Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd sings in Aberdeen Music Hall with Paul Anderson for charity concert

It’s such a privilege for all of us to be doing this tonight repentance my current especially for Paul and children There is a gentleman who is waiting to come on now who has not traveled 500 miles for over 5,000 miles He has come specially for this concert, but also to see his mom and dad who are here tonight He has a glittering career actor director Musician singer creator that you don’t go on and Praise NASA. We have shown all over the world a bit a service I think so many of us what upset after boxset he’s a special individual a huge talent from Elgon and I quote Paul Anderson when I said He’s just a Jew to begin with he plays a very convincing psychopath Please welcome Kevin McKidd As So the reason I said that is only play the pumps Almost 700 bucks. So that’s my first step which really will maybe be doing a big name Of my here As unbelievable just it speaks to the mind that this – and and the cause that we’re all here for and also the love of the music and you know, the traditions of we were all from I feel really play that very finely so when we sing a song I Thought this was a Vegas show everything at the station in Toluca Lake Los Angeles every true statement on That show that tells me this song is actually a universal song and a universal. In fact, it’s all about cheeky wee lighting Doing whatever he can to convince my seat to do things You know, they’re sort of theme Manchester City Men’she speed Me


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