GoPro Hero 7 Black Cinematic Footage | Gili Islands, Indonesia & Thailand

The best camera is the one you have always with you. The GoPro Hero 7 is such a camera and I was able to test it for one month on a trip to the Gili Islands in Indonesia and a backpacking tour through Thailand. So here is the result. I‘m quite impressed by the quality of the GoPro Hero 7. And of course, it‘s not a high-end cinema camera. But if you know what’s you‘re doing you can definitely get cinematic footage out of it. And what I really love about that camera is that you just pull it out of your pocket, press one button and you get high-quality, perfectly stabilized 4K60 footage. And it also uses HEVC compression. That means that you get a lot of details in the footage you work with in post production for color correction and so on. That really is a huge game changer and I don‘t even need to bring a gimbal with me anymore. At least not if I want to get wide-angle shots like the GoPro Hero 7 does. That‘s a big game-changer for me. But of course, to get the best footage out of the Hero 7 you need to use the best settings. So I will leave the settings that I used in this video in the description below. So check it out. And also, if you liked this video and if you want to see more of that in the future, then don‘t forget to hit the subscribe button now. I publish one video per week every sunday. So don‘t miss it and see you in the next videos.


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