Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 10 | 15th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

When brother Afaque was here, he used to take me out like this. Really? But father never used to let us stay out till late night. Shall I tell you something interesting. Before marriage, mother also never let me stay out till late night. Because of you, I have got freedom. They have extended my leave. Now we will go to Murree for honeymoon. Really? You haven’t told me this since morning. You are telling me this now? Because I wanted to surprise you. For how many days will we go? For a week. We will go to Murree, Islamabad, Abottabad. We will also go to Kagan. Okay we will. When will we go? Next weekend. This is good. I was thinking that how will I pack too quickly. Also sister Zaiba is going to Canada. I have to meet her too. This why I requested for leave extension. You did the right job. Gulzar, today I talked to Gul on your phone. Gul? Yes! You were working in kitchen and I was there when your phone rang. I picked up the call and talked to her. She introduced herself to me. Are you still in contact with her? No! I’m not. It is her who calls me again and again. I don’t attend her call but she still calls me. Don’t mind it Gulzar but Gul also knew my name. Who else can tell her my name other than you. As soon as I disconnected the phone, she started sending her pictures on your Whatsapp. She must have sent you her pictures before. Do you also send her? I will not lie to you. I did send her your picture but before the wedding. After our marriage, I didn’t contact her at all. Gulzar, after being betrayed by Gul you are still in contact with her? She stole jewellery from your house worth millions. Her family had filed a case against you in police station. I thought you were very intelligent. But you aren’t. Gul swore to God that she hasn’t stolen jewellery from my house but some guest did it. And there were many guests at home at that time. But you are saying it absolutely right that I shouldn’t keep any contact with Gul. I don’t even want to. Yes, it is better if you end this chapter here. Girls who run away from home aren’t good girls. And friends have a strong impact on one’s character. I will not keep any contact with Gul from now. Gul is alot lesser than me in looks and social status, still she is so lucky. She and Adil looked beautiful as a couple. She is married into a house like palace. She came out of an amazing car today. And here I am riding on a motor bike. Life is so strange. Hello? Thank God I finally heard your voice. Gulzar, you made me a fool. Me? When did I make you fool? If you had to get married then why did you tell me that you will run away from house? Do you know that I was waiting for you there since long. Also, I had a fight with Adil. I wanted to but I realized it later that I can’t do this. Stupid girl. I saw you sitting with that monkey on bike. Behave yourself. He is my husband. Husband? A person like Adil is called husband. Fine! This was my fate. You ruined your luck yourself. Fine I have! Now what? Yes, nothing can happen now. I just called you to tell you that I’m going to England. England? Yes, Adil promised to take me to England and Scotland for honeymoon. We have already been to Muree and Islamabad. I was waiting for my documents to get ready and also for visa. Since they are ready so we are preparing to go. For how many days are you going? For a month. It might take two months also. Adil has a flat there. He often goes there but you know for me this all is new. But I’ll keep sending you pictures. There is no need. Don’t send me pictures. Why? Why not? You are my only close friend. If I wouldn’t show it to you then who else? If I wouldn’t tell you then who else? Tell it to anyone but not me. Anyways, leave it. Did Jamal tell you that I talked to him? Yes, he told me. But he didn’t like talking to you. Really? He was being over friendly to me. He was talking to me in frank tone. But he talked briefly to you. It wasn’t brief. He wanted to talk so much. It was me who disconnected. My child, what are you doing here this late? I came to drink water. Sorry I disturbed you. How dare you coming to my door step after dishonoring me? Mother? Mother? How dare you? What do you think that we poor people have no dignity? How dare you. Hey what happened? What happened? O God! What happened? Have you gone mad? What happened to you? Leave him! Leave. After dishonoring me, he came to my door step. What drama are you creating? Everyone in the neighborhood watching. Whatever you want to decide, go inside and decide. Go! Get lost from here. Leave her. I’m saying leave her. Come here! Come here! What do you think I will let you go? After dishonoring me you will go this easily? Leave my collar? We can solve the matter by sitting properly. Your problem? Father! Father leave him. Why are you here? Tell me why? You have already dishonored me alot and now you are here for a new drama? Forgive me. I took this step with my own will. How stubborn are you Gul. You are still lying after all this. You quiet! I’m talking to my parents. I will deal with you later. Father forgive me! Forgive your Gul. And if you will not forgive me, I will not leave. Get lost from here. Stop talking rubbish. Get lost and don’t show me your face ever. Go! Father forgive me. Do whatever you want. Say whatever you want to say but I will not leave until you will forgive me. Get lost you all. Father! What are you doing? Tell her to get lost. When I look at her, my blood starts boiling. Enough is enough! Already, we have been humiliated so much. What do you want? What? I should keep sitting in my room and then go kiss her forehead and tell her that wow my child, you have done a wonderful job by dishonoring your parents. Enough! Adil is there. He will listen. Why don’t you think this way that our daughter is happy in her home. She is in comfort. What else do we want? She can not get comfort by giving discomfort to her parents. Look, whatever mistake she did, she corrected it. She didn’t do any sin but got married. What if she would have got involved in something wrong? What could we do? And whatever happens happens for the best. If she was here, what could she do? She would be sitting in some corner and kept waiting for some good proposal. Look, if she has made her fate then you also make your heart big and forgive her. She is our daughter. Forgive her. Nargis was telling that the guy is wonderful. He belongs to some high class family. He is very rich. He is also an owner of some factory. Yes! Forgive her. Okay! Come, lets meet her. Come! Come! Where has Gul gone? Mother, she has left. Left? How come? Did she say something? Yes! She said I’m leaving right now but I will keep coming until parents forgive me. How much time before she left? Not too long. She left two minutes before. Let me go and check her. She must be outside. Let me go and bring her. Greetings! How are you Kifayat brother? Fine! How are you? Fine! Who came in this big and wonderful car? You are talking about whom? The one who went with you daughter. He … What a man he was. He came with a great attitude. You haven’t told who he was. He was my son in law. I will miss you alot. I will also miss you and uncle both. In such a less time, we built such a good relationship that I don’t want to leave. You have to take care fo yourself and Jamal. Jamal is an extremely good guy. Value him. Jamal and his mother are really nice people. If I’m going from here, I’m satisfied that you will stay happy in your house. Never give any chance to Jamal and his mother to complain. After going there, I will call you both in some time. For ever? Do you have any problem? No, I don’t. But if we both will leave then father and aunt will be alone. I’m not calling you forever. You both come there, spend time and do the outing. Let me check the preparation if anything is left. The house seems so quiet after Zaiba left. You are right father. The environment of the house was full of fun because of her. With out her this house is so empty. Why are you worried? I’m there for you. I will not let you to be sad ever. Why? Will you stay here all the time. Wouldn’t you go back to your house? Jamal called. What was he saying? He called to ask for my health. He is a very simple and good man. Gul came to Kifayat’s house two or three days before. Gul? Everybody in the neighborhood was saying that Gul came with her husband. And they let her come in? Didn’t they send her away? I heard that Kifayat and Kanees have forgiven them. Such strange people are they. If they had to do this then why did they create such a drama. You are right father. They created a drama first, reported an FIR. On your wedding day, they created such a big scene and then suddenly everything got ended. And here we were humiliated infront of whole neighborhood. All of you got me married so soon because of these people. Now see, their life is same. Whose life changed? Mine? My child, the change that came in your life is a good change. Look, your husband is such a nice person. You have a loving mother in law. What else do you want? Without Gulzar, the house seem so empty. You are right. When she is here, the environment of this house is blissful. What is it? You are missing your daughter in law so much. She isn’t my daughter in law but my daughter. She has given me a status of a mother. Thank God, what if she acted like a typical daughter in law. What would have happened to us then? It could never be possible. She can be stupid and fool but she can’t be a bad person. Really? She is stupid? What has she done that seemed foolish to you? I think she is still in contact with her friend. With whom? Gul? Yes! But how do you know that she is in contact with Gul? Few days ago, she was talking to someone in the kitchen late at night. With whom? You would know it but she was taking Gul’s name again and again during call. How many time I have forbidden her. She doesn’t understand. I thought I will tell her not repeat her mistake again and again. Then I thought what if she gets hurt. And what she is doing, does she have an idea how bad I would feel? Leave it my child. She is foolish and a child. She is will understand. I think I should talk to her bluntly. Wait for now. You are in anger right now. She can in return say you something. But mother, we have to make her realize her stupidity. It is not necessary that you talk to her in anger to make her realize. Let her come home. Talk to her softly and tell her not to repeat that mistake again. She should avoid friendship of such people who can harm her anytime. Although, she needs to be very careful. Mother, Gul’s stray has changed completely. Yes! Didn’t you see how happy was she looking. And did you see the bangles she had in her arms? They were so big and seemed as if they were made up of gold. Yes, they seemed real. And her dresses? It seemed as if she brought them from some big shop. She is a wife of such a rich guy. She will definitely wear expensive clothes not like you and me who wears cheap clothes. Do you know the mobile phone she had in her hand, I saw it in advertisement. It is of 50 to 60 thousands. Yes, it seemed an expensive phone. Thank God, some of my child had such a good fate that she got married into a rich family. Thank God! I think your father’s anger is also cooling down. He will be fine soon. Mother, did you see her husband? He was looking so good. Yes, they both were looking so good that I didn’t see them properly. What if they would have caught my evil eye. Gul got married into some very rich family. Yes you are right! Mother, you talk to her about me. Tell her to gather some expensive things for my dowry as well. Is it something to say? I will talk to her. It is obvious mother that if I would give good things in dowry then I would be able to marry. My child, I will talk to her. Don’t you worry. Mother, Gul doesn’t care for anyone. You talk to her properly and don’t discuss me. My child, why are you getting worried. I will talk to her. She will not ignore me. How’s everything at home? How’s aunt? Everything is fine. What happened? Is everything fine? Yes! Are you upset from me? No! Tell me. Why are you talking like this? Why would I be upset? This is what you will tell me that why are you upset. There isn’t anything like this. This is what it is. Tell me Jamal? Why didn’t you listen to me? About what? You were secretly talking to Gul late at night. I talk to Gul secretly at night, this must be told by your mother. This isn’t important that who told this. I just want to ask you that when I clearly forbade you not to keep a contact with her then why did you keep? I don’t keep any contact with her. I have already told you that she calls me again and again. But you don’t trust me. And you and your mother have started putting wrong blames on me. I and mother haven’t put any blame on you. Mother saw you talking herself. Then she told me about it. Your mother saw me talking and she straight away went to you to complain. I have already told you that I have no contact with her but you don’t trust me. If you don’t trust me then don’t. Hello? Gulzar? Who is it at this time? Who is it? Wait! Hey Gul, my child. How are you? I’m fine. You tell. Hasn’t Adil come with you? Will you ask all the questions here? Wouldn’t you call me inside? What happened to me. Come in. Come my child. Come sit How are you? I’m fine. So many bags? I have got few things for you. Mother this dress is for you. Have you got it for me? Wow. Such a beautiful dress. Live long my child. This is very beautiful. Yes mother. I have got it for you as well. This is very expensive. It is not very expensive. It must be of 8 or 9 thousands. My child. What is it. What was the need of spending so much money on these dresses? Mother, your Gul is not an old Gul. You also stop counting money. I forgot. I got something to eat as well. My child, why have you got so many things? Tell me, why hasn’t Adil come? He has some important meeting. This is why. Next time do bring him along. Okay! By the way, we are going to England in few days. Are you going to England? Yes mother. We are going for outing to England. Greetings father. Greetings! How are you? Fine! I got this for you. Do you know that Gul is going to England with her husband for outing. When? In few days. Why are you standing here? Go bring something for her to eat. No mother, I just came to get few things of mine. I’ll take them from room. Nargis go take her. I’m not a guest. What happened? What should I tell you. He keeps me very happy. He fulfills all my wishes. And this plan of England was also mine. Our plan was to go Switzerland first but we didn’t get visa so we thought we’ll go next year. Wow Gul, your life has changed. It has. That daughter of master, Gulzar, she has also got married, I know. I keep talking to her. Shall I ask you something? Yes? Tell me honestly. Have you stolen Gulzar’s and Afaque’s wife’s jewellery? No, have you gone mad? But master was saying … He lies. I have talked to Gulzar about it. She trust me. There were many people there. Someone else would have stolen the jewellery. Are you talking about Gulzar? How is she? Is she happy in her house? I have heard that she is married into an ordinary family. The guy has an ordinary job. He isn’t even good looking and has a rented house. Yes, Kifayat told me. He looks like a monkey. He wasn’t looking good at all while sitting with her. It is good that it happened with master. He filed a report against us. His daughter got married into an ordinary family. And look at my daughter. She is a princess of a palace. She will lead a luxury life. How beautiful is she looking. Isn’t it? I’ll make tea for Gul. Make me coffee. There isn’t coffee at home. I’ll make a good tea. Okay? Thank you! You got late today. Yes mother, I had too much work in office today. It was closing. This is why I got late. Okay you get fresh. I’ll get the table ready. Okay What is it mother? I don’t know. You tell what happened? What do you mean? I called Gulzar today. So? Her tone was very dry as if she is upset from something. Did you both have a fight?


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