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Greetings and salutations, it is currently- what’s the time? It is a quarter past ten in the morning, before a two show Tuesday, which is unusual for Heathers. But as it is the last week, we do not have a Sunday show, so they have moved the Sunday show to a Tuesday matinee. But this morning a few of us are in a little bit early, because we need to light some bits and pieces of the show before this week begins. And now I’m heading into PRET because I need some food. And some coffee. This was a full box when I came in today. This was a full box, and the cast have been at it, and they’ve been enjoying it. T, thoughts? T: AMAZING! I’m going to actually take one more before it all goes and I lose out. C: Do it. Yeah, save it in a bit of tissue or something. Sorted. C: Jamie! J: Hi! *Carrie laughs* *vocal warm-ups* C: Soph, my love, are you alright? C: What were you going to say? What is the- the best millionaire shortbread you’ve ever had? Jamie: Honestly and truthfully, Carrie Hayley Fischer’s. The millionaire’s shortbread that she made J: -is the best. C: It was- I wish I’d filmed your reaction to it, because it was spectacular. J: I’m not even being extra right now, so- J: It was the best I’ve ever had, by a long way. C: So thrilled. C: It is a two show day here at Heathers, and C: Chris here, who plays Kurt Kelly, has taken to writing me a little note in the back of my diary, which I read when we get to the bathroom scene, just before Veronica becomes a Heather. C: And they’ve been spectacular so far. C: And it’s always ‘from Kurt to Veronica’, even though they probably- well, they’d definitely never hang out. Carrie: I don’t want to look. I don’t- I don’t want to read it. I don’t want to see it. Chris: Here we are backstage with Martha Dumptruck. Chris: Tell them a little bit about what we did today. Jodie: Are you actually filming? Chris: Yeah. Jenny: I did nothing today. C: What did I do to you? M: Oh, you put a smiley face on your finger. Chris: Sustenance. Chris: This is like the mysteries of an actor behind the scenes. Jenny: Cake. Chris: Cake. Chris: Tea. Jenny: Peppermint tea. Chris: And abs. *Chris laughs* Carrie: This has just been delivered to my dressing room, everyone’s got one. C: But it’s this little like care package with mints, a pen- There’s a blue sharpie. There’s a bottle of water in there. C: There’s some glucose tablets, which I’m absolutely going to have before the show. Tea bags. C: It’s so cute. Lauren: I’ve got Mentos, I’ve got an orange sharpie to go with my bow- C: We’re very excited about these. Thank you so much Zara and Georgia, we’re thrilled. C: The circle just consists of me and Becky. Carrie: And my Dino, I got given a dino today. I didn’t get the name of the girl who gave him to me, though. Carrie: She had an ace costume though. She dressed as Heather McNamara, really cool. That’s a good shirt, mister Boydon. Jon: I didn’t come by bike today. Carrie: You dressed up, nice. Offscreen: Hi guys, sorry to interrupt you between shows. OS: We’ve had an email from Kevin and Larry, obviously we’re making some changes, ready for town. In the show, there’s just a couple of tweaks. So- OS: We’re gonna go with- OS: Just try them tonight, see what they- see when they- Okay, but ‘Dead Girl Walking’, first of all, Jamie we’ve struggled with your accent, rhyming ‘address’ with ‘mattress’. So we’re going to change that. So you’ve still got your boots on, okay? C: *Singing* Full steam ahead, take this dead girl walking. J: You’ve still got your boots on. C: Let’s break the bed, rock this dead girl walking. OS: I think you broke my futon. OS: Okay, so just pop that in tonight. OS: Yeah, it just sounds better. And then the second one is- that you’re gonna sing together, ‘we can start and finish wars,’ ‘please don’t feed the dinosaurs.’ Okay, thanks so much. C: Jo? You know that’s beginners, babe? C: We’re about to have beginners, and you are in your own clothes? Are you panicking as much as I am about this affair? Rebecca: It freaks me right out. C: I’m- R: Get dressed! Jodie: Aaah! Jenny: So welcome to the other side of the stage. This is Martha cam, which has been duly noted by Miss Carrie Hope Fletcher. So I’m gonna run with that idea. Say hi, Tal. J: Oh, we’re not in focus. Say hi, Alex. A: Hey. J: Wooh. J: What you can hear in the background is in fact ‘Seventeen’. J: Miss Fleming, Just getting ready for- Rebecca: What you’re doing? J: Get my camera out of my face. R: What are you doing? J: You can’t handle it anymore, too much paparazzi, too much. J: So what’s about to happen is I’m about to go on for ‘Martha suspects’. If you know what Martha suspects- ooh look at that lighting. J: Excellent. If you know what Martha suspects, that’s great. If you don’t come and watch, and you’ll find out. *up-to-no-good whispering* *Jenny gets spooked* J: I’m sweating my tits off. J: So I’m sweating my tits off, enjoy. I’m just currently making my way to the other side of the stage, usually Carrie’s side of the stage, I’m not often in the same wing as her. I’m just heading here to do ‘Shine a light’. *Jodie and Chris sing ‘Shine a light’* Jenny: Oh, there she is. Here she is. C: Veronica. J: Veronica. C: *lipsyncs to ‘Shine a light reprise* *Jenny sings along to ‘Shine a light reprise’* *Jenny and Sophie singing along to ‘Yo Girl’* J: We used to have this tradition when JD goes ‘but, but, but’, that we would do a butt inspired dance. Oh, that’s really close to my face. A butt inspired dance, so T’Shan is going to a taste of what used to happen. *Jamie singing ‘Meant to be yours’ on stage* Jenny: But, but, but… *’Dead Girl Walking reprise’* J: Hi John, good work, good work, good work. Oh, here he is. Here he comes to wreck the day. *’Dead Girl Walking reprise’* C: It is our final day of Heathers the Musical at The Other Palace, and even though the show’s continuing at the Haymarket, I’m gonna be really sad to leave The Other Palace. I’ve always been a fan of that building ever since it was the St. James, which is where I supported Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser’s band, the ‘Sheytoons’. And it’s just got such a nice atmosphere, and it’s such a lovely place. And so I’m gonna be gutted to leave there, but hopefully one day I’ll come back and do something else, maybe. It’s an emotional day. Even though we’re all kind of staying together and moving on somewhere else. It still feels like the end of an era. Jodie: In the far corner- Andy: There’s no losers, other than obviously Jamie. A: But there are no losers when crème fights crème. Jodie: Three, two, one, wrestle! A: Crème, crème, crème. *encouragements* Final act one beginners call at The Other Palace. *cheers* C: Jodie’s in a bra, but you know. *cheers* Lauren: Okay, so I’m not very good at this- Charlotte: *whispers something about the show* L: So I not too sure how I’m meant to do this. But we’re gonna do ‘Big Fun’ now. L: Later. I need to- I need to try to turn this off. C: Peace out. L: How do I turn it off? How do I turn this off? L: Charlotte? I literally don’t know how to turn this off. L: Help me! Turn it off. Alex: I have no idea. L: You don’t know? L: Ah! I need to turn this off. Can you turn it off? *Lauren laughs as Jamie nods* *’Big Fun’ can be heard in the background’* Charlotte: Record? Hello, this is the first vlog from Olivia and Charlotte. O: I love you. Tal: Shut up, shut up, shut up. C: We’re getting in trouble for talking too loudly backstage. C: Tal’s coming to tell us off, our lovely stage manager. Here’s Tell. T: Just be quiet! C: Over and out. Jamie: How are we all feeling about the end? *Jodie starts singing ‘The end of the road’ by Boyz II Men* Rebecca: Maybe we should take things slow, we still have another hour to go. Lauren: I’m feeling really glad, I’ve got a lot- R: We’re having a little rest. Jamie: Cool. J: Is there any more? *Alex and Sergio sing along to ‘You’re Welcome’* J: Guys, that sounded absolutely fantastic. How did that go? Chris: Ah, it’s just amazing. J: Great. C: Can’t believe we have to wait till The Haymarket to do it again. Jamie: I know, right? *Lauren and Jodie sing some version of ‘Dead Girl Walking reprise’* L: After we’re tired we go: *both stop singing mid-way* L: There you go. This is our lovely Ed. L: You better freeze. Ed’s leaving us for the transfer, but we love you so much Ed. E: I love you guys so- L: And we’re all gonna miss you. L: So I would like a contemporary dance solo please. L: That’s really good. L: That’s quite jazz-esque, you know. Oh, and that call then, that saved you. Congratulations. L: Careful! Oh, he’s off. He’s off. Jon: Is it on? Is it on? Rebecca: You got it, Leonard. Okay. Hi hun. R: Mom and dad here, we just wanted to say have a brilliant vacation. J: A wonderful vacation, honey. R: And we’ll see you in three weeks. J: I put $50 in your backpack. R: Yeah, you did. J: Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. R: Oh, Leonard. R: Oh, come here. Leonard, get- get- C: Awh what? Jamie: We’ve finished. J: That’s it. Get over it. J: Let’s go and see the other people. *Jamie whistles* J: Oh, look, it’s Larry O’Keefe. L: Is this on? J: Yeah, it’s on. *the ending of ‘Seventeen reprise’ is still playing on stage* *applause and cheering* Carrie: Then it was time for some speeches, a quick kiss shared between our writer and our composer, and then before we said goodbye to The Other Palace, we still had time for one more song. *cast sings along to the end of ‘Seventeen reprise’* *lots of cheering and general excitement* *click click*

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