GOOSEBUMPS 2 “Slappy Returns” Clip – Haunted Halloween

I love a good hoilday sale hello old friends kurru marri odonna lono molonu karrnno kurru marri YES its starting to look a lot like Halloween around here I don’t think this place is giving out candy Haunted Halloween Did you miss me You discovered a walking talking dummy and you didn’t tell me okay. Well he seemed like a really nice guy at the start there moving there so tiny and cute what can they possibly do sonny there just gummy bears hey kids wow you’ve got quite a spread here Stand down Greg Look at this a mysterious disturbance recently took place in the town of Madison, Delaware Creatures come alive From the original manuscripts of r.l stine the book what book it’s a goosebumps book. It’s locked Oh, man What did you do? It’s time to make Halloween last forever Let’s go Get the strength We’re living a goosebump story right now. I hear it’s a real scream Halloween is alive. I know it’s my favorite holiday – You’re gonna need some serious therapy after this that book is the only thing we have to end this Let’s go Someone’s gonna win a costume contest goosebumps aw there just gummy bears coming soon


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