Goshen College: Theater Department

I came to Goshen thinking I’d just be acting,
but over the course of my four years, I’ve
taking part in all the other facets of the theater, and I think that’s
helped me gain a wider appreciation for theater as a whole. Since I got involved my first semester at Goshen, the just throw you into the program and you get to know people really quickly, and you’re part
of the team right from the beginning. right from when you’re a freshman, right when you
arrive It’s given me a lot more experience, and a lot
wider education I think, then I would have. One thing’s for sure: If you come to Goshen
college you’ll definitely get to do a lot of stuff I mean I’m only a sophomore, I’ve been in- I’ve acted in two productions I’m acting in a third one right now, I’ve designed sound for two productions and I’ve been asked to direct a senior show play I’ve never directed before, that’ll be an experience.
And so, who knows what I’ll be able to have the opportunity to accomplish in the next couple years I have left. So if you want to do
a lot of things, you’ll get to do that hereat Goshen College. We’ve talked a lot about doing everything, but I think the main reason why I think that Goshen college theater is so special is that it takes all those things that I’m interested in the design aspects of theater, the environmental studies course I took as part of gen-ed, it takes SST, my music major, and focuses it all into theater I feel like Goshen gives you a chance to
experience that first hand, like with the senior show you can chose just about whatever you want to do, get people
together, organize it and put it on. I mean that’s an opportunity that’s not at a lot of other schools because they wouldn’t trust your students in that way, because it’s a small enough school, we can choose- we have that opportunity to do the show that
we wanna do we talk to our friends about doing it and design in the ways that we were taught to do it. It’s
just awesome. to be able to do that and to have people around me that supported
me, and to have professors who encouraged me to do it and say, yeah go for it, and you know in many ways it’s like, we don’t necessarily know what you’re trying to do, but we’re going to help you. It’s a unique thing I think in theater, especially for professors to put themselves
in a position, where they’re like yeah, lets do it, let’s make it happen Goshen College lets you create your future, I’d say that sounds so cliche, but you come in as a theater major, especially a theater major, which is
kind of broad, and you can do senior shows and whoever you want to do a senior show with and you make decisions, and you create I think Goshen prepares you to be a well-rounded person like with the more classes that you have to take as well as SST, as well as the opportunity to be in theater but also be in music, and also be in film, part of the radio station- doing lots of different things and getting involved in lots of different areas I think Goshen is a great place to facilitate all of the loves that you have and if one of those is theater, then you should come and try it out and get to know this community, this place because it’s a very welcoming atmosphere, it’s a very holistic approach to education.

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