Graduation 2019

(Upbeat music throughout) After high school, I plan to get two jobs during the summer and attend beauty school in the fall. I’m joining the Army Reserves and working
a full-time job. After high school, I’m going on to college to pursue the arts. I will be going to Malone University in Canton, OH to study Music Technology Production. I am pursuing my Personal Training Certifications to become a personal trainer. And I want to say with emphasis again, it can be you- whatever that is. I came to TRECA because I was working two jobs and this gave me the flexibility I needed. I heard about TRECA Digital Academy because a friend told us how much she loved it. TRECA uniquely prepared me for higher education. And with TRECA’s flexibility, I’m able to do my coursework and be like any other kid in high school At this time, you may change your tassel to the other side. (cheers) You can do this, whatever you choose! (cheers)

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