– We have someone here from out of town who decided to come back. Combolo, who do you guys think it is? (upbeat music) What’s up hunties and huncles? Hope you guys are doing well. I wish I could say it’s a
lovely day here in Atlanta, but I think reality has finally hit. The city is, it’s officially fall here. It’s definitely cooler, but it’s sunny. So yes, it’s a great day. Nonetheless, we’re about
to get our workout in. LaToya typically works out at home using the “ShesTough” program. Linking a description. But she wanted a change today, so it’s her first time back to the gym. This entire year she
hasn’t been to the gym, so she’s all pumped up for that. She’s there right now. I just dropped them off at the front. I’m about to go in. Samia has swimming lessons. Oh yeah, so the other day we
went to a Halloween party, which was pretty dope. I’m going to put some footage
here for y’all to see. – [Man] You acting unusual. – Oh my goodness. (laughing) This a good time. Just because you a bald head
don’t mean you Michael Jordan. Where my basketball at? Where by basketball at? (laughing) Where my lip gloss at? (upbeat music) – [Man] All right, y’all make some noise if y’all want Cardi B to take it home. (cheering) All right. Who we got up here? (yelling) We got Mara Jade and Dr. Pepper, make some noise if y’all want
to come and take it home. (cheering) – I was a Popeye employee with
a sign that said, you know, “Chicken sandwiches
are sold out” (laughs). People seemed to really like that. It was fun. Anyhow, I’m going to
catch you all at the gym. Let me know how was your Halloween party, festivities, et cetera. Hey Samia! Come here baby. So, how was swimming class today? – Good. – [Adam] Was it good? – Yeah. – [LaToya] She was doing backstrokes. – [Adam] Backstrokes, wow. – Show daddy how you do the backstroke.
– [Adam] How was your workout? – It was good. I’m hot and tired, I’m sweaty. Do a backstroke. That’s front. – [Adam] Show us your backstroke Samia. – [LaToya] Yep, now turn
around and do it this way. Backstroke. – [Adam] Whoo hoo! About to take some photos. What’s up LaToya? – [LaToya] Don’t call me LaToya. – What should I call you? – [LaToya] Baby. – What’s up baby? – [LaToya] Baby mama. – Baby mama drama. – [LaToya] Hey. – Where are you? Like why are you behind me? – I’m taking off the lint on your shirt. – So your boy is doing
a little collaboration with Fashion Nova. – He’s a Fashion Nova model, okay? – Not really. – Own it. (laughing) – So I got to find places in
the community to take photos. So that’s what I’m about to do right now. The LaToya and the kiddies
are going to see Ami– – Yes we are. – And the McClare twins. – Yay, I’m excited. I haven’t seen my girl in about a month. – In about a month. All right. I’m going to take some photos
in this alley right here. What you all think of that? That’s a little good one. All right, let’s do it. – [LaToya] All right. You better work, okay. Let me see you flex them biceps. Yes. Okay, now let me see you
cock up one leg on the fence. (laughing) Keep it going. Okay, now slowly zip down
your jacket, your vest. Yes, just like that. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Yep, yep, you got this. You got this boo. Slowly, like slow motion. – Man, stop playing with me–
– [LaToya] Now turn around, turn around. Start twerking. Show off that booty. (laughing) No, more hips boy. – All right, let’s go.
– [LaToya] Yes, yes, get it done.
– Stop. Hunties, huncles. We have someone here from out of town who decided to come back. Combolo, who you guys think it is? Milan.
(party favor squeaking) – Hi! – [Adam] How you doing? Welcome back. – Thank you. I’m back in the A. It’s cold here, but– – [Adam] Aaron was telling me it’s not as cold as Toronto though. – That’s what he said? – [Adam] That’s what he just said. He said he just took a nap outside. Is that true, bro? – [Milan] He didn’t. – I took like a hour long nap outside. Perfect. – [Milan] He did take a nap
outside, but I don’t think– – I mean, if you did that in Canada, you would wake up in a shelter. (laughing) – With frostbite. (laughing) – With frostbite, intervention, a form there saying how crazy you are. – [Aaron] Yep. – They would have taken
you in somewhere, man. – [Milan] But it was colder
here than in Toronto yesterday. – I believe that. I couldn’t believe what
was going on on Halloween. Pretty bad. – [Milan] Freezing. – Freezing. – [Milan] Raining, freezing. – Mm-hmm. Well, yeah, welcome back. – [Milan] Thank you. – You’re here for a few
days, so that’s good. – So you’re not going to
tell them that I’m back? Welcome back?
– [Adam] Listen, every time I turn this camera on,
you’re like, “Don’t vlog me,” or “How do I look?” “Do I got any pimples?” This guy’s the ultimate– – [Milan] For real? – [Adam] Every time. – [Aaron] That’s cap, that’s cap. – [Adam] So I got to
vlog him from a distance, like right here. If I come closer, you’re like, “Come on, you know I’m tired (groans).” (laughing) – [Milan] Pretty boy. – He’ll sit on his stomach
trying to block his face. (laughing) – [Aaron] I’m like
you’re impossible though. – [Adam] (laughs) Last night
I was vlogging with you upstairs, you were like sitting
on the bed on your belly– – Yeah, that’s ’cause I had just woke up. – [Adam] Nah, man. – I sleep on my tummy. I don’t sleep on my back. – [Adam] Oh, hush little baby. – [Aaron] Comment if you sleep
on your back or your tummy. (laughing) – [Adam] Comment if you, okay. Just had the best laugh ever. I just put the spider on Zane’s face and he started slapping himself (laughs). Zane. – Yes. – There’s a spider on you. What is that? What is that Zane? A spider on your face! Oh my god Zane, the spider’s on your face! Take it out! (laughing) Why is the spider on your face?
(screaming) (laughing)
Oh no! (laughing)
– Get off. (laughing) – That’s hilarious. (upbeat music) – Hello hunties and huncles. – Hi! – So we’re in the car, we just got to, where are we at Samia? – My friend’s house. – Yes, her friend’s house. And we were listening to
baby music, lullabies, the entire ride so Ayah
can stay sound asleep. She did wake up a few times,
but we are good to go. We’re about to head on inside and Samia’s going to have–
– And she’s already awake. – A playdate. And she’s up? Is she up?
– Yes. – Okay. – But I got to go potty really bad, guys. – Okay, let’s go, let’s go. Ayah. She just drank some milk. She loves to bite on
this thing right here. Lord, have mercy. Ayah, are you ready to go
play with your friends? Are you ready? Are you ready, baby girl? Okay, let’s go. Let’s go. So we’re at Ami’s house and
the girls are watching– What are you guys watching? – Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair. – [LaToya] Rapunzel. (laughing) And there are the twins there. Ava and Alexis. (horse whinnying) The theater room. Isn’t this so cool? Oh yes, Ami, okay! I’m over here being loud. (laughing) I love your house. – [Ami] Shhhh, right? Shhh.
– [ LaToya] I know right? Samia, are you having fun? – Yeah. – [LaToya] What’s your
favorite part so far? – I love this chair. – [LaToya] You love the chairs. What about you? The boobie. I just want to be on the boob. (laughing) That’s fun. (laughing) Hey Samia. – Hi Mommy. I want to record (lips buzzing). Can I record, Mommy? – [LaToya] Samia, I’m
recording right now, okay? – [Ami] She’s like, “I got this.” – [LaToya] Right.
(laughing) Okay, so, how was your time with Samia at your house?
– Good. – [LaToya] Did you have fun? – Yeah. – [LaToya] What was your favorite part? – My favorite part was doing everything. – [LaToya] Doing everything like? – Yeah. Like everything.
– My favorite was playing with the slime. – [LaToya] Really? What color slime did you play with? – I played with the blue one and I played with the orange one. – [LaToya] And the orange one? – And I played with the
very glittery blue one and I played with the plain red one. – [LaToya] And what about you, Samia? – I played with the yellow. I played with the green one and I played with the yellow one. And what about you Jersey? (laughing) (singing) (laughing) Okay, Samia, I think it’s time to go now. – No. – [LaToya] And you guys watched
a movie for like 10 seconds. – I know, it’s like kids
can’t sit through the movie. – [LaToya] I know. – Had the whole setup. They were eating cheese
balls and then it was over. – [LaToya] I was excited and then nope, time to play in another room. – Yes. – [LaToya] Thank you for having us over. – You’re welcome, but it
wasn’t really us, it was Mama. – [LaToya] It was Mommy?
(laughing) Thanks, Mom. – You’re welcome. – [LaToya] You’re appreciated. – [Ami] We had fun. – [LaToya] Thank you. – You’re welcome. (laughing) – [LaToya] Hi Ayah. Did you have fun today? Did you have fun? She was smiling, it was the cute–
(baby cooing) Hi! She was smiling, wasn’t she? Yes. Yes. Yes. She’s a cutie, isn’t she? Isn’t she? Hi Mommy! Hi Mama. Anyways, we’re heading out. We’re heading out. Say, “Bye, hunties and huncles. “See you when we get home!.” (upbeat music)


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