Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 16 | 26th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Yes please tell me who do you want to meet? Is this Mr. Farooq’s house? Do you see Mr. Farooq’s name written anywhere? Anyone’s name could be written over here There’s no need to argue. I told you there’s no Mr. Farooq living over here, now leave Close it Who was that? What was he saying? He was just talking nonsense. He was asking for some Mr. Farooq. I told him he doesn’t live here and he doesn’t need to come back again Okay Shall we go inside now? Do you know father? Aunty cares for me a lot. She didn’t let me do any work around the house till I wasn’t done with my entry test Didn’t I use to tell you how nice these people are and how much they value you Yes that’s true. And you know what father? Aunty went with me to give the entry test And she kept praying for me outside till my test didn’t finish Yes, all praise is for mother, and there no mention of what we did That’s not true, but aunty really cares for me a lot Yes, as if we don’t do anything Is that Jamal? Let me talk to him Yes, Father wants to talk to you Greetings uncle, how are you? Greetings, why are you picking on my daughter? Oh uncle I’m not picking on her, she’s the one who is picking on me, both mother and daughter in law have teamed up, I am just lying around in the house Don’t call us in laws, you should call us mother and daughter God bless you son. I don’t have the words to thank you and sister enough for all you have done. May God always keep you happy What are you saying uncle, you don’t need to thank us God bless you. Let me talk to Gulzar Please talk Yes father? Hello Have you gone crazy? Why did you come to my house? You betrayed me once again How did you get my address? I might be foolish Gul, but I’m not stupid finding your address was not a difficult task Look, try to understand. If you come back here again there will be a huge problem It hasn’t happened yet If you keep coming like this and Adil finds out, it was be a disaster There won’t be any disaster. Tell me one thing, you’re always crying in front of me, but you seemed very happy when you were with him? If you won’t understand that who will? I’m really helpless. But I have to pretend in front of the world Oh really? Anyways, forget it. Tell me, will you come to your sister’s wedding? I’ll come if I’m invited. Mother and father didn’t even give me an invitation. They’re more interested in my money than in me But you should come, it’s your sister’s wedding I won’t come without an invitation. Anyways, forget the wedding, just please don’t come over here again, I’ll get in to a lot of trouble, you understand don’t you? Okay fine, I won’t come When are we going to meet? Very soon Brother you had said earlier that all our wishes will be fulfilled, but we don’t see anything like that? Sister we are trying our best. We will arrange as much as we can I can see what you have arranged so far Look, I only have one son, and I want that his marriage is according to what he wants Yes definitely, everything will be as you will say We don’t see your other daughter around? I had told you that she has gone abroad. She would definitely come if she was here Okay, we will leave. Now we will come only when you will fulfill the promises you made to us, okay? You people had told us that you will arrange everything for the wedding? We will arrange as much as we can Look you people are trying to fool us, first you people promised us that you would arrange everything, and not you are only making excuses Father is trying a lot. He will fulfill as many of your wishes as he can Why? Where did your sister and brother in law go? Mother was telling me they have a lot of money? Can’t they spend a little for your wedding? We had told your mother that they are travelling abroad these days Now listen to me, it would be better if you people fulfill your promises, otherwise we can take back our proposal the same way we agreed to it Kabir called me. He has clearly said that they will call off this wedding if we don’t fulfill their demands I really don’t know what to do. Even if we agree to all their demands where will we get all the money from? Father please talk to your darling daughter. Even she has some responsibility to help us with the wedding arrangements Look dear I’ll call her in front of you as well She’s not answering Father, when you people couldn’t fulfill their wishes then why did you give them so much hope? I’m telling you, I will never forgive you people if this wedding is called off I really don’t know what to do Oh making phone calls is not going to get anything done, you should go to her house You surprise me. Have I ever seen their house? Let’s suppose I even go to their house and she refuses to recognize me, then what am I going to do? Oh she’s not so shameless that she would ignore her father in front of her house Okay I will try again after awhile, keep praying Oh I’m praying to God all the time to make some sort of arrangement so that my daughter gets married, that’s it Our house has become so dul ever since our daughter has left We have come to take back ou daughter today We liked it that you people came but why hasn’t Adil come along? My child, Adil had some work at Dubai. He went there. He will come. Then come to get Mahjabeen when he’s back. My child, we are here to take her back. I have just told you that when Adil is back then come to take Mahjabeen. But Adil himself forced us to bring Mahjabeen back home. My child, if he was here he would have definitely come. Fine! I will send my sister with you but she shouldn’t be hurt in any way. No my child, Mahjabeen is a part of our heart. How can we hurt her? Relax, we will not let her have any pain. By the way, about what car you and Adil were talking? My child look, Adil is my only son and I never let him feel needy for money. It is his habit of giving things to others. He must be mentioning that. He mentioned some girl also. Girl? No! No! Good! It would be better if he’s not involved in some girl’s affair because we have a very different system in our house. We don’t get our sisters or daughters divorced but make them widow. My child, what are you saying? Mahjabeen is our daughter. We love her so much and Adil will take good care of her. Have faith in us. She will not get any pain or sorrow. We are telling you. Speak up father. Why have you called? How are you? Are you still angry at your parents? I’m not. I called you to invite you at Nargis’s wedding. You finally remembered that there is another daughter that you had to invite. You have still kept the old conflicts in your heart. Forget them. When do you need me? You only need money. Look, what’s gone is gone. Gul, do you want your father to beg now? No! When did I say this? Look, do come at Nargis’s wedding and bring Adil as well. Nargis’s in laws are strangers. What if they talk bad about us? Will you come? Okay fine. I’ll talk to Adil and tell you. Okay! O God, you made me a father of daughters. You should have given me for them. Adil? Hmm? I wanted to talk to you. Go ahead. I’m listening. Father called. Nargis’s wedding is at the corner so he was inviting us. Finally your family realized to invite us. I know they did the wrong thing but after all they are my family members. I can not leave them at this time. Fine. I’m not stopping you. You can go Wouldn’t you come? Gul I will drop you there but do not expect from me to participate in any event. Fine, there is no problem but do come for some time. I’m not understanding anything that what do I do? What if Mahjabeen’s brother will do what he said? No, Adil has to patch up. You know Adil very well that he will not patch up and it isn’t possible to get rid of this problem right now. How can we quickly get rid of this girl? You are talking emotionally like always. What do you mean? Last time you also did things in hurry and it became so difficult to get rid of that girl . What else shall we do? We have no other way out. Try to explain Adil politely. He got bored of his previous wife and left her in 6 to 8 months. This is why I’m asking you to take steps slowly. Everything will be fine. What if he would have a child? We’ll see then. Do not make any decision in hurry. Look aunt, I have been telling him something from last many days but he isn’t listening. Really Jamal? What am I listening? Are you annoying my daughter? No! I’m asking him to take me to father’s place. I have some books and stuff there but he doesn’t have time. Mother, I was about to take her but a friend of mine called. Is your friend more important or your wife? Take her there today and bring her stuff. Yes! He’s saying yes infront of you but he wouldn’t take me. I’ll pull his ears if he will do this. Take her and go safely. Yes mother. Lets go madam. Nargis’s in laws are about to come but I don’t know where Gul is. Call Gul again and find her out. What if a new problem is raised. What shall I do? She isn’t picking up the call. O God, only you can save our dignity. What will we do? These are so many books. This has make me tired. These are few books only. Wait, let me lock. Also put this there. Wait! I’ll keep it on the backside. Okay fine! Good bye. I’ll stay here for one or two days. Okay I’ll leave. You said that you will give motorbike to my son in dowry. Where is that motorbike? Don’t you worry about motorbike. You will get it. If there is anything else that you want or wish, tell us. You will get it. I gave the whole list of dowry to brother. He will give it to you. My child, I don’t know how to thank you. There is no need to thank aunt. If you need anything then you can let me know. My child, why are you standing? Come inside and sit. I’m here to drop Gul. I have to leave for some important work. My child, how can you leave without eating anything. Next time. I’ll leave now. First, you made mother scold me? Then made me carry these heavy books. Still you are saying that you are innocent? I am. The one sitting in the car was Gul? Yes And the person with her was her husband? Yes that was her husband The guy seemed like a loafer to me No it’s not like that. He’s from a very rich family So can’t anyone from a rich family be a loafer? Anyways, none of our concern, whether he’s a loafer or not, or whether he is rich or poor If anyone has a son in law he should be like Adil, look how he helped us in our difficult time No doubt, I have been praising him from my heart You should also praise your daughter sometimes, you people are always praising your son in law Look what a cheap dress your in laws have got for you. I can tell from the look of it that they’ve bought it from a low price shop Well they can only give what they can afford Well then they should keep their expectations according to what they can afford And this dress is definitely from the sunday discount market Of course, you’re going to dislike everything now, even tough you grew up wearing the same clothes Yes, but not any more Oh what’s wrong with you two? Why are you talking like this when you should be happy Oh I forgot to tell you, I saw Gulzar on the way here. She was with her husband Really? Yes, she was on a broken down bike with lots of shopping bags hanging from it. She was wearing an old dress. I sent her a text message I’ll be right back Sort these clothes. Don’t worry dear, these are very nice clothes which they have sent for you Hello, yes Kashi tell me what do you want? Quickly come to the roof What do you mean? Look, I know you’re here. I’ve been waiting since ages Kashi I’m not feeling well Are you coming up or should I come down? No wait, I’m coming He’s making my life miserable Now tell me why have you called me here? You were visiting home, and we not met since a long time, so I just felt like meeting you If anyone sees you over here, we’ll be in trouble Oh nobody is going to see us. Besides, since when did you become so afraid? I’m not scared of anyone, you understand? You won’t understand Oh forget all this. I called you over here to talk about us, and you’re discussing about your family By the way, you look very beautiful in this dress I feel like taking a selfie with you Don’t you dare. Every one is sitting downstairs, we’ll be in trouble if someone sees us Oh nobody is going to see us I’ll come to the wedding, you can take as many selfies over there as you like But your husband will also be there No, he won’t come Really? Then I’ll definitely come just to take a selfie with you, okay? Yes Hey Gul, where are you? Coming mother When I saw you today I didn’t feel angry and neither did I feel amused. Instead I was only feeling pity for you. I’ve never seen you wearing such old and worn out clothes From your face it seemed like you haven’t taken care of yourself since ages. Looks like Jamal’s financial situation is really quite bad Gul is right, I’ve completely stopped taking care of myself. My hands have become so rough My clothes, what has happened to me? Gulzar? What happened? Why are you standing so lost? Nothing, just like that Yes please speak Adil, you come home right now. I am not going to listen to any more excuses I will never come back home again If you care about your own life as well as ours, then come home immediately Why isn’t he asnwering my call Adil where are you? Why aren’t you answering my calls? Gul I’m a bit busy, I’ll talk to you in awhile. I’m out right now Could he be with his other wife? Why are you people acting like this? You’ve called me so many times. What’s the emergency that you’ve called me over here? There isn’t any emergency right now. But if you continue acting like this there will be a big problem Why? What happened now? Nothing has happened yet. But if you don’t change your ways a lot can happen Father, what have I done now? Adil try to understand dear. You have to take care of Mahjabeen. You have to keep her happy. You know that she belongs to a strong family Mother please stop repeating this thing about a strong family Mahjabeen dear? You had gone to Dubai isn’t it? Son has returned just right now But I don’t see his things? Oh he keeps a set of clothes at his office. He frequently visits Dubai Really? Adil, it’s been so long you haven’t taken Mahjabeen out somewhere Go and have lunch, spend some quality time together, isn’t it dear? What do you think? Absolutely, it’s an excellent idea. Go on dear Okay fine, you go and freshen up, I’ll wait for you Mother? Gulzar? Open the door I’m coming Greetings Greetings mother Greetings. What’s the matter you seem very happy? What are these sweets for? It’s something to be happy about What is it? My applications have been accepted at all the university to which I had applied for a scholarship in Canada God bless you. Congratulations to both of you That’s great news Leave everything and have some sweets When do you have to go? My application has just been accepted so I’ve got six months Here have some sweets First of all you should give it to your wife God bless her, ever since she has stepped into this house we are getting good news from everywhere You should eat also I’ll bring a napkin Mother I’m very happy Thank God I have to make a lot of preparations before leaving Then start preparing We shall Will you fill up my appetite with just talking or are you going to place an order as well? Sure, even I’m quite hungry. Excuse me? Greetings sir, how are you? Greetings, menu please Here you go, menu for you Sir, the madam who came with you yesterday forgot these sunglasses over here


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