Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 12 | 29th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Go out, have fun and take good care of yourself You also take good care of yourself What’s this? So much love for your daughter in law and nothing for your son? She’s not my daughter in law, she’s my daughter Shall we go? Taxi’s waiting outside Come let’s go. DId you pack everything that belongs to you? This suit would look really nice on Gul Listen, please pack this Who are you buying this for? Mother doesn’t wear such bright colors I’m getting it for sister Zeba. I’ll send it to her when father visits her to Canada Oh wow, you just mentioned her and now she’s calling you What happened? Why aren’t you answering the call? Hello. Yes sister Zeba. I can’t hear your voice, We are outside right now. I’ll call you back when we get back to the hotel Sister Zeba? What’s the matter Gulzar, it’s me, Gul Yes I’ll talk to you later Hello Hello Hi Jamal, how are you? Hello How’s your honeymoon coming along? What places have you guys visited so far? It’s going very well. Hey sister called us. We were in the market then so Gulzar couldn’t talk to her properly. I thought I’d let her talk now Can sister talk right now? Alright, wait a second Did you call Gulzar? No Talk to Jamal Greetings brother Jamal Greetings sister, how are you doing? I’m fine, how are you brother Jamal? I’m also fine by the grace of God. We were in the market when you called. Gulzar couldn’t talk to you so I thought I’d let her talk to you now Really? But I never called Gulzar. In fact I haven’t talked to her in such a long time Okay, Gulzar is here, you can talk to her Sister Zeba’s call Greetings sister Zeba Greetings Gulzar how are you? brother Jamal just mentioned that I had called you. But I never called you? Oh it might have been by mistake then. How are you sister? I’m absolutely fine I’ll talk to you later, good bye Alright, good bye Gulzar please tell me honestly Yes? In the market, Gul valled you isn’t it? No Don’t lie to me Gulzar. I know you have saved Gul’s number by the name of sister Zeba You are always suspecting me. Why would I lie to you? Really? If you’re telling the truth then show me your phone, I’ll check myself You think I’m cheating on you? I didn’t say that. Show me your phone. I’ll apologize to you if it isn’t Gul’s number I’m not compelled to justify anything to you. You can think whatever you want How’s your friend? Which friend? You only have one friend. Gulzar She’s fine. She’s on her honeymoon Really, where has she gone for her honeymoon? Somewhere around Naran, Kaghan Oh, so that’s what her husband can afford. I wouldn’t even send my servants to such a place Whatever, she’s happy with her life You call this a life? A rented house, and going to such third class places for a honeymoon? Yeah right Her husband would give his life for her. He never hurts her feelings So what should I do? He never raises his hands on her and neither does he ever humiliate her Why are you complimenting her husband so much in front of me? I’m only telling you what Gulzar told me about him Well then go, if you like him so much why don’t you go and marry him? What are you doing with me? You never used to talk to me like this Neither did you ever compliment another man in front of me I’m not praising him, I was just telling you So why do you compliment other husbands in front of me? Why do you keep asking me about Gulzar? I will ask about whoever I wish Fine then, as long as you will keep mentioning Gulzar, I will also keep praising other husbands. Do whatever you want Shut up And listen to me carefully. If you every talk back to me, it will not be good for you. That’s what you deserve Do you have any news of Gul? Is she alright? Oh my daughter is very happy in her home. She has a nice husband who is very rich. He has servants and mansions. He’s the owner of a factory A factory owner? Oh he’s kept my daughter like a queen. She doesn’t have shortage of anything. He has given her all the facilities I did have an idea about that. I saw her when she came her a couple of times in such a big and grand car He has bought that car specially for Gul. It is in her custody Does that mean Gul has learned how to drive? No why would she drive? She has a driver for that Oh well it’s good that she’s happy in her home. Otherwise most girls get stuck in a mess after taking a bold step like she did. They face a heavy loss in the end Oh no, it’s not like that. Actually it was also our own fault that we were not agreeing to the proposal. He turned out to be such a nice boy They wanted to send a proposal. We were not agreeing to it, I just thank God that the girl is settled in her own home now Just this Nargis is left. I’ll get her married as well the day I get a good proposal for her Are you considering any proposals? Yes. She will be married soon as well. I have talked to Gul, her husband knows a lot of people, they will find a good proposal for her Oh, I almost forgot to ask what I actually came here for What did you come to ask? Have you people settled your issues with Master? Who told you that? Well the last time Gul came here, she went to meet Gulzar at Master’s home. The entire neighborhood saw her Absolutely not. You must be having some sort of misunderstanding Kashi saw her and he’s telling the entire neighborhood about it I will teach this Kashi a lesson. He keeps spreading unnecessary rumors. Why would we compromise with them? We don’t need to have good terms with master or her daughter Oh well, I just asked what I heard. God knows if its true or not Anyways forget this topic. Have some tea Oh you people took so many days to come back. I was feeling so depressed, especially without my daughter How was your journey? Did you two enjoy your holiday? Jamal, did you annoy my daughter? I’m having a headache. I’m going inside What happened to her? Is she feeling okay? Nothing mother. She must be tired because of the journey Alright then I’ll get you a tablet, give it to her. I’ll send some tea for her as well No need for that mother. She’ll be fine after getting some rest I’ll go check on her You did not do the right thing Gulzar Why? What have I done? Your resentment is with me why did you have to talk harshly with mother? She hasn’t done anything to you Even I didn’t say anything to her You didn’t say anything? She was talking to you so nicely and did you see your own attitude? There’s a rumor going around the entire neighborhood that we have had a compromise with Master Master’s daughter called Gul to her house. He will say it now. Kanees, our daughter has got married into a rich family. No they will wander around us. Time is so brutal. Yes, some days ago, master and his daughter used to call my daughter a thief and today his daughter is wandering around her. I don’t understand that what is the need of Gul meeting those people? You know that Gul is very innocent. Master’s daughter must have buttered her up and her heart would have melted. Let her come. I will explain it to her not to do such stupidity again. No you leave it. There is no need. I will talk to master myself. What will you say? I’ll ask him to stop his daughter to meet our daughter. Our daughter was a thief for them so why is she meeting her now? You are right! Wow my God! Kanees, you have made an amazing tea. Aunt? Haven’t I disturbed you? Disturb? No! Come sit. I was thinking about you. How’s your health? Is your headache fine now? Yes, it is I got this for you. For me? Yes, I though this color might suit you. Have you liked it? It is beautiful! How is it possible that my daughter buys me a gift and I don’t like it. It’s really nice. Thank you my child! Come! Come inside. It’s been long I had tea made by you. Make me good tea. I’ll just bring it. Sit! For how long are you going? I can’t say anything right now. I have some important meetings. It might take a week. One week? I’ll stay alone till one week? What can happen now? Take me along. This is how I will also have outing. Gul, when will your wishes end? I can’t take you along everywhere. You can atleast take me to airport with you. When will you stop demanding like a child? You have never gone to airport with me before. Why would now? You have also not gone anywhere without me before and that too for this long. Why are you getting worried? It’s about one week. It will pass in a glance. You have your house. Do whatever you want to. Hmm? Now pack my luggage quickly. I’m getting late. Where did you go without informing? I went to market. To get this for you. How did you know that I was craving for sweet? You are my partner. What is my use if I don’t know about your liking or disliking? You are very nice. You are more than me. Your heart is clear. You are innocent. Your heart is cleaner than mine. Do you know what is your best quality? When you realize your mistake, you try to fix it immediately. And do you know what is your best quality? You are very kind. I’m saying right. Finally, you praised me for the first time in so many days. Thank you! You’re welcome. Brother Shahid? Yes? Come here! Yes? Have you dropped him at airport? I have asked you something. Madam, sir hasn’t gone to airport. He’s gone to his parent’s house. Parent’s house? Why there? When I dropped sir over there, I saw that the house was decorating with lights. When I asked someone, I came to know … What? that … Speak up! It is sir’s wedding being held there. wedding? Wait a minute! Yes? Where is Adil’s mother? Are you some guest? I’m not a guest. I’m a family member. What do you mean? You will understand everything. Take me to his mother. Come Come! I will get it. You will also check. Madam? Yes? This madam wants to meet you. Greetings! How are you? I didn’t recognize you. It is surprising. You don’t know me? I … I am Adil’s wife and your daughter in law. What rubbish are you saying? Are you in your senses? My son is getting married now. If you don’t believe me then call your son and ask him. Who is this girl/ What is happening? I don’t know who she is but she is saying she is Adil’s wife. Sister, where is Adil? I think you should call him. My son is not like this. I don’t know from where has this girl come and what rubbish is she saying? What is happening? This must be some plot against my son. Go and call sir. What is happening here? What happened? Look, what rubbish is this girl saying. What is she saying? She is saying that she is Adil’s wife and our daughter in law. What? What rubbish are you saying? I’m not speaking rubbish. Do you know about whom are you talking? I’m telling the truth and if you don’t believe me then call Adil and ask him. Go and call Adil. Come in! What happened? Sir Adil, come quickly What happened? Sir is calling you. You just come quickly Okay I’m coming. Adil, what rubbish is this girl saying? What is she saying? She is saying that you have got married to her and she is our daughter in law. Adil, is it true? I have asked you, who is this girl? Adil, tell them that we are husband and wife. Tell them. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know her. What? Why are you talking rubbish? Tell them the truth. Why are you lying? Hey girl, have you heard what Adil said? Now get lost from here right now. I will not go until your son accepts it. You swear to God that I’m not your wife. Shut up and get lost from here. I will not got. I told you that I will not go. Fine! You don’t know me … You can’t reject this. Look at this. These pictures aren’t a lie. Look! Will you reject this as well? Look at this. These are our wedding pictures. This is your son Adil, right? What are you looking at? She’s lying. How much more you will get us humiliated. We got you divorced from your first wife by giving her money. No you have brought a new problem. One minute … First wife? First wife? Shut up! Get out! Adil? Adil? Leave me. Leave my hand. I will not go anywhere from here. Shut up and leave quietly I have said it. And what were your parents saying? You were already married? Why did you betray me? You keep your volume low. I have already told you that you will not step inside this house. Leave me. I will not go I told you. I will see you later. Right now take her and get lost. I will not go anywhere. Do what you want. Look Gul, if you want me not to give you divorce right now then leave from here. Just leave. You people got so late. I was waiting Father look at this. This is of my choice and that all is of his choice. Really? It’s a Chitrali cap. How good is he looking. What was the need of this all? Did you go for outing or for shopping? No uncle, we didn’t shop so much, We likes few things so we got them. Thank you so much! I’ll come from toilet. Yes! Gulzar, I wanted to ask you something. Answer me honestly. Yes father, ask? Last time when you came here, did Gul come to meet you? Father, I … I … I never considered you this stupid. After all what happened Everyone in the neighborhood knows this. People give me strange looks. She robbed our house. Now what do I tell people that why did that girl come to meet my daughter? Father I’m sorry. I wasn’t meeting her. I refused her but she forced me that she is going out of the country so I should meet her for the last time. This is it. Okay! So she said and you agreed? How much more will you harm yourself? I’m tired of answering people. Now don’t you ever meet her. What happened uncle? Is everything fine? Nothing. I was just talking to Gulzar. Father was scolding me because I met Gul. He was asking me not to keep any contact with her. Uncle, don’t you worry. Gulzar is smart. Me and mother told her this. How can I not get worried? She is my only daughter. She is also simple and innocent. Uncle, your daughter is now my responsibility. Don’t you worry at all. What rubbish are you talking? Do you know about whom are you speaking? I don’t what she is saying? I don’t know her. How much more you will get us humiliated. We got you divorced from your first wife by giving her money. You have brought a new problem. Hey girl, have you heard what Adil said? Now get lost from here right now.


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