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Hi, my name is Lisa Mark and I’m a professional
wedding photographer here in beautiful Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have had the honour of
photographing hundreds of weddings over the past ten years and in that time I have seen
some beautiful wedding locations. In this series I am going to be reviewing
the best wedding locations in Toronto. Today we’re going to be taking a look at
an elegant and charismatic venue with a historic past – Graydon Hall Manor. Originally built in 1936 and located in North
York, Graydon Hall is a Georgian manor house featuring beautiful interiors, exteriors and
gardens. Although traditionally seen in the English countryside, Graydon Hall is easily
accessible from the highway and has lots of parking for guests. It’s a very charming
manor house and a unique spot to have your ceremony, reception and photography all at
one convenient spot! Wedding ceremonies at Graydon Hall are always
gorgeous! My favourite ceremony setup is seating guests on the lawn facing the back of the
house. When a bride exits the house on her father’s arm and approaches her waiting
groom, it’s a very dramatic ceremony entrance. If you prefer a more traditional aisle you
can rotate the setup by 90 degrees and face the back of the lawn which is still lovely,
but your background for ceremony photos isn’t as great in my personal opinion. In case of rain or cold weather, the indoor
non-denominational chapel is a beautiful indoor ceremony space. Graydon is a manor house, so the main spaces
for a reception on the main floor inside, and outside on the terrace. Based on the photo
locations at Graydon Hall, wedding parties with 12 people in total or fewer are best
suited to the size of this venue. Capacities: Up to 180 guests for a formal
sit down dinner indoors, and up to 400 guests for a standing cocktail reception. The terrace
can accommodate up to 250 seated guests and a clear canopy is available to rent. Graydon Hall is pretty great inside and out.
So if it should rain on your wedding day, the staircase, the chapel, and the entire
main floor are all beautiful spaces to take your photos while staying out of the rain.
The front of the venue has an overhang where groups can stay covered in very light rain,
and I often photograph there so I can use natural light. This only works if it’s raining
very lightly, however. And now for my favourite feature of Graydon
Hall Manor: My favourite feature of Graydon Hall is easily
the back gardens where the outdoor ceremonies are held. When facing the house, the background
of your wedding ceremony is grand, elegant and timeless. Your guests can immediately
walk over to the nearby terrace and begin enjoying cocktail hour while you finish family
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time on Toronto’s Best Wedding Locations!

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