Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 14 | 12th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

This all is really beautiful. Have you made this all? Yes my child, these all are made by me. Whenever I’m free I keep doing something. Will you also teach me? Yes why not? Sit. Have a look. You have to do it like this. And this stitch is called a fish. Are you understanding? Look at this. I’m just coming. Give me two minutes. Speak up? What is your problem? Why are you calling again and again to make me crazy? I have to fix your brain. I have no time to listen to your rubbish so it is better for you not to call me next time. I’m also not fond of talking to you. Tell your father to keep his mouth shut. You tell this to your father and tell him stop talking rubbish about me. Understood? Your are jealous of me and my wealth. You envy me because of my money right? Biggest mistake of my life was to friendship with you. It was my mistake to be a big person here and came to meet you after knowing everything and what you did to me? You think we are shameless people, right? Gul I don’t want to talk to you at all. If I am so shameless then why did you agree to meet me? It was also a mistake that I got agreed to meet you. There is a huge difference between you and my status. I live in Defence. Not like you who lives in some ordinary town. Neither I like to meet you nor talk to you. Enjoy your castle. I do live in a town but I live happily and satisfied. Nothing wrong will happen to you if you will help me in packing luggage. I was talking to a friend. Are you done packing? Yes, mine is done. Only yours is left. Pack mine as well. Why? Why would I pack your stuff? Can’t you do it yourself? I have to go right now. Where? To a friend for some important work. Okay, I will also go with you. What will you do? I’ll stay in car. You meet your friend and come back. No! Actually I’m meeting him after long so it will take 3 or 4 hours. What will you do for this long? Adil, how many days it has been to our marriage? And you are only busy meeting friends. What happened to you? It had been a long time this why I wanted to meet him. So who has stopped you from meeting? I will go with you. That is it. No, leave. I’m not going now. You pass me my bag I will pack my stuff. It is lying over there. Pick it up, bring it here and pack your luggage. Also put my bag over there. Alright? 10 are yours and 2 are mine. 2? But we talked about 1. It was a difficult task. Car was not registered on your name and there were no papers. Be thankful that a firned of mine was an expert. He did everything. I had to bribe him. Okay! Thank you! By the way, you must be praised for one thing that you are taking a good revenge from him. It is just a beginning. You will see what I will do. Tell me one thing. What? Why are you still living with him? What do you want? Why don’t you leave him? You are taking a revenge and also living with him. I ran away with him from home. Where will I go if I will leave him? You make a decision. There is someone who is still waiting for you. Gul, I still love you. Leave that dog. I’m ready to marry you even today. I did so wrong to you, right? with my ownself. Gul, forget what has happened. Think of the future. Nothing is that easy. I know that it is not easy. You would have to face the difficulty once and then things will get simple. Look at me and trust me. It is always me who was there for you always. Hmm? It will be me who will support you in the future. Why isn’t she picking up the call? Come on Gul, pick up my phone. Hello? Yes sir? Where are you dead? Sir I’m in my village. What do you mean? How did you go to your village without my permission? I couldn’t contact you so madam gave me leave before leaving. Where to? She said that she is going to her house for few days and she doesn’t need me. What rubbish? Sir, I did what I was told. You were not there otherwise how could I go without asking you. I’m coming! They both must have reached by now right? Not now. They have to take a connecting flight. It will take time. I told Adil to call me when reach there. Your son isn’t that responsible that he will listen to you immediately. Yes, you are right! Listen, I think Adil has left that girl by giving her something. This is why he agreed to go outside so easily. The opposite might also be possible. What do you mean? I meant that Adil might have gone outside to hide from her. What will happen now? I think it is me who has to do something. Then do something. Make my son get rid of that problem. This is your son who has brought this problem in his life. It was better if he would have gotten rid of her by himself. Anyways I will do something. They both have gone outside for a month. During this time I will try my best to end this matter. Rashida came sometime before. She was telling that groom’s family liked Nargis alot. They had to. Thanks God that my Nargis has got lucky finally and her marriage got fixed. Rashida was telling that groom’s family are very hopeful with this proposal. I told her not to get worried. Everything will be done. And how will this happen? You and Adil are there. You both will do it. And your father has said it that all the arrangements of Nargis’s marriage is your responsibility. O mother, Nargis is yours and father’s daughter not ours that you are putting all the responsibility on us. So wouldn’t you help in your sister’s wedding? I will do what I would be able to do. Okay fine! But right now I need some money for wedding expenses. How much? 4 or 5 lacs. 4 or 5 lacs? Are you in your senses? From where will I get this much money? Ask Adil. He will give. It isn’t a problem for him. Didn’t I tell you that he is traveling outside the country. And if I will ask him this much money, he will taunt me. When did I ask you a big amount of money? I have asked a small amount of money. Is it a small amount of money? Then give it to me as a loan at least. Loan? And who will pay off this loan? Because you and father can not pay it off even after your deaths. Gul, how miserable you are. We were expecting that you will help us in your sister’s wedding. I have told you that I will do what I would but don’t expect millions from me. And tell Nargis’s in laws who are drooling to be in their limits. I’m going. I’m getting late. Sister, tell me the truth. I’m telling you the truth. Am I going to be an aunt? Yes! I want to fly and come to you. You know Gulzar, even I want you to be here. But it’s about few days then you will also come here. Sister, you have no idea how much happy I am. I can guess it with your voice. Sister, I will talk to you later. Okay? Okay! Take care . Godd-bye! Good-bye! What is it? You look so happy? I’m going to be an aunt. You have no idea how happy I am. I want to buy everything from the market and send it with father. If this is your situation right now then what will happen when you will have your own child. Many congrats. Same to you. I will miss you alot. My mind will be always towards you my child. Uncle, don’t you worry about her when you go there. I and mother are there with her. Everything will be fine. It is you and sister Razia’s support that I’m going. Also, I’m not going for ever. After 6 or 8 months, you both will also come to Canada. Yes father! Are you here to make uncle cry? Make some tea and arrange something to eat. Yes! Jamal my child, take care of my daughter alot. She is very innocent and simple. She can not judge people. Uncle, don’t you worry about Gulzar at all. May God keep you both happy like this. I just want to see you both smiling. What are you doing here? I’m here to tell you that enough of this drama. Now end it. Do you think marriage is some game? I have got married to Adil. By law and by religion, I’m his wife. But it isn’t necessary that you will stay his wife for ever. Are you threatening me? I’m not. I’m making you understand that pack your luggage respectfully and get lost from this house. You also understand one thing that I’m not going anywhere from here. I got what you want. We will do it your way. What do you mean? I mean to say that how much money do you want from me to get out of Adil’s life? Write. I haven’t got married to Adil because … Enough! Let Adil come. You will see how I will get you both divorced. You can’t do it. Not only you but anyone can not do it. Are you blackmailing me? You will regret alot. I’m not blackmailing. Adil can not divorce me. I’m going to be a mother. What news have you given me. I’m also tensed since that girl told me this. May be she is lying to trap us. What if its a truth? I don’t trust the type of girl she is. Who knows either this child is of Adil or someone else? If this child is of Adil then we will be in a big problem. Tomorrow that girl will ask her share in the property. I went to bribe her and get rid of her. Matter is different over here. Whatever it is. End this matter before Mahjabeen’s family come to know about it. Your son has raised this issue. Let him come. He will end it. Also they can not get divorced right nor. This girl is doing all this drama so that we will accept her but I’m telling you that for me it is impossible. Let Adil make the decision that what does he has to do with her. How dare them talk like this to you. I would have broken the face of your father in law. His family wants not to keep this relationship, If you say then shall I kill your father in law and Adil? You will not do anything like this. Then what do you want? I don’t want to take a big step in emotions. I’m waiting for him to come back. I will talk to him when he will return. You still want to stay with him? I want to talk to him. Once I will talk to him and if things will not work out then I will come to you. Okay! I will wait for you. I know but this all isn’t easy for me. You aren’t leaving him because he is rich. Your relationship will be ruined and you will be in difficulty. Right? There isn’t anything like this. You are thinking wrong. There is some other matter. What else can be a reason of not leaving him? I told you that there is another reason. How was your trip? Don’t ask. I have been there many times but with Adil I had alot of fun. He is so funny. It’s good that you both had a good time with each other. Is everything alright? Yes my child, everything is alright. Then why do you people look so tensed and quiet? O no! Actually you both left and we got sad. This is it. Nothing else. I’m calling mother to inform her that we are back. Yes my child. Go! What is it? We had hopes with you that you will help us in Nargi’s wedding. We will give her so much dowry. Did you ask me once before keeping these hopes? She is your sister and also your elder. I am her sister not some bank who will keep raining money on her. Gul don’t forget that you were also an ordinary girl of this town who used to be desperate for these things. But now I’m not that ordinary girl and I haven’t opened any NGO for charity. I could never imagine that you will get changed this easily. I could also not imagine that you people will be more concerned of my money than me. Don’t help us if you don’t want to. You also don’t need to come then. Fine! I’m also not dying to meet you people. Then fine! Go and do not come back again. I will not come. I’m also not fond of keeping contact with you people. How selfish is she. What? Is she going to be a mother? But you said that you have no such relationship with her. Yes father, I got married to her. I didn’t know that this will happen. Get rid of that woman immediately. What is the guarantee that it is your child. They type of girl she is, she can trap him with anyone’s child. Get rid of this woman immediately before Mahjabeen get to know about it. I want to meet her and talk to her once. Then I will make a decision. A+ grade? Aunt I got an A+ grade. Look at this, I got an A+ grade. Congratulations. Look at this. See, didn’t I tell you not to get worried. You were getting worried for no reason. Many congratulations. May God give you success on every step of life. Exactly! She was being tensed for no reason. She also gave us stress. You will get an admission in whichever medical college you want. And why did you come empty handed? Bring some sweet. It is such a good news and you came without bringing anything. I didn’t know that she is going to get an A+ grade. Look at this. Can’t you believe it? I will frame it and keep it. You finally missed me. Have you got time from your respectful wife and family? Yes! I returned today. I came straight to you as soon as I came to know. What father told me, is it true? But how? I mean you haven’t told me anything. How could I tell you? What is the guarantee that it is your child. They type of girl she is, she can trap him with anyone’s child. Gul, answer me honestly about one thing. Yes ask? Is this my child? How could you think such vulgar thing? Answer me what I asked you. I left my house and my family for you. I ran away with you and you want a proof of this? No! You want a proof? Okay I’m sorry. I don’t know what father … Don’t touch me. Don’t! Do you think I’m such a low grade person? Please wipe your tears. I’m sorry. I was very tensed. I don’t know why I said such non sense thing. First your father came and said so much to me and now you are here to humiliate me. Father? What did father say? He threatened me so much and said so much to me. Do you know how I’m surviving here. Do you have any idea? Okay! I will talk to father. Don’t worry and please relax. Where is the car? Did you come on a cab? It’s being stolen. What? You haven’t told me. When your father came here, someone took the car the day next to it.


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