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Smoking and drinking
is injurious to health. Smoking and drinking
is injurious to health. Wow! What a fantastic climate! Deep valleys.. Hills all around.. The Sun ahead of us.. You on the pillion
seat and me in the driver’s seat.. What a fantastic combination..
how do you feel? I’m seeing this since childhood.
This is not new to me. But coming here with
you is a new thing. That is why today morning is great! I want to listen to your voice. I will keep talking.. Drive carefully. Don’t worry about my driving.
I can drive even with closed eyes. You tell me first.
– I’m very happy today. Even if I die at this moment,
I won’t have any complaint. Are you mad? I belong to Hyderabad. I studied
in New Zealand and came here recently. Mother died when I was young. Father was a forest officer. Since it got transferred to Arakku,
I too came here to take some rest. Like many others,
I also didn’t know till I came here.. ..that there is such a
beautiful place in this state. I entered a new life when I came here. The train is about to
come to platform number one. The train is about to come.. The train has arrived. Buy these twigs.
They are very good for your teeth. Your teeth may not
be strong to eat chicken. But these will make
your teeth very strong. Just one rupee.. buy these twigs. The spend a lot of money to
buy pastries and spoil their teeth. But won’t spend a rupee
to make them strong. That’s why the country is like this. No customer today also!
– Hello! Do you want to ask about some address? No.. I want those twigs. You are like a god. I thought
they won’t be any sale today. How many do you want?
– Give me two. Thanks. What a customer!
I don’t have the change. How much is the entire lot for?
– 50 rupees. – Give me all that. I still don’t have the change. No problem,
give me the next time we meet. I thought the boy only looks handsome.
His heart is nice too. Do you like the place? It is a beautiful place, dad.
I like it. I thought you might face problems
in the city due to pollution. You’re lucky that I got transferred
here by the time you came. – Yes, dad. I’ll go to office to give the
joining report. You take some rest. Ok, dad. Hi, sir!
– Hey, what are you doing here? Where else would I be?
This is our village. But I saw you at the
railway station yesterday. I too saw you there. Why are you here? I thought you are intelligent.
Why do you put such questions? What brings you here? I came here for some tea.
– Is that so? I thought you were
searching for something. It was for a tea stall.
– It’s over there. Go and drink. I’m looking for a place more neat. What do you prefer.. Place or taste? I want both.
– Then go to Vizag. Why is that?
– Here you’ll find only one of them. This is a tourist place.
Different types of people come here. Bengalis and Oriyas eat sweets a lot.
Our people eat rice a lot. Sugar is in the body.
Some people eat less sugar. Tamilians put asafetida even in tea. There are different types like that.
We have to balance everyone. That’s why I asked you to take it here. He will see your face
and make accordingly. If you go to a hotel,
the tea is the same for everyone. Now tell me where you’ll have tea.
– Madam, I’ll take it here! Good.. Brother Shiva,
make some special tea for sir. – Okay. I take your leave.
– Ok. Thank you. The tea is very good.
– Thank you, sir. How much is it?
– Four rupees. I’ll give you later.
– Ok. It is enough, sir. But you took only
four rupees from him. One rupee as commission.
– Commission?! Because that girl sent you here. Would you take a commission for that? The commission is for her and not me. The tea I tasted today is very good. That girl taking the
commission is even better. I saw many girls abroad. But I never saw a girl like her. It is two days since I came here. But I had two beautiful experiences.
It feels great. The strange thing is that
I paid 500 for twigs worth 50 bucks. But she still took a commission
of one rupee from me. Wow! One would generally get
angry in such situations. But I feel like smiling. I feel hungry, father.
– You should have come earlier. Just for today.. I don’t have a mother. Hi, dad..
– Hi, son. come and sit. I get strange dreams. Go.. How can a doctor tell
her daughter not to take food? How is your new office? Only the office is new..
The duty is an old one. Of course! – Nothing will
happen if you don’t eat one time. I feel very hungry. That’s an old movie. – Yes. Don’t worry.
– We’ll go out. Let’s try out some
local special today. Yes, you’re right. What is her name?
– Geetanjali. Greetings, Sir. Who are you? – My name is Prakruti.
I got food for you. We did not order any food. Not you. But he did. When did I do that? You gave me 500 bucks yesterday
and told me to get something. I just gave it..
– Yes, yesterday. You gave it yesterday and told
me to get something special today. Did you forget?
– Oh, did I say that? I forgot..
– Did you forget? I forgot. What did you bring for us? Chicken soup, rice and onion. This is the specialty of this place. If you read in this cold climate,
you’d enjoy it! My appetite increases when
I hear you speak. Please serve it. Wait a minute.
I’ll get the plates for you. The kitchen is on the right side.
– Okay, uncle. Thanks. You came from a foreign
country after many days. But you still ordered
my favourite dish. Shall we leave this place and elope? Please eat. If it gets cold,
the taste won’t be the same. Hey, Prakruti! is it you?
– Yes! Do you jog as well?
– Yes! I do it since childhood.
– I’m surprised. And my name is not Prakruti. What is it then?
– Bukhya Naik! Bukhya Naik? I’m really sorry. “Something happened today morning.” “My heart swings in joy.” “The Breeze causes new
hopes to rise within me.” “It has come as a slight
drizzle and touched my heart warmly.” “I never experienced
this mischief before.” “It must have begun within
me only after seeing you.” “Something happened today morning.” “My heart swings in joy.” “I am not myself when
you’re not beside me.” “Life within me wants
to reach you like a shadow.” “I am not myself when
you’re not beside me.” “Life within me wants
to reach you like a shadow.” “There should be no morning
when I don’t see you.” “My heart leaves me in search of you.” “Something happens inside
me and I feel that is love.” “Something happened today morning.” “My heart swings in joy.” “Some strange joy swells within me.” “My thirst for love makes
the experience of that joy greater.” “Some strange joy swells within me.” “My thirst for love makes
the experience of that joy greater.” “You come to me everyday
like a melodious tune.” “This commotion within
me is growing into a whirlwind.” “I won’t stop myself come
what may and reach out to you.” “Something happened today morning.” “My heart swings in joy.” “The Breeze causes new
hopes to rise within me.” “It has come as a slight
drizzle and touched my heart warmly.” “I never experienced
this mischief before.” “It must have begun within
me only after seeing you.” “Something happened today morning.” “My heart swings in joy.” Surprise!
Fantastic! Now life is so beautiful! I never expected this. The third time that she
met me was also thrilling. This girl who took 500 from me earlier
and a one rupee commission next.. ..I fell flat for
the surprise treat that.. ..she gave me last night
without taking a penny. I didn’t know that her name was
Prakruti until she told me last night. She is nature. She became my nature. She has an interesting personality. Tea! Biscuits..
– The train is coming. Let us go and be ready. Who wants a guide! Who wants a guide! Why are you sitting on smoking here
instead of going after the tourists? She’s going to catch them all.
We will try next time. I will show you all the beautiful
spots here for a single payment. There is no cheating in this. I’ll show you more
places in lesser time. You travelled from far to come here. I will show you everything
so you don’t miss anything. Hey!
– What brings you here, sir? I came to Burra caves. – Did you come
for the caves for me? Hey, I came to see the caves only. I was only teasing you. And why do you come to
see the caves in the afternoon? You must enter the caves at five p.m. in
the evening when the sun is about to set. When you stand under the holes and
the warm sun rays touch your face.. ..and when the hair
dances in the cool breeze.. The experience you get then
is completely different. You need to have a taste for anything. What are you doing here?
– This is my livelihood. Neem twigs in the morning.. guide in
the afternoon.. Seasonal food at night! This is my life as of now. Interesting!
– Ok, boss. Please go and enjoy. I will spend my time with
the tourists and earn a few bucks. Ok! All of you turn towards me once. The place you see now
is very famous for shooting. It was here that the solo
song were shot in the movie Okkadu. Is that true? Did you see the actress?
– I got a photo with her too. It was I who told the director
to shoot that song in this location. The movie was a super hit. After that the director
came again with another heroine. That movie was also a super hit. From then on it became a sentiment
for him to shoot his movies here. You’re lucky to be
in such a famous place. You have half an hour.
Enjoy yourselves! What, boss?
You are coming wherever I go. Nothing like that. Wherever
I go you reach there before me. Many tourists probably
come here to see you. You look innocent but are street-smart. You look street-smart but are innocent. We can’t match words
with you city folk. Did you enjoy the caves?
– I did just as you said. Mind blowing! That joy is different! I did not enjoy so much
even in foreign countries. I like your taste. I like it! Thanks. You speak better than me. Why don’t you become a guide? You’ll earn a lot of money. She’s different. I understood
one thing after I met this girl. That one need not acquire
big degrees to lead a life. All one needs is some intelligence. Prakruti knows very
well what others want.. ..and how to keep them happy. What more could one want in a girl? That is why I like her. To be frank, I love her. Every moment that I spent with her,
was a sweet memory. I was spending my life happily
like this, when a tumult rose. It is not a major problem,
but not a minor one either. Hey, who are you? Is it you?
– No, my brother. It is better to see you in a mask,
than as yourself. Do I look so handsome? You still indulge in foolish jokes? I continued since you may
not recognise me if I didn’t. I thought that he would be very
happy to see me. But you look shocked! If you enter so suddenly,
anyone would get shocked. I’m a small boy. Wouldn’t I? If you want to remember my visit,
you need that shock! No one can forget his face as it is.
And a shock to add to it! Who told you that I am here? Your father! Daddy! – You sent a
mail before coming to India. But not even a message after you came. That’s why I contacted
your father and traced you out. You love me so much! This love is not a new one. I had that since
I was a college student. I mean since you were
my junior at college. Hey, Cut the crap and
let’s have some coffee. The fool latched on to me! My life was going on peacefully.. ..when Gaali Seenu
entered like a storm. He was my super senior at college. The problem is that he is
never serious about anything in life. He is not a bad man..
But not a good one either. He is himself! We can only listen to what he says.. But he never listens to what we say. If we feel that he is listening
to us.. that is a temporary feeling. We find very few people
like him in regular life. You may wonder how such
a person entered my life. He has many bad habits
and a good one too! That is his helping nature. If anyone calls him even
at midnight with a problem.. ..he arrives the next minute to help. Even our own people may not come,
but he will. That is his plus point. During college days when I suffered
an accident, all kept looking on. No one took me to the hospital.
But he did! He became close to me from then. You may think why I speak like this
about a person who helped me so much. For the sin of getting
saved by him in that accident.. ..every incident that I and he were
involved, became an accident for me. Good morning, uncle!
– Are you doing fine? – I’m fine. When did you come?
– Yesterday, uncle. I slept by the time you reached home. My office staff arranged
a get together last night. That’s why I came late. Are your parents doing fine?
– They are fully happy! What are you doing now?
– Nothing! What did you do before that? I was jobless right
from the beginning. Are you married?
– Not yet, uncle. Do you think that
you will get married? I am trying for that, uncle. I may get married. – How is that
possible, if you remain like this? It is waste for you to keep trying. You said that your
parents are fully happy. How can they be happy
if you are like this? First try to get a job
and then think about marriage. The sermons are common wherever I go. I would have lost my character
if I heeded their advice. The reason that I am happy today.. my self decisions! And what does he know
about my skill and talent? Hey, won’t you change? You are justifying
yourself since childhood. Listen to others’ advice
at least sometimes. Otherwise people will
get agitated due to you. Hey, say that on my face!
These all are old tricks. You went abroad but
did not get updated. You chide me like
you did before you went. Such words won’t affect me at all.
You have to use high voltage stuff! Crap! Nonsense! “Gabbar Singh!
Don’t worry, Gabbar Singh!” I’ve got some important work. I will return in an hour.
Stay at home. If it is important for you,
it is important for me also. I too will come with you.
– Personal! Really?! Meeting the girlfriend?
– No! Hey! What else do you have here? Tell me the truth and
then I will let you go. – Yes. Is that so? Then I will also come. You said that you’ll let me go.
– I just see her from far and leave. I want to know your taste. Is that so?
– Yes, taste! Can’t you understand at least that?
– Shut up! There is no one who
can beat me in argument. Did you see how he is? He will not be at peace and
won’t let other’s to be at peace. He is a big disturbance. He is an annoyance.
He is a sound pollution. Do you know why
I am so angry about him? First time I couldn’t meet
Prakruti one day because of him. I missed one of my happiest
days of my life because of him. I felt like beating him.
But then I controlled myself. Since I do have a soft corner
for him as he saved my life once. But because he is here,
instead of me or Prakruti.. ..I am thinking a lot about him. That is why I have
decided to send him away. Hey, when are you going?
– Where to? What do you mean?
I am talking about your town. This is my town for now. Where can we see a nice
place than this in Andhra Pradesh? What do you want to do here?
You don’t find any job here. You need job if you want to do.
Anywhere is okay for me. How long will you stay like that?
– As long as you stay here. After that? – I have three more
friends like you. I will go to them. You will never change. I am
tolerating you since I have no choice. But why would they do that? I did save their lives
you like I did to you. As if you are a doctor! Hey, you shouldn’t necessarily
be a doctor to save one’s life. It is enough to take the needy
to the doctor before it is too late. You always talk nonsense. But occasionally you say wonderful
words. That’s what saves you. I saved you so that
I can get my livelihood. I think there is an accident there.
I will take a look. I think it is better to call him than
to 108 if anyone meets with accident. He will react very quickly then them. How much?
– It’s free for you. Hey, surprise!
What are you doing here? This shop belongs to her.
– I wanted to see you. So I came here. Is that true?
– It is not a lie. By the way, you used to visit me
at least once everyday. What happened? Just show your face occasionally. It feels odd if you
just stop coming suddenly. Do you too feel like that?
– You too means.. you.. Yes. I felt like something
was missing since morning. I thought of meeting
you this morning. But.. But? – A guy was troubling me
since two days. That’s why I couldn’t. That is the problem
with handsome people. Someone will like to hangout always. Hey, stop teasing me. Who is that fellow you
are speaking about? – It’s me. He is.. is he your uncle? He is my friend.
– How old are you? Don’t worry. I am not as old as him. You are asking a lot of questions.
Who are you? We met just now. How can I tell you my details?
– She is the owner of this shop. There was an accident there.
What happened? It did but no one is injured.
Bad luck. Don’t be shocked. He is weird. Give me two more.
– Give him. Another one. Give me one.
– I will pay you later. Come on! You are going
to eat both of them anyway. I thought I may not
be able to meet her today. But by God’s grace
I was able to see Prakruti. I felt more happy to meet her today. Since the way she spoke
with me today is somehow new. She said the something
that I wanted to say to her. But just a bit indirectly. In a way this credit
goes to Gaali Seenu. I cursed him that I couldn’t
meet Prakruti today because of him. If we met normally, she might
not have talked to me like this. Anyways, thanks to Gaali! He is like a lottery ticket. If we continue buying them since we were
lucky to win once, we will be doomed. He is also the same. Uday! Uday! Good morning, daddy. Good morning! Get up and
get ready quickly. Today is Sunday. Sunday, daddy!
Why don’t you too sleep for a while? Today is your mommy’s birthday. I am sorry, daddy.
I will get ready in five minutes. Happy birthday, mom. Daddy! Today is your mommy’s birthday.
You should be happy and not sad. Get ready. We will go to the temple. Okay, daddy. What? Information
on sandalwood smuggling? Okay, depute our staff there. First find out whether the
information is correct or not. Okay? – Shall we go, daddy? Do as I said. I have to go now. Come on, let us go.
One minute! Isn’t Seenu coming? He wakes up pretty late, daddy.
Let us go. Come on! Uncle! Please! May you get married soon! How is your business going? With God’s grace and your blessing,
it is running good. Good! Convey my regards
to your parents. – Okay. Tell them to meet me if possible. I
want to speak about an important matter. If it is important, you can tell me.
I will tell them. Actually I found a nice match for you. I wanted to talk to them about it. Oh! I will tell them. Hi! What are you doing here? Why did you come here? Today is my mommy’s birthday.
I came here to pray. Say happy birthday to your
mother on my behalf. – Thanks. Today you look very pretty. Didn’t you like me before? No! No! Today your
appearance is special. Today is my birthday as well.
That is why.. Really?! Wow! What a co-incidence? Many happy returns of the day. How are you? Daddy! Today is her birthday. Oh, happy birthday! Why don’t you too take his blessings?
– May God bless you! I have to go now, uncle.
– Okay. Hey, stop looking that side.
You are in temple. Let’s go. Ah! Dad.. where did you go? Leave me alone sometime. Okay, I can understand. Take rest. Hey, what happened to uncle? He remembered mom. I think he is too sentimental. How can you understand
about sentiments? It can be understood only by someone
who has feelings. – Yes, that’s true. It seems your feelings
too are increasing these days. Hey, I have a doubt.
– I have expected. What is it? What is the need to do MS in New Zealand
if one wants to sell corns at Araku? Why don’t you ask a straight question? I understood it when you
asked me when I’m going back. That you are doing something here. Is she your dream girl? Yes.
– Okay, good. I like your pair.
In the dense fog of the evening.. You both stand under one umbrella
and eat corn pods seared on coal. Selling the remaining.. You can spend the rest of your life
like that. – Are you being sarcastic? What else should I say? You must make use
of your friends like me. You must not play
with them like you do. How many lovers did
I get separated on my own! Can’t I make you both unite?
– It is a sin. What, uniting you?
– No, getting lovers separated. You will bear the consequences.
– I already did. I’m going round and round.
– What happened? The girl I loved,
eloped with someone else. That is why whenever I see lovers.. I can’t go to sleep
unless I separate them. I pray to you. Don’t do that to me. You fool. I saved your life.
Won’t I save your love? Thanks.
– Keep that aside. Did you tell her this matter?
– Not yet. Do that quickly.
Or someone else will do it before you. These days girls accept
whoever comes first. That girl is not like that. Every movie director claims
that his movie would be a super hit. It is because, if they don’t
think so they can’t make the movie. In the same way every lover
thinks that his girl is the best. They can’t fall in love otherwise. There are still 80 percent failures.
Why is that so? What you say may be true.
But I won’t be in that 80 percent. All the best. I saw Prakruti early
in the temple today. I felt that I saw a goddess.
I like her that much. It is a great coincidence that both
our birthdays fall on the same day. Her coming to the temple in a half-saree
and taking my father’s blessings.. And me too taking his
blessings at the same time.. Amazing! I feel very happy that
things are happening as I want. I clearly realise
that she likes me too! It is meaningless that
I still did not propose to her. I think it is better not to
delay it any further as Gali said. If he is in a mood,
he speaks like a saint. It is better to follow his advice.
I am getting thoughts like this. The time to propose to her has come.
But I still have some fear in my heart. What if she rejects? Waste fellow! fool! idiot! Can’t you convey her your love? Why did you fall in love in that case? Sister, what if she rejects? Would you die in that case? You may feel sad for few days
or drink a few pegs. That’s all! You will repent lifelong
if you don’t tell her. If she accepts your love,
you’ll be happy life long. If she rejects you, down few pegs.
You take liquor anyway. Sister! – don’t say anything more. I saw people who die
when their love is rejected. But you try to die since you
think that she may reject your love. Idiot! Good for you
that I saw you doing it. Or you would have been dead by now. We all would have
cried a few days for you. Go and speak to her with courage. If there is any problem tell me. Okay, sister. I will go and tell her.
Whatever God wills, shall happen. Every idiot falls in love! When did you come? Just now. Saw this, sir? they fall
in love but can’t express it. When 10 guys go after one girl.. ..How can she know who
among them is the right guy? She will know that only if they speak. I love you! I have been anxiously waiting
when you would say that to me. Yes! Yeah! Seenu! Seenu! Seenu! Seenu! Seenu! Seenu! Seenu! Damn! Waste fellow! He can’t be found when
I want to give him good news. Neither he nor daddy are present
when I want to share something. I’m very happy. Hello, Uday. Seenu here. Where did you go? I returned since my mother isn’t well. Now mother is fine
but my situation is bad. What happened?
– they fixed a match for me. Wow, congrats! So they found a girl
for you even at this age! You need not be sarcastic.
What do I lack? You have everything in excess.
Except your height! I have something
important to tell your. Important matter? Don’t say
over phone! It would be tapped! We can talk when I come there.
– Hello, Seenu! Damn! He’s a great politician! He is on the hit list
and would be trapped! He speaks about unnecessary
things non-stop. But when talking about important
matter, he doesn’t pay attention. Today is the most
important day of my life. She accepted my love
soon as I proposed. That too without any hurdles.
She made my day. I was afraid of expressing my love.. ..and became extremely happy
when it was requited. I cannot express
that feeling in words. I’m waiting for the day to break. Because I would be spending the
first day with her after proposing. I’m very excited about tomorrow. I don’t know what evil
eyes were cast on us. We were going smoothly on our love
journey, when a major accident struck. My life turned upside down. I was in the hospital
for a full month. Whenever I became conscious,
I used to remember Prakruti. I used to get the feeling that
some part of my body was missing. I was discharged from
hospital after one month. I realised only after returning home that
one part of my body was really missing. I did not feel really sorry for that. Because after I returned home.. I learned something
much more saddening. That Prakruti became one with nature. When did you get to meet him? Last time after you came
for the Deepavali holidays. Where? At the railway station. At the railway station? Yes. I first saw him there. I liked him at first sight.
– Is he so handsome? He’s a good boy. I saw many tourists before. People look good but are bad at heart. People with good
hearts don’t look good. He was the first person who
had a good heart and looked good. What is his name? Surya? The rising Sun! Uday? Uday! It is a nice name. That day at the railway station.. The way he looked
at me while leaving.. I can never forget that.
– Did he look at you so romantically? There was peace in his looks. I want to hear more of this story. But he only said that love
is like a devil that won’t leave you. I never thought that
you would fall in love. I tell you even now that love
is like a devil that won’t leave you. It won’t leave you. Even if the person you
love comes close or goes away. I understand your
pain but not your words. There was no one that
I could tell this till now. You are the only one..
but study in a distant place. My parents don’t have
the ability to understand. Because they are not educated. You are the only one
I could share this with. Tell me. I grew up happily since childhood. In the little means that they had,
my parents raised me well. After I grew up, I did everything
possible to support them. You know all these things. But I had peace in my
life only for a few days. Generally the tourists who come here.. ..interact with me
for two days of the most. They leave after that. Their memories too
would go away with them. Only in the case of Uday,
that did not happen. After I met him at
the railway station.. He’s the first person
that I wanted to meet again. I actually searched for him. I expected to find him.
He appeared before me of himself. I take your leave.
– Okay. Hi, sir.
– Hey, what are you doing here? I felt very happy talking to him. Everyone who saw that,
would make some opinion or the other. That’s why I left without
talking too much with him. What delicacy are you cooking? It is country chicken. It seems
that tourists have come. – Is it? How long will you cook one dish? It is getting very late.
Finish it soon. You brought wet sticks. I’m finding it hard to make the fire. There is only smoke and no fire. You do know how to cook and blame me. Just see how she makes excuses. Stop your crap and finish the job. Ok.. Don’t get irritated. Where is our daughter?
– she’s taking her bath. The curry should be ready
by the time she finishes. Otherwise both of
you will shout at me. ‘Beautiful flower’ ‘Lovely flower’ ‘It is a cute little flower’ Mother.. is the carriage ready?
– it is ready. Is it ready? I will return shortly.
– Take care. Return quickly before it is dark. Ok, I will. The plan I made to meet him a
second time was take dinner at night. The 500 bucks that he gave
me at the station was still with me. I got the dinner
made with that amount. But I felt a little scared
when I reached their home. At that time Uday and his father.. ..were talking about dinner. What shall we do? We will go out and try
some local special today. Yes, you’re right. I took courage. Greetings, Sir. Who are you? “Emotions flow in
the heart like a river.” “Sweet tunes emerge
from the mind like nectar.” “Some new thirst is inviting my youth.” “Did I find the friendship
of my heart in him.” “Emotions flow in
the heart like a river.” “Sweet tunes emerge
from the mind like nectar.” “He comes like a dream
and creates commotion within me.” “He casts a net to
capture and tickle me.” “He tells stories and
causes excitement within me.” “He unties the knots
and pulls me towards him.” “Every night new songs
emerge from the heart.” “The sounds of the anklets
dance every morning.” “New tunes arise within me.” “They create a sweet experience.” “Emotions flow in
the heart like a river.” “Sweet tunes emerge
from the mind like nectar.” “He comes like the cool
breeze and warms my heart.” “He shows his talent
and vanishes away.” “He calls me his
beloved and excites me.” “He seeks my friendship
and comes close.” “He sends me flowers
and tingles my body.” “He sends me the boat
to cross the stream of life.” “He comes into my thoughts.” “The bodies desire to unite.” “Emotions flow in
the heart like a river.” “Sweet tunes emerge
from the mind like nectar.” “Some new thirst is inviting my youth.” “Did I find the friendship
of my heart in him.” “Emotions flow in
the heart like a river.” “Sweet tunes emerge
from the mind like nectar.” I got mesmerised like that. There was no bounds to my joy. I felt like entering a new world. Interesting.. When I hear what you say
I feel like falling in love immediately. Yes.. Everyone should fall
in love at least once in life. Whether that succeeds or not. Because one cannot express
those feelings in words. One can understand
only through experience. When did you meet after that? We met the next time
at Borra railway station. We met just by chance.
– Hey! What brings you here, sir?
– To see the Borra caves. To see the caves or to see me? Nothing like that..
I came to see the caves. I began telling him
indirectly that I like him. When I asked him
if he came to see me.. He replied a bit sincerely
that he came to see the caves. I did not understand
whether he liked me or not. Some days passed like that. Nagulu, how are you doing? Sir, is it you? I’m doing fine thanks to you.
– Why thank me? You are a hard worker.
– You are an educated man. My daughter got
educated thanks to you. Your daughter is intelligent. And it would have been
good if she studied more. I don’t have that capacity. We have to work for a livelihood. Because of her we have a better life. It was possible due to your help. Why do you walk when you have a cycle? It got punctured. I’m going to get it repaired.
– I take your leave. Mother!
– Just hold on. Hey bastard! Get lost, scoundrel! Why do you come out to fight?
– I will beat you! How dare you touch me?
– Who is that man? I will bash you up!
– Get lost! Damn! They start to fight again. You comb the hair.
– Why do you beat me? I will burn you down..
– If I take some liquor.. I will keep banging you all night! Get lost! – Hey! Why do you people come out and fight? Why do you fight always? Get lost!
– Don’t do it! I will beat you!
– I saw you sleeping with that man! How did you sleep with him?
let me go, old man. Why do this?
– Ouch! Don’t touch me, old man!
– why do you beat a woman? Mother, the clip! I will put it. I met the Sir.
He asked how you’re doing. I will drink water and return. These quarrels are normal in our area That’s why no one pays attention. I also did not care. Because my heart was not there. It was thinking about Uday. I wanted to meet him. But how? I met him once
on the pretext of dinner. I could not think of any other idea. Unless he met me by himself. What do you do then?
– I just waited. There wasn’t anything
else that I could do. Did you not feel sad? I can’t say it was sadness. It felt something different. I don’t know what to call it. Whenever I had some company.. I used to feel that he was beside me. Loneliness is a hell. Do you take liquor? I drink liquor more than water. I want liquor. I just want liquor. Why are you in a way
without giving me that? Why is she going away like a mad girl? I used to see him and everyone else. I prayed to every god I saw. That I should meet him. I think my
prayers bore fruit. I saw him again. How much is it? – It is free for you. Hey, surprise!
– When I saw Uday again.. My joy knew no bounds. I made an attempt to find
out what he thought about me. I understood that he too liked me. He said that he couldn’t
meet me due to a friend. I liked him a lot. I wanted to hug him and kiss him. But I controlled myself. Why did you control yourself?
You should have done it. It is not as easy as you think. You are lucky that you
saw him when you wanted. I too felt like that. But..
– What? Are you cleaning the rice? No, I’m cleaning utensils!
can’t you see?! Why do you get angry when
I came to give you some news? Tell me what it is.
– In our relatives.. ..we have a good boy who is educated. They are planning to get him married. I told him about our daughter. Why do say ‘our daughter’.
She is my daughter. I said it offhand. You should not mind it. The boy is healthy and good. If you agree I will
go and fix the match. What do you want to fix?
don’t you know.. They are giving liquor for
free at the Centre. Go and get it. Great news.. I will go and come soon. My wife is beating
me when I asked for money. Drunkard!
he ran off on hearing about liquor. The match he brings
too will be like him. You said the correct thing. Would we consider it
even if it gets a match? The groom for my daughter
should be like a prince. Correct, father. – You both
should not try to be bombastic. We don’t have that capability. Let us find some good match for her. I know that and spoke
to the priest at the temple. To get a good match. In that way a new
headache started for me. I did not know what to do and
went to the temple on my birthday. Are you fine?
– I am fine. Today is my birthday.
Please do the player. Good. I met both of them at the temple. And I took his father’s
blessings unexpectedly. I felt like we got married. I must tell you one more thing.
– What is it? His mother’s birthday and
my birthday fall on the same day. Wow!
– It is September 6th. Yes. After all these incidents
and a long thought.. ..I have decided that Uday likes me. And at the temple he behaved
as if he likes me a lot. I thought of telling
him that I too like him. But I am a girl. I couldn’t dare. Oh, no! I cannot take this anymore. I am very tensed. You waited this long? I would
have told him long back if I were you. Everyone thinks like you. But
when the time comes, they hesitate. Like I did. Generally guys
think about expressing their love. And girls like to
hear them confessing. I am also the same. Okay, what next? I am afraid that priest
will talk to my father.. ..and fix my marriage
with the guy they select. I am tensed whether Uday will
convey his love to me before that. If he does, that’s fine.
What if he doesn’t? What if he doesn’t? Among all these tensions.. What did you do? I came up with a plan. Waste fellow! Idiot! Fool! If you
really love, can’t you say it directly? If you can’t, you should dare to love. Like that I scolded
Raja who works at my shop.. front of Uday. Why did you scold
Raja in front of Uday? To make him understand. I told Uday indirectly
that a man in love.. ..should have to courage
to convey his love. After that everything
turned out as I thought. What happened? I love you! I love you! I love you! Wow! After that?
– After that.. ..I hugged him like you did now. So sweet! After that? That night.. ..I couldn’t sleep at all. I waited for the sunrise. Oh! But that night was very long. In the morning.. After that someone.. ..took us to the hospital. I lost my sight in that accident. What about Uday? Did he die? Uday! Uday! Get up and get ready.
We are getting late. I kept your tiffin
in the hot box. Have it. I am going to the office. Okay, daddy.
– Call me if you need something. Your smile is very nice. Your smile is very nice. Your teeth will also look
pretty if you brush with this. Hey! Your teeth will also look
pretty if you brush with this. Hi, Uday! Did you have your lunch? Yes. I did. I am bored staying
alone at home, daddy. Disturbing thoughts
are coming if I stay here. Let us go to Hyderabad. I too am thinking the same.
I applied for the transfer. I didn’t get transfer order yet.
We will leave as soon as I get it. I am telling you
that I am bored, daddy. I cannot believe anything here. What happened? – Gaali
Seenu used to be with me always. The moment I lost my leg,
he just disappeared. That is why we shouldn’t trust anyone. Can I trust you, daddy? Why didn’t you tell me that
Gaali Seenu met with an accident? Hello!
– Mr. Mohan Rao! That person Seenu, whom you
got admitted in the hospital, is dead. We have completed
all the formalities.. ..and handed over
the dead body to his parents. I have called to inform you. Mr. Mohan Rao! Hello! Hello? Doctors already told
me that he might not survive. How did this happen? Accident! Why didn’t you tell me that? What should I tell you? Should I tell you that you met
with accident because of him? You lost your legs because of him. Some stranger called me that day.. ..and I was able
to reach there in time. That is why he was able to live
till today and you are still living. What about Prakruti? I show mercy or orphans
but not about statusless people. Daddy! Is this really you? I cannot believe this. I too couldn’t believe it. You loved some nameless girl like her. Even I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t you like any girl
when you were in foreign? You lost your mother in childhood. My mother forced me to marry again. But I didn’t agree. Why? Just for you. I earned a lot of money to get you
educated in foreign. Do you know why? So that you’ll have a bright future. And today you ask me.. ..whether you can trust me or not? I thought you don’t
know how to select a friend. But you don’t know how
to select a girlfriend too. “Did love get tired
in the game of destiny.” “Did love rise from
the songs of the mind.” “It won’t leave the
heart and show a new dawn.” “Did love bring an eclipse into life.” “It showed us the goal
and made us reach the sky.” “Did this love bring vacuum into life.” Hey! Are you retuning
from the hospital? When I told you that I’ll tell about
a nice match to your daughter.. didn’t agree. Your daughter fell in love
with some guy and lost her sight. You were searching for a prince then. But now not even a beggar
will be ready to marry her. A daughter should be married as
soon as she reaches the maritable age. Foolish drunkard!
– This is the result of your foolishness. Stop your nonsense! If you speak ill of my daughter.. ..I will kill you. Prakruti!
– Mother. Hey! Stupid fellow! Don’t mind that! – “Did love get tired
in the game of destiny.” “Did love rise from
the songs of the mind.” Prakruti! Who is it?
– It’s me. Rani. Sit down! My vacation is about to end.
I am going back. Are you too leaving me? Take care! Please forgive me, daddy!
I spoke wrongly with you. What you said is true. I couldn’t select proper friend. And I couldn’t select a girlfriend. You asked me whether
I didn’t like anyone in foreign. I liked a lot of them. Their beauty was
restricted to appearance. But I found my mother’s
heart in Prakruti. When you blessed us in the temple
that day, I thought you liked her. But you.. You raised me with love.. that I don’t feel
like a motherless child. But I saw mother in her. She is my mother, lover forever. I want to live my life peacefully. That is why I am going to my Prakruti. Uday? Uday? Uday? Uday! Uday? We liked the girl.
My son owns an auto. Give proper dowry. Okay, madam.
– Just that is not enough. My son was prepared to marry
her even after knowing her past. You should tell her
to behave properly. Okay, madam. – It is not
enough to just saying okay. Fix the marriage date quickly. Okay, madam. Prakruti, my child? Prakruti!
– What happened? What happened to my child?
– I told you not to do this. My child!
– Prakruti! My child! Oh, no!
– My child! Prakruti! “Love, what is your value.” “Love, where is your friendship.” “You turned into
a poison and poking fun.” “Love, you are merciless.” “Love, where is your feeling.” “You are playing the
game of killing love.” “In the early morning
you made it the last day.” “Are you angry.. Or is it hatred.” “You showed us a dreamy world.” “And then pushed us towards death.” “Did love get tired
at the hands of destiny.” “Did love rise from
the songs of the heart.” Hello! – Sir!
Your son met with an accident. Uday! Uday! Rachana!
Your daughter met with accident. Oh, no! Prakruti!
– Hey, what happened? What is it? My child!
– Prakruti! Go upstairs! Stop there!
Treatment is still going on. Wait here. Are you her parents? Yes, sir. Hey, don’t you know
how to raise a girl? You lowly tribal people.
How dare you think about love? We don’t understand
what you are saying, sir. Sister is in love with his son, uncle. He is the forest officer. Sir! We are very poor. We don’t know anything
about this love. She is our only daughter. We raised her with a lot of love. Doctor! How is his condition? His life is out of danger but.. But? Your son’s knee was
hit badly by the car. It was damaged completely. We have amputated
his leg because of that. Sir! How is our daughter? Her head was injured badly. She lost her sight. My daughter lost her
sight because of your son. He took advantage of her innocence.. ..made false promises
in the name of Love.. He has destroyed her life. I will not let you go scot-free. Do you think that we
forest people are naive? Let him go. In so many years of my service.. ..not even a single
man ever touched me. First time.. First time in my life.. Because of my son,
I had to hear nonsense.. ..from useless people like you. If your daughter ever crosses my son’s
path, I’ll shoot her with my gun. If your son ever crosses
my daughter’s path.. ..I will cut off his head. Silence! What is this ruckus? Your son has regained consciousness.
Go and see him. Daddy! She is dead. Daddy! Alas! Mother, where is Uday? Forgetting her situation,
she’s still clamoring for him. Mother, what happened to him? Tell me what happened to him. He is dead. Mother! Mother! He took sleeping pills
on an empty stomach. We cleaned the stomach completely.
There is no need to worry. He will regain consciousness
after some time. Thank you, Doctor. What about my daughter?
– She took poison. She too is okay now. By the way, the ones who
suffered the bike accident.. ..are these two only.
– Yes. That they both attempted
suicide at the same time.. There is some problem, right? Yes, problem of love. Mr. Mohan Rao..
you are an educated man. And a forest officer too. Children these days
don’t think like we do. We must adjust to their likings. I hope you will understand.
– Ok! You may go and see your son.
– Thank you Doctor. You are living in this
agency since a long time. So I’m advising you. Don’t do anything against
the wishes of your children. Go and meet your daughter. Sit, We shall go.
– Where to? Listen to me at least once in life.
Sit in it. I got transferred. Why did you think
of leaving us and go? You are our only child.
How can we live without you? I’m living with memories of Uday. You want to get me
married to someone else.. And wanted to wipe
away those memories. That is why I wanted
to go to where he is. I brought Uday to you. Who is it? Tell me who it is, mother. Who is it? Who is it? Uday! Uday! “Love, you showed mercy on us.” “Love, we found you out.” “You made our dreams come
true and filled our hearts.” “Love, you gave us a life.” “Love, you heard our cries.” “You made our dreams
come true and shared love.” “I can feel the tears
on my beloved’s cheek.” “Come to us in a happy and jolly mood.” “The showed us the meaning of life.” “You gave us your debt of gratitude.” “Love has won in the game of destiny.” “Love got mesmerised
in the songs of the heart.” “It has not deserted our lives.” “Love has removed the
eclipses from our lives.” “It has showed us the
goal and made us reach the sky.” “Love has brought in a new season.” Doctor, the girl must
regain her sight somehow. Because she has taken poison.. ..we can’t perform
an operation immediately. She won’t have the strength.
I will try my level best. Thank you. Thank you very much. Uday!
– Yes? I don’t know whether to feel
happy or sad that we met again. Why? – I want to
take good care of you. But I don’t have my eyesight. So what? I’m there. My daddy spoke to the doctor. They will perform the
operation on you soon. Is that so? – Yes! I don’t know whether to feel happy or
sad that you are getting your eyes back. Don’t you want me
to get my eyesight back? I don’t like the idea of
putting Gaali Seenu’s eyes to you. But we can’t do anything. Till now he killed me..
And now he will do that with his eyes. What do you mean? – His eyes
will be transplanted to you. Oh, is that so? “It’s a good morning!” “It is a fantastic morning.” “It is a day of new hopes.” “Go and enjoy it.” “We have got everything back.” “Good morning! Good morning!” “Say good morning with a jolly mood.” “Good morning! Good morning!”
– “It’s best to sing a song.” “Good morning keeps you happy.” “It gives enthusiasm
for the entire day.” “The eagerness never dies.” “It gives happiness and joy.” “We exchange fun with a cup of tea.” “It’s a good morning!” “It is a fantastic morning.” “It is the freshness
of a good morning.” “Good morning gives
a new meaning to life.” “You make me feel good.” “Good morning!” “The word that the whole
world likes is good morning.” “The scene of some
rising opens up the heart.” “It is a melody that
rings in everyone’s heart.” “The snowfall welcomes
you at the doorstep.” “One who cannot enjoy
it is not a human being.” “One should say good
morning to change the mood.” “Everybody should wish each other.” “Everybody, move your body.” “Everybody gets ready to dance.” “Everybody shout together.” “This is a great moment.” “The air is a fresh one.” “It is causing a titillating feeling.” “This is another beautiful day.” “The heart wants to sing and dance.” “Move your feet together.” “Good morning is the route
to bring life to the world.” “That word makes
even enemies as friends.” “Sing this song at
every possible place.” “It will make even
stone idols to melt.” “Enjoy each other’s company.” “Friend, if you’re tired
experience a good morning.” “Good morning! Good morning!” “Say good morning with a jolly mood.” “Good morning! Good morning!” “Good morning is something
which makes everyone happy.” “It provides enthusiasm for the day.” “The eagerness doesn’t stop.” “Let us enjoy fun and frolic.” “Let’s share fun with a cup of tea.”


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