Gul-o-Gulzar | Episode 1 | 13th June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

The chemistry of life is the branch of chemistry which deals with the……. and the nature of different compounds formed in the process Life revolves around the balancing act between the energy I’m leaving for college, who is going to give me breakfast? Why are you worried. You are well prepared. The paper will be fine But still father, I can’t help feeling tense. I forget everything when I’m inside the examination hall But still you have never left a paper without attempting it But still father I can’t help feeling tense Don’t worry dear everything will be fine Okay father, Gul is here, I should go. Please pray for me, good bye May God help you. Go Gulzar? How was your paper? Really good, it was such an easy paper The paper was easy, I did all the calculations. I should get 90 percent Hopefully I should also get about 90 percent as well Come over here girl, stand over here Me? Yes you, pull up your shirt. Show me what this is, quickly. What is this? And what is this on your hand? It’s nothing This is nothing? And you’ve written something over here as well? What is this? You should be ashamed Come with me Please give me one chance Your parents send you to study and this is what you’re doing over here Please have pity on me I should be lenient with you? I have given you warnings ten times before There goes your friend caught cheating again They’re probably taking her to the principal’s office. I’ll go and check I helped you with the answers, then why did you have to do all this? Why were you in such a hurry to finish the paper and leave? Now what’s going to happen? I don’t think they will send your admission Whatever happens, I don’t really care. If this principal and teacher were married by now, they wouldn’t be so cruel with the students What nonsense are you saying? It is not nonsense, I’m absolutely right. They’re teachers and on top of that they’re unmarried. That’s why they take it all out on us poor students I’m worried about your admission and you’re sitting here talking nonsense? Hey whatever has to happen will happen. Right now I’m hungry so let’s go to the canteen My blood pressure is falling and you’re least bothered? They have refused to send your form, you will not get admission Let them do what they want. It’s not like as if I’m going to become a scientist I was thinking if you could talk to your father to use his links with the principal so they would send my admission Isn’t he going to ask why they stopped the admission? The principal is going to tell him the whole story She can tell him if she wants to, at least my admission will go. Please talk to your father In fact, let me come home with you. I’ll talk to him myself when he returns from school. You won’t even have to talk to him about it Absolutely not. You leave it, I’ll talk to him myself. He will me even more upset if you talk to him Fine, you can talk to him, but I’m still going home with you. Sister Parveen has come over to our place Why has she come now? The same old reason. Had a fight with her husband. She’s even brought all her children. They’re really noisy, I don’t even have a place to sleep Okay so you can come to my place. You can rest while I cook dinner. Then you can come over at night and we can study together Not there’s no need for that. They’ve resolved the issue now. Her husband is coming to pick her up After every 2-3 months your sister and brother in law have a fight, and then they patch up again within 2-3 days Isn’t it good that they patch up in 2-3 days and not 30 days. What would I have done then? I would run away from home You say this for everything. If anything happens you’ll run away from home Running away from home takes a lot of guys. It’s not that easy And now you’ve started your lecture Please cut these coriander leaves for me The amount of work you make me do over here, I don’t do this much work even at my own home Does brother Afaq come back late these days? He’s a bit busy these days Where is he busy? His degree is already complete. Is he applying for jobs? No, he’s got his Canadian visa and admission in a university over there Canada? visa? Admission? You didn’t tell me about this I thought I’d tell you once he gets the visa. Now what’s the point of telling you about it when it was still in process You’re very clever. You wouldn’t have told me even today if I didn’t ask you about it Hey Gul, you know I wouldn’t hide anything from you. I don’t even know how to Okay stop buttering me. So tell me, will he move to Canada now? Yes but he’s still here for another 4-5 months. He’s still making preparations Oh my God, your so lucky. If brother Afaq goes then you’re also going to visit him Yes but once he leaves, me and father will be very sad You know that we’re a small family. We are very attached to each other You’re right. Why don’t you people get brother Afaq married to some nice girl. There will be some activity in your house then Looks like that would be brother Afaq You leave it, I’ll go open it Quickly open the door, I’m sweating in this heat. What’s taking so long to open the door? Greetings Now I know why it took so long for you to open the door. You both must be busy chatting Not at all, I came to open the door as soon as I heard the bell ring. But you started scolding me Instead of asking me how I am doing Can I come inside? Oh, yes sure Now if I see you at our place twice a day they what’s the point of asking how you’re doing, where is Gulzar? She’s in the Kitchen. Yes I know, why would you pay any attention to me now that you’re such a big person Now how have I become a big person? Since you’ve got a Canadian visa Oh, so you found out about it? What did you think? That I wouldn’t find out? How can it be that you don’t find out? Something happens in our house and you don’t know about it? Impossible Please give me food, I’m very hungry I’ll get it Hey, mother? Hey, what mischief are you up to? Why are you annoying him? When have I annoyed him? Be quiet. Some guests have come with a marriage proposal for Nargis Oh no, not again. I was thinking of getting some sleep in the guest room Now I’m going to get a headache if I’m going to have to wait for them to finish eating those samosas and sweets Give this to me Take it Come, always just think only about yourself. Here you go dear Our Nargis is a jewel, God bless her. The only problem is the polio in her leg, but otherwise she does more work then any healthy girl She takes care of the whole house, she’s very competent Yes, the entire neighborhood knows that your girl is very well groomed I have already prepared all her dowry. We will give our daughter everything and even include gold earrings for her mother in law I’ll go and check on Nargis if she’s preparing tea or not Come over here, how many times have I told you not to come in front of the guests when someone comes here with a proposal for Nargis When have I come in front of anyone? I was just sneaking from the window She hasn’t even served us tea yet, how would she manage giving us gold earrings? Oh she has gone to make arrangements for tea, the girl must be bringing it. Meanwhile please have this You just what me to go and hide in a hole like a mouse Keep your mouth shut and go tell Nargis to hurry up with the tea, go Proposals come for you and I’m the one who has to hide What are you doing? Keep it back, the samosas are already less in quantity There are still four samosas in the plate, they’ll still get two each By the way, who are these people? Mother would know Is the proposal for mother or for you? Stay in your limits, don’t you feel ashamed? Don’t you feel ashamed? Go and serve tea Oh and keep in mind, you’re not getting married Get lost from here Sometimes I really feel sorry for you. Always presenting yourself in front of guests. On top of that you waste father’s money Go and serve it Father I’ll be back in awhile. Azam is here. I have some important work with him Okay go son, but come back soon. Father, atleast listen to me Not at all, Gulzar, I don’t like this idea at all Father, just for once. For me? How many times have I explained it to you that do not support her in something wrong. Friendship doesn’t mean to support your friend in fraud and cheating. Father, if she will not get admission her parents wouldn’t let her study. This things melts me. The way she studies, I don’t think so her father would let her study further than college. Father, she is very hard working. She works really hard. It is her luck that doesn’t work in exams. Yes I know how hard working she is. She comes here to study but I have never seen her study. She is always busy in chatting. Okay father, please talk to the madam. I never asked for favor for my own children. I don’t understand what will more you make me do for your friend. Get up! What mother? What have you done in college? Tell me? What? What have I done? Shabo from the neighborhood came. She was telling that you are caught while cheating in college. Oh, since Shabo came and said it so it has become the truth? Enough! Don’t speak rubbish. Everyone in the neighborhood is talking about it. With so much difficulty, mother is giving you education and here you are cheating in the college. Sister, you go to your house. You bring a new problem everyday. Look mother, what rubbish is she saying. I have no respect neither my husband’s house nor at my house. I’m leaving. They keep saying things to me all the time. Don’t trust your own children ever. Anyone would come and say anything about your daughter and you will believe them. She is lying, mother. Haven’t you cheated in college? Haven’t they filed a case against you? What cheating? What case? I will call Gulzar. you will believe her. You don’t believe me right? Think of a devil and the devil is there. I was about to call you. Listen, I have talked to father to talk to madam. Hey listen, talk to mother. I don’t know who has brainwashed mother that I was caught while cheating and they will not let me give exams. Tell mother, I had a great paper today. Gul? Let me talk. Hello? Greetings aunt! Greetings! What happened? We are tensed, my child. Shabo came and told us that she has been caught in college while cheating. No aunt, there isn’t anything like this. What? Me and Gul gave the paper together. It went really well. We will score good marks. Really? Thank God. I got stressed out when I heard this news. Since now you told me, I am satisfied. Okay! Good-bye. Are you satisfied? Hey Gulzar, I was saying that I’m not understanding few numericals for tomorrow’s paper. If you will come, we will do it together. I’m coming in some time. Okay, come! Good-bye. Already these people who bring proposals have made me crazy and then these neighbors. Let Shabo and her mother come, I will talk to them. Shall I sleep now? Sleep! And you come in the kitchen and make bread. This was for the last time. Next time if any such thing happens, don’t ask me for the help. Thank you father. I knew you would solve this problem. Hey listen, can I go to Gul’s place for some time? Look, I don’t like it when you go to Gul’s place again and again. When do I go again and again. I only go when there is something important. I just explained it you and you forgot everything and got ready to go to her place again? Actually Gul wanted to study something. I’m going to teach her that. It is she who has to study. She should come here. What is the need of you to go there? Okay, I will go for a short time. I’ll come back soon. Fine, I will drop you. But my child, I don’t like your friendship with Gul. And I have also told you that Gul is not a bad girl. It is the situation of her home that isn’t good. It is not your responsibility to solve her matters. You should keep a gap with your friends. Don’t become so sweet that someone take an advantage of you or become so harsh that they start hating you. I’ll be careful next time, father. But for now drop me there. I’m coming. Oh! You are so stubborn. Once you say something then you don’t change your mind. I missyour late mother in such situations. If she was here, she wouldn’t have let you go outside the house. You make your father do everything. Yes I do. Lets go! Lets go! This is fresh. Weigh it. Weigh.. Yes! Yes! Greetings! Hey master. Greetings! What are you doing? How are you? Fine! I’m just coming back from your house. Is everything fine? Yes, everything is fine. I went to drop Gulzar. She had to study with Gul to prepare for some exam. Wonderful! Both are best friends. They also love eachother alot. May God keep this friendship and love forever. Amen! I can’t see son Afaque these days. Is he alright? Yes! He is absolutely fine. He’s preparing to go outside these days. Where to? Canada. Really? For the job? He will get the job. For now he’s going to study on scholarship. He got admission in a very good university. Wonderful! Your children so smart and intelligent. This God’s favor on me otherwise I didn’t deserve it. Hey! Do one thing, put this guava, orange, 2 dozens bananas and also those apples. Quickly! Hey Kafayat, what is the need of this all. You do this every time. This is not good. Master, our kids are not separate. Well done. Take this. Okay take this money. Put this in your pocket, quickly! Put it inside, master. I will send Afaque to you. I will wait. Thank you so much. Thank you! How do you lie so much? What lie? Hey, if I would have told her the truth, she would have beaten me. You will trap me with you. I don’t understand how do you lie this much. O you are angel and angels don’t lie. This is why my mother trusts you every time. Look Gul, it isn’t good to lie from parents. Enough of these lectures. I listen to them whole day in my house. Let me bring something for you to eat. Gul, I’m here to study and you are making me busy in eating. We will study. My head isn’t working after studying so much. For God’s sake Gul, do something this time in exam. I’m tired of explaining your cheating cases to father … Fine! You haven’t done me any favor. I’m just praying to get rid of this study and meet my dream boy very soon who meets me daily in my dreams. You and your thoughts. Dream boy! I’ll bring something to eat. Hey, you came early today. Yes! Gulzar is here. Yes, they both are sitting on terrace and studying. Send her something to eat. Master takes alot of our care. Your daughter is there to serve her food. By the way, Parveen has gone back to her house. Her husband came to get her. Thank God. Otherwise I was expecting that he would be sitting at home full of complaints He has just married one of his daughters and already he has come to his senses Yes that’s true. He only has one son-in-law right now which he can not handle. I don’t know what he will do with the rest Whenever a proposal comes they just eat, drink and leave. A proposal even came today for Nargis but left without giving an answer I wish if they would send Afaq’s proposal wouldn’t it be nice What? Afaque? yes How did you remember Afaque all of a sudden? Oh I met Master on the way. He told me that Afaque’s going to Canada for studies Oh God bless him. Gulzar didn’t even tell me. Let her come downstairs then I’ll ask her. He’s a smart boy Wherever he gets married, that family is going to be very fortunate to have a son in law like him I wish Master would send his proposal for our Gul. What doesn’t our Gul have? Now don’t be over optimistic. You’ll be disappointed later. Think about Nargis, for who I have been worrying so much Anyways, should I bring something to eat for you? Yes and put away these fruit Hira if you had not helped me, I would never have gotten admission in this university and neither would I get a visa Fahad stop this formality, I’m sick of hearing this from you Hey seriously, I don’t have words to thank you, you’ve been so kind You know very well that we both are in this together. Whatever I have done is not just for you, it’s for my own future Yes I have an idea about that. But still, you’ve done a lot for me Stop it or else I’ll start crying I’ll be talking to my father about you this weekend. Pray for me I hope it won’t create a scene What kind of scene? The same old traditional scene from the movies, with dialogues like “this marriage can not happen” That could happen as well. Look, we might not be able to get married so soon but at least we could get engaged Fine then, we can get married in Canada. Besides, I’m coming over there in next semester. Okay, and if my family hears this they would refuse the marriage proposal right away Really, and what about you? I promised you four years ago. I didn’t invest so much time for nothing It’s here How long will you keep running away? Look, I got you today. Why do you make me wait so much? Oh, who are you and what are you doing over here? Oh for God’s sake keep quiet Who are you? Gul? Gul? What happened Gulzar? Why are you shouting? I just saw a boy, he shut my eyes with his hands Must be that stupid Kashi I don’t know who it was, but how did he dare to come on this roof? Okay but keep your volume down. Mother and father are sitting downstairs and you wouldn’t want them to find out 1So you want me to stay quiet so that he comes back on this roof again? No that’s not what I meant. I can take care of such people myself Hey, who was that? Don’t you have a mother or sisters at home? Useless person I’ve made some pakoras for you. Have some pakoras. They’re freshly made What happened? Why are you looking at me like this? How are you sitting so calmly? So what do you want me to do? Should I go and tell everyone? I’m still furious. How did that boy dare to come over here? Who was he anyway? Why are you getting worried? Don’t be worried. There are a dozen goons like this roaming around. I know how to take care of them But Gul, we must tell uncle and aunt. If he did this today, tomorrow someone else might do it too. No, it wouldn’t happen again. You just don’t tell mother and father and make them worried. They get worried. If they ask you then you can tell them it was some rat or lizard, this is why you screamed. okay? Snacks! Greetings uncle! Greetings! You have a long life Afaque, me and master were discussing about you in the morning. Yes he told me. Infact he sent me to you. I thought to say hello and also take Gulzar. How are you? Hello, I’m fine. Will keep standing here and talk? Come inside. O no uncle. It’s evening now. Father must be waiting at home. I just came to take Gulzar. It’s good that I meet you here as well. My child, nothing will happen with one cup of tea. Come! Come sit! O look, who has come to our house today. Kaneez, bring some tea or cold drink. Afaque is here. O no uncle, there is no need of tea or drink. I’m coming here after having lunch with a friend. Yes, there is no need. We will go home and have tea with father. Greetings aunt! Greetings! Live long my child. By the way, your friend with who you had lunch is very lucky. Give us this opportunity also some day. I did give you an opportunity today. You had lunch today at our house. Gulzar took me inside forcefully. I would have taken only two bites. Gulzar, tell him. Yes, I did. If you permit, we will leave now. My child, I wanted you to have some tea or drink but if you are in hurry then I wouldn’t stop you. This is our own house. These formalities are done with strangers. Live long. Come! Come my child. Come You give all the reports to Gul. What did I tell her now? You told her about scholarship and visa. I didn’t tell her that. Father told uncle. Father told about it later to Kafayat uncle. You told Gul first. We discussed it randomly. Gulzar, this is why I don’t share anything with you. You can’t hide anything from her. Fine, I have made a mistake. I will not tell her next time. You left no chance to get me caught today. I didn’t know it was master’s daughter. I thought it is you. Are you blind? Can’t you see? By the way, what was the need to come to my terrace? I had some important work. What important thing was it that you had to come on my terrace? I had to give you a gift. What gift would it be? Some cheap and artificial bangles. By the way, what was it? No! I will show you when you will meet me. Hey, I can’t meet you for your cheap gift now. Really? By the way, your friend more beautiful than you. She has fair complexion, big eyes and long hair. She is also very intelligent. I will hit on your face if you will come infront of me ever. Gulzar? Yes father? Sit sit! I just came to check if you are studying or not. Study! Do you need any of my help? No father, everything is fine. You go and sleep. How can I sleep my child? When these are your papers, I can’t sleep. It is you who give exams but I become sleepless. Study! Did you see madam? She made such a bad face after looking at me. It’s not like that. Her mood was off today. Mood was off? For the whole time she was standing close to me. She thought as if she would have caught me again. Has your paper gone well? I wrote what I knew. I didn’t write what I didn’t know. What else I could do? I couldn’t even ask you. How many time I have told you Gul to work a little hard. Sometimes you ask this person sometime that, for how many days you will keep giving exams like this? Don’t make me bore. You are making me go crazy. There is alot of time in final exams. I will work hard. You tell. Is your brother’s flight confirmed? Yes, you have to get it booked few months before then only you can get it in cheap prices. Okay! So if he will go now, when will he come back? He will take one year atleast. He might come during semester break but that too isn’t confirm yet. You people just think about to study. Have you thought of getting him married? You have spoken my heart, Gul. Do you know it is also father’s wish but brother doesn’t agree. Okay! What if he will marry some foreigner? Then? My brother Afaque isn’t like this. He isn’t like that but it doesn’t take much time be like one. My suggestion to you is to get your brother engaged before he leaves. I will talk to father today. What if he agrees? How can he ignore you? You are only daughter and only sister. You are so dear to them. You can get anything done. Yes! That is correct. By the way, do you have someone in your eyes for him? This is the biggest issue. These days, it is so difficult to find a good girl and that too of equal standard of brother Afaque. What do you mean? You might think I’m shameless but I’m saying it on your face. Think about me. You will not find a better sister in law than me.


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