Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 15 | 19th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Even I want Gulzar to go to medical college. But it’s so expensive. I’m thinking of getting a loan from my office No need to take a loan. Don’t worry, the money will be arranged What do you mean? I’ve decided that we will get cash out of my saving certificates But mother, that’s your entire life’s savings So what, I’m not spending it on anything bad. I’m spending it on my daughter’s education What’s the matter Gulzar? Do you have something to discuss with me? Actually I wanted to tell you that I don’t want to study medical What are you saying? I was thinking of getting a private degree. I can get graduated from any college But why? Till yesterday you were so excited about your admission Yes but I don’t think I will be able to study medical, it will be too tough for me I was wondering how will I keep a balance between home and studies I know you’re hiding the actual reason from me I heard the discussion between you and aunty Okay, I see I don’t want aunt to spend all her savings on my education. Do you know that how bad would mother feel if she would come to know about your thoughts? She would think that you consider her a stranger. No, there isn’t anything like this. Try to understand me. I don’t want … Look Gulzar, mother doesn’t have a daughter. She always wished to have a daughter who becomes a doctor. I will not force you but if you will fulfill mother’s wish then not just me but mother would also be very happy. As far as money is concerned, I’ll go to Canada in few days. Then I’ll return her all the money. Now fix your mood. Everything will be fine. Why does everything bad happens in my life. There is no good person in my life. My parents have considered me a bank. My husband has doubt on my child that either this is his child or not. Am I only left to suffer? Nobody cares for my peace and happiness. Was this written in my fate? No! Even if this was written in my fate then I will change my fate. I will not let myself suffer like this. I’ve decided that we will get cash out of my saving certificates. I will not force you but if you will fulfill mother’s wish then not just me but mother would also be very happy. What kind of people they are and how lucky I am. They are so selfless and lovable. It doesn’t matter that my husband doesn’t have much money or big house but he has a big heart. Only people with good fate get such in laws. I’m so lucky that I got such caring husband and a loving mother in law who considers me her daughter not daughter in law. Father? Father? Why have you got my car stolen from there? Which car? The one you have got stolen. Are you in your senses? What is this tone to talk? Why would I do it? What do you think that you will act like this and I’d stay quiet? You know it very well that you got that car stolen. Gul has told me everything. Who is Gul? And about which car Adil is talking? Listen father, you have already created alot of mess in my life. Don’t do more otherwise it wouldn’t be right. This mess is created due to your own actions. It is better for you to fix it yourself and learn how to talk. Now get out of here. Hello? What happened? Why were you fighting with uncle? And who is this Gul that you were mentioning? Are you spying on me? You are after me all the time. I only asked you a question. What is there to angry at? Who are you investigate like a police? I’m your wife. I have a right to ask you any kind of question. O please, keep these rights to you. Don’t try to speak too much and just be in your limits. Right? Before telling me about my limits, focus on your limits. What are you? Stupid! Have you hit me? You slapped me? You slapped me? What do you think of yourself? You slapped me? Have you forgot that I’m your husband. A husband and a wife have equal dignity but you don’t deserve to be respected. Mahjabeen, I’ll tell you. What is happening here? Adil, why are you holding your head? Ask her. Ask your daughter in law. She hit me. He hit me first. Who is he to hit me? My child, whom are you calling? Don’t be so upset Your son hit me and I tolerate it? Mother, you come quickly with brother. This shameless person hit me. Look my child, we’ll sit together and talk. We will find the solution I don’t want to talk to you people. Now my family members will come and talk. Even I don’t want to talk to either you or your family members. What kind of people you are? You hit your own women? Quiet Adil, we are talking. My child, relax. Don’t touch me Okay! Everything will be fine. He must have got angry. That doesn’t mean that he starts hitting me. What does he think of himself? I’ll see him. What does he think of me? Can you see mark on Adil’s head? How badly has your daughter hit my son. Who started it? Look, ups and downs are in everyone’s house but that doesn’t mean that girls call their families in every small thing. You are right that ups and downs are there in everyone’s house but this doesn’t mean that man hits his wife. There must be some reason if Adil hit her. You can only clap with both the hands. Whatever the reason is but hitting someone is not the solution. We used to consider you a respectable family. Is this how you treat your women? Even we used to consider you a decent family. But we didn’t know that your women are far ahead than men. What did you say? Whatever I said is right. Say it again. What is this happening? You do something. Can’t you see that he has taken out his pistol? What is this going on? Adil, why are you speaking? We are talking. Get up. Get up from here. We are talking. You don’t need to say anything. My child, what is this happening? I’m taking my sister right now but you teach your son that either he wants to live like humans or shall I fix his brain? You don’t worry. It is better that you explain it to him. My sister will stay in this house and she’ll live happily. We’ll leave now. Try to teach your son otherwise I know how to deal with such people very well. Lets go! Eat something! No thanks! We can’t see your younger daughter. Umm.. She is actually out of country. Okay! But don’t you worry. She’ll be bck before the wedding. This means that you’ll be doing good wedding arrangements. Right? Yes! Yes, absolutely Have tea! I’ll serve you. Have it my child. Have this And how’s Nabeel? He’s fine. You also take it. Yes I’ll sit. You also have tea. Yes! Ask your son that what kind of dress he wants on the wedding? We’ll get him stitched . Yes! He like Banarsi Sherwani. Okay! By the way, we can’t see brother. Where is he? Is he fine? Yes, he’s absolutely fine. He had some work. He’ll come soon. You insisted me that this is a respectable family. Is this what respectful people do? And what you did? Is this what respectful people do? Mother, she made me angry otherwise why would have I hit her? Is she wants to leave this house and go then she can. Adil, watch out your actions otherwise you can create some big problem in the future. I had to listen so much and felt so embarrassing because you. Are you left with any shame or have you sold it? Wow! You both are taking side of hers just because they are a respectable family? Her brother is a gangster. If you want to live in this house then live as a human otherwise .. Otherwise what father? Otherwise go from this house. Although Mahjabeen will live here. You do as you wish. Thank you. I’m leaving. Adil my child stop. Stop! What have you done? What if he will not come back? He will not come home until he has money in his pockets and when his pockets are empty he will come back home running. Greetings! Greetings! This wound? How did you get this wound? I had a fight with father because of you. So? Then he hit me. But why did you fight because of me? He keeps saying again and again that I leave you but Gul I have told him that I can’t leave you. How can parents be so cruel that they hit their young son so brutally? Gul, I have said to them that I can leave you but not Gul. But your other wife? I have also left her. I wasn’t happy with her. I’ll go and bring you milk with turmeric. It will soothe you. Nargis’s mother in law said it ten times that she has high hopes with us. I’m not understanding that how would I make these arrangements? Gul also didn’t return back. What if Nargis’s in law break this wedding if she doesn’t return? Then contact her. Find her. Tell her that our dignity now lies in her and Adil’s hands. Hmm? Yes, I will talk to Gul Greetings aunt! Test went great. How couldn’t it go well when your wishes were with me. What? Are you still outside since morning? Aunt, this is limit. I’m coming. Coming! Why isn’t she picking up the phone? I’m calling her again and again. What’s the matter? What if a new tension has risen? Lets go and find out. Doctor is everything alright? It is for now. Take good care of her. I’m writing some multivitamins. Make her eat them. Also take care of her food. You have to regularly come for check up. Okay? Yes doctor I will take good care of her and will bring her for checkups regularly. Take this. Thank you doctor. Sing sing Sister come for the ceremony. What ceremony. We thought that you will do a splendid function but we didn’t know that you have done the arrangements at home. We had to do that but we got a bit helpless but you don’t worry. We will do as you said on wedding day. Why? Didn’t your younger daughter and son in law help you in doing the arrangements? They had to come but didn’t I tell you that they are out of country. They couldn’t come because of some reason. Listen to me, my son has high hopes from you. Try to fulfill his hopes otherwise this wedding can be broken. No no. Don’t say like this. I fold my hands infront of you. Come and do ceremony. Come Come my child. Come Don’t you worry. I’ll look after everything and take care of your properly. That is fine but … But what? What have you thought about the future? What future? About us? About our to-be child. Gul, tell me clearly. What do you want to say? You shouldn’t end your relation with your parents and we can not break relation with parents. I think you should revive your relationship. How good you are. You take care of them so much and they keep asking me to leave you. Relationships don’t end between children and parents. They never do Contact them. I’ll talk to them but not now. I and they both are angry right now. Things will mess up instead.


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