Goldberg may be the cover story for greatest comeback in sports
entertainment history.>>After 13 years, you guys have given
me the ability to come in here and be Goldberg again.>>We have never seen
a man quite like this.>>I’d take Goldberg over Godzilla.>>What intensity,
the levels we have never seen!>>The greatest champion in WCW history. [MUSIC]>>Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!


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