Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 11 | 22nd August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

I called Gulzar today. So? Her tone was very dry as if she is upset from something. Did you both have a fight? I scolded her a little on why is she still in contact with Gul. Are you in your senses or not? She is at her father’s place and you had a fight with her? I didn’t fight with her. I just showed her my disliking and there isn’t anything wrong in it. My child, it isn’t about right or wrong. I explained it to you to talk to her patiently and politely but you called her. It was her right to be angry. We will go to master’s house tomorrow to bring Gulzar and you will also apologize to her. Okay! Come my child! Come Okay mother, I will leave now. Okay! Take care of yourself and also take care of Adil. Okay! Good-bye! Good-bye! May you be in protection of God. O God! Hey, Gul was here? Yes! It was her. Is this Gul’s car? Yes it is. Do you know that she is going to England with her husband for outing. Really? Okay! Wow! Hello? Hello? Where are you lost? I have been calling you since long. I’m cooking food for father. You tell? Why are you calling at this time? I just wanted to talk to you. You tell? I have heard that you are at your father’s place. Yes! By the way, many congratulations! About what? You have got connected with your parents again. Oh, I see. Thank you! I don’t understand that when your parents had to eventually got connected to you then what was the need of creating drama in my wedding. I’m very happy and my parents are happy too. It is obvious that if someone’s daughter has a rich husband, is in absolute comfort and going out of a country, those parents will definitely be happy. You tell about your side? How are you and what is going on? How about your sister in law? Sister has gone to Canada. Really? It is great then. We will now get a chance to meet. No, I can’t meet you. I can’t go outside. If father would come to know then he will be upset. You can’t come outside but I can come to meet you. I want to meet you so much. I’ll be gone outside in few days and will come back after many months. I will meet you and everyone after long then. We should atleast meet once. You are my only close friend. And I only talk to you. I don’t talk to anyone else. Yes, but? I’m coming at mother and father’s home tomorrow. I will come to meet you secretly when master wouldn’t be home. Then I’ll return after many days. Okay fine! You come by 11 o’clock. Father isn’t at home at that time. Okay! I will come. I’ll meet you tomorrow. Good-bye! One should have a luck like yours, Gul. You got what you asked for. And here I am … Hello? Greetings! Greetings! How are you Gulzar? I’m fine. You tell? I’m also fine. I wanted to apologize from you. For what? I talked to you rudely the other day. I got harsh, this is why I want to apologize. I’m sorry! It’s okay! I’m coming to take you tomorrow. No! Not now. I want to stay here for one or two days more. How many more days will you stay? I and mother are missing you alot. This house seems very empty without you. You should come now. I don’t want to listen to anything else. But … No buts. I have already talked to master. He was asking me to come in the evening. You all decide everything yourself. Neither anybody asks me anything nor tell. What happened Gulzar? Why are you over-reacting? You people plan everything by keeping me in dark and if I show disagreement then you call it over-reaction? Wait … How are you Gulzar? I’m fine. How are you? I’m very excited. It seems that I will not sleep tonight. Why? What happened? I’m going to meet you after so long. Gulzar, how are you? What happened? Why are you looking at me like this? I’m fine! This all? This is nothing! I came here after too long. It doesn’t look good coming empty handed. Come inside. Has brother Jamal given it to you? Yes! He gave me on wedding night. It’s fine! Adil gave me a diamond set. I’m not wearing it right now. These bangles were there and this ring. Oh! I forgot to give you one thing. Look at this. This is for you. For me? Yes! You didn’t bother to call me on your wedding but I’m not a bad person that I come empty handed to my friend after her marriage. Have a look. You will like it. These are gold earrings! Gul, what was the need of it? It was enough for me that you came. Why not? You are such a good friend of mine. I will definitely bring something when I’ll come to meet you. And this gift has no value. Let me go check who is it. Who? My child, open the door. Father? You? Yes my child, I was feeling well so I came back early. I’m going to my room. Gul, get up quickly! What happened? Father is here. So what? It’s good then. I’ll also meet him. Gul what has happened to you? If he will see, he will create a big drama here. You quickly leave … What happened? Nothing will happen. I’ll goo and meet him and ask him for his health. Speak slowly. If he will see you here, I’ll be in big trouble. I can’t tolerate more troubles in my life. Have you gone mad? What are you doing? What happened to you? Gulzar? Gulzar? Gulzar? Yes father! Gulzar, who got these many things? Father, an old friend from my college came. She did all these formalities. Okay! Is the food ready? Yes it is. Okay! Serve me food and in the evening, Jamal and his mother will come. Get some food ready for that as well. Okay? Bring me food. I don’t understand what you are … Get up and leave! Father is here. If he will see you here then I’ll be in big trouble. I can’t tolerate more troubles in my life now, please! What is it Gulzar that you have and I don’t have. This much attitude and pride? You are lower in status and everything than me now but still you show this attitude and pride. For what? Are you at home? How many times have I forbade you not to go anywhere without my permission. I .. I … Where did you go? I … I … What I ? Tell me clearly where were you? I went for shopping! Shopping I called driver to ask. You went to your old dirty town. Right? Mother was really sick so I went to ask about her health. You still like to go back to that disgusting place and meet people? Because you are still the same low standard girl even today. Stop weeping. You can talk to me without raising hand on me. Why do you hit me? If you will argue with me then in return you will get hit by me. Do you understand? Leave me. Leave me! Leave me! Gul? Gul? Take it sister. You take it! No you first! You are my sister. Thank you! Take it my child. Come my child. Sit with us No, I will eat later. Why later? Come sit with us. Sit my child! Live long! Master, it is not very long that she came to our place but when she comes here, or home seems very empty. Yes sister, when daughter’s are at home we don’t realize that they are the ones who are the happiness of this house but they leave, it is realized that the house is fun-filled with them only. Father, I will not go anywhere. I will stay here with you. My child, this is your father’s house. You can come anytime. I or Jamal never stopped you. Sister, this is your big heart. But I want to say one thing. Yes go ahead? Gulzar shouldn’t stay here for long. When she comes here, we both get sad. Your house, your happiness, your glory. Don’t ever think about me. Sister, this is what I have told her not to come to me for long. Her first responsibility is her house and her husband now. How are Zaiba and Afaque? They are absolutely fine. They are insisting me to come to them as soon as possible. Father, if you will got to brother and sister in law then I’ll be alone here. How? Jamal and sister Raziya are here. And I’m not going so soon. She is your daughter. She got upset after listening it. But you don’t worry at all. She is my daughter now. Her all needs are my responsibility. May God keep you safe and grant you happiness. Have your food. What happened to you Gulzar? Wow! You have cooked delicious rice. She has taste in her hands just like her late mother. It’s delicious. I got these for you with love. I wanted to give it to you in the cab but you stopped. Aunt was with us in the cab. What would she think if she saw? Nothing! You are my wife. Are you upset? No! Why would I? It seems from your attitude that you are upset. Gulzar, I love you alot. There is nothing more to me than your happiness. Things that make me happy, atleast you can not fulfill them. And it’s about few days then we both will go for outing to Naran, Kagan, Sawat. It is obvious. We can not go anywhere else than here. What do you mean? I mean that people go to places like Switzerland, England and France for their honeymoon and where are we going? To Naran and Kagan? We will also go to England and Switzerland. When? When we will have resources. Then we can’t go for our whole life. Why do you think that we can’t save this much in our whole life? I’m going to make tea. What haven’t I done for him and what am I getting? Humiliation? Insult? Abuse? For what sin I’m getting this punishment? And why is it happening to me? Your drama of crying is still going on? On it will carry on for two days. You hit me and I shouldn’t even cry? Gul, how many times have I stopped you from not going to your parents house but you are habitual of not listening to me. I didn’t got o my parents house. That driver lied and you believed him? Don’t lie to me. I hate lies. Then why don’t you believe me? Yes I don’t believe what you say at all. And if you will ever lie to me after today then I will take out your tongue. Master! Greetings master! Greetings! What is it? How’s Gul? Are you in your senses? How would I know? Really? It’s surprising. Yesterday I saw Gul entering your house. What happened master? Tell me how is she? You must have some misconception. We don’t meet her now. I have no misconception master. I saw it myself that Gul was standing on the door. Gulzar came and took her inside. And there were many bags in Gul’s hands. Gulzar who got these many things? Father, an old friend from my college came. She did this formality. Master? Yes! Tell me why she came? Stop talking foolish. Why would she come to our place? There must be some other friend of my daughter. You must have some misconception. You have a misconception, master. I have to go for some important work. I don’t have time for these stupid things. Where are you going? I’m going to clean the room. Clean the room later. Come sit with me. Are you still upset from me? No, there isn’t anything like this. You are so much angry at such a small matter? It’s not a small matter. Jamal got so much angry at me. I will make him understand. You also stop showing the anger. Aunt, you also not did the right thing by telling Jamal. My child, I didn’t specifically talk to him about it. I just randomly discussed about it. What would have happened if you didn’t tell him? You are very innocent my child. You don’t understand the world very well. If I wouldn’t have told Jamal then what would he think that to whom were you talking late at night? My child, if a man gets a doubt in his mind then it doesn’t go away ever no matter if a woman gives away her life for him. You are right aunt! My child, you are so innocent. You are still in contact with your friend who has created so many problems in your life. You haven’t seen the world. I have. It is better for you not to keep a contact with her. Okay? What happened? I have brought you to your favorite restaurant. You take so much care of my liking and disliking. But? But what? When you get angry you forget everything. Gul, but I love you alot. Did you go to your parents? Yes! What did they say? They don’t even meet me. Either they want to or not, but you have to make them agree. You are their only son. Why are they so upset? Gul, they are very upset from me. I tried alot. I ask for forgiveness but … I’m scared of one thing. What is it? Will you leave me if they would ask you? Wouldn’t you? What non sense? Gul, I didn’t get married to you to leave you. Promise? Promise! Where were you? I went to the market. Here I’m preparing to go and you are wandering in market. I got this for you. What is it? See it yourself. Look at this shawl. How beautiful it is. Do you want to buy it? No! This is too expensive. Buy it. There is no problem. No, if we will buy it then we wouldn’t be able to shop for you. Come, lets shop for you. What happened? Didn’t you like it? No, this is beautiful. But this was too expensive. Nothing matters more than your smile and happiness. So when will we go for shopping? I just got you so many things? Why do you want to shop more? Season is changing. I might be needing more clothes. Listen, I don’t have extra money that I keep spending on your shopping. You used to fulfill all my demands. You used to do anything I ask. What happened now? Have I brought you here so that you open a list of your wishes and complaints infront me? Do you realized that we have rented our house? Father isn’t letting me come to factory now. And here you are not coming out of your complaints and wishes. Fine! Don’t get angry. We will shop later. And why have you stopped eating? Don’t do it with food. Eat it This is a good tactics. First make me angry and then ask me to eat.


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