Golden Globe Winners for ‘Parasite’ Full Press Room Speeches | THR

– [Interviewer] Congratulations
Director Bong Joon Ho (speaking korean) – Thank You – [Interviewer] I loved your speech, it was like, you showed respect to the
subtitled foreign language film and uh, when you started making movies have you ever imagined a foreign
language film award winner? And the second question is last year Korean Cinema had
the Centennial Celebration and you made big history,
and this year you added on, so do you have any thought
about Korean Cinema new era? (speaking korean) – So last year was the
Centennial of Korean Cinema and we had the great achievement
at the Cannes Film Festival and now to mark the 101
year of Korean Cinema, we’ve received a Golden Globe Award and I’m very happy to
see these achievements year after year. (speaking korean) – So earlier when I was giving the speech things were so hectic so I kept it short and mentioned the subtitle part but it was a great joy working
with such an amazing ensemble with actors Song and
Lee who are here today and I didn’t get the chance to
thank Barunson, CJ, and Neon and all the companies
that worked on this film so I’m very glad to
receive the opportunity to properly thank them here. – [Moderator] One last question. – [Interviewer] Congratulations. – Thank you – [Interviewer] Cannes
certainly was an indication that this film would be
internationally accepted, and understood, and loved, but I’m sure you couldn’t
have expected the kind of acceptance you’ve had in America from film critics, from
very knowledgeable people, and lovers of film, how has it affected you that America has fallen in love with your film? (speaking korean) – So the film was released
in the U.S. in October and had great box office results I was very surprised but at the same time I thought it was very inevitable. (speaking korean) – Because this film is
about the rich and poor and essentially about capitalism, and the U.S. is the heart of capitalism, so I thought it was natural to gain such an explosive response. (speaking korean) – And while “Parasite” has these political social messages and themes, the reason why the story felt so familiar to the U.S. audiences, I think, thanks to the incredible
charm that these actors have. (applause)


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