Golden Globes Stars Share Their Most Loved Movies and TV Of 2019 – And What They Can’t Wait To See

– Fresh-pressed, Crazy Fresh for dress. (funky upbeat music) – I originally saw “1917” which I think is an incredible film, “Knives Out” I really loved as well. I’m trying to go through all the list of the last things I’ve, I’ve seen so many films
in the last two weeks, “Uncut Gems.” – “Hustlers” was probably one of the best. – I love “Uncut Gems,” I love it. – Love “Jojo Rabbit.” – “The Farewell” I love,
obviously, obviously, obviously. I dug “Dolemite” a lot,
“Uncut Gems” is like, you know, those are my boys. (speaking in a foreign language) – “Parasite.” – “Parasite,” yes. – “Parasite.” – Director Bong, “Parasite’s” amazing. – “Parasite,” you didn’t even
have to finish the question. – I think I went in
thinking it was going to be an actual little worm type of parasite, so boy was I surprised. – I haven’t seen “Little Women” yet, so I’m dying to see that. – I wanna see “Jojo
Rabbit,” “Marriage Story,” I’m very excited. – I’ve still not seen the
second season of “Fleabag,” I’ve got to catch up. – Well I don’t want to say
too much about other films, in case people vote
for them instead of me. (funky upbeat music) – I’m really keen to meet myself. (speaking in a foreign language) (laughs) – I’m excited just to be here, to be part of this again. – I’ve never met Brad Pitt. – Freaking out. Hamm, Reese Witherspoon, Queen B, you know what I mean? Tom Hanks is my celebrity crush. – I love Tom Hanks’ films. – Tom Hanks, I mean, not
to cheer for the home team, but what a great night to
be here with “Toy Story 4”, and have him up for such
an incredible award. – Oh I wanna see Ricky Gervais. – I seen everybody, I saw
Olivia Cole went on the carpet, I didn’t realize she was back this year, but it’s ’cause of “The Crown”. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, it’s just
like everything, everything. I just passed Eddie on
the carpet, Mr Murphy, so that was pretty dope. – You know, I’m excited
to see all my cast mates, because I haven’t really seen
anybody, you know, this year. I’m excited for Reese and
Jen, obviously, as nominees. – Both of our leads are
up against each other, together, with each other,
that’s very exciting. – Who am I excited to see? You know, what I am really excited about is sitting down with Adam
and Scarlett and Laura, and having all of us at
the same table together, celebrating our movie. – I love Nora, Awkwafina,
in “The Farewell,” and “Knives Out” and
“Chernobyl” and “Parasite,” so I’m excited. – I don’t know, Ellen
DeGeneres, I just saw her, J.Lo’s approaching the building, I heard whispers of it. I’m just, everyone’s coming
tonight and it’s crazy, it’s, I’m really excited. (musical chord)


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