Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 18 | 10th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

I had prayed so much for my daughter’s admission. Thank God for listening to my prayers Absolutely mother. This would not be possible without your prayers since Gulzar’s preparation was very poor Look mother, he’s teasing me again Jamal, why do you keep teasing my daughter? It’s such a happy time. Arrange boxes of sweets, I’m going to distribute it in the entire neighborhood My daughter is about to become a doctor Yes and in a few days the whole neighbourhood will gather over here for free medical treatment So what, the neighbors have some rights as well. Besides, I well do this noble job and get their prayers Now go and arrange sweets, I want to distribute in the entire neighborhood As you wish Who does he think he is that he can divorce me so easily. I won’t let him get away with it. He made so many promises, now what? You were feeling sorry for me the other day? Well today I feel sorry for you. Even if my condition was bad at that time, my future is very bright I got admission in a medical college, and my husband has got a scholarship from a Canadian university One day or the other I will be more successful then you in every aspect Only time will tell who is going to be successful and who will fail What do your sister and brother in law think of themselves, don’t we have any respect? That boy Adil is so proud The same pride is going to destroy them one day Oh Gor forbid that anything happens to my daughter, why are you two talking like this? Oh you can’t hear a word against your daughter. Didn’t you see from your own eyes how much both husband and wife respected us? Well Adil should be blamed for everything that happened. What is my daughter’s fault? Just leave it, all this happened because of both the husband and wife. Don’t you know how selfish your daughter is? She can do anything, enough If she wants to come she can, but nobody is going to go to Gul’s house In fact we won’t come to meet her even if she visits here My list is ready, the sweets are also here. I’m just thinking if I’ve forgotten anyone If I forget anyone can you please remind me? It’s such a happy occasion What’s up? We were waiting just for you. Come have some sweets But why? What’s the good news? You’re becoming a father and I’m becoming a grandmother Nothing new about that mother I’m so stupid, I didn’t even tell him the actual news Mahjabeen is pregnant You only remember me when you’re stuck in a problem It’s not like that Kashi What’s the matter Gul? Why are you crying like this? You have no idea how much pain I’m going through these days What pain are you talking about? Adil has betrayed me I’m never going to forgive him Betrayed you? What did he do? He has had a second marriage Second marriage? Yes, he gives all his time to that witch, he doesn’t give me time anymore Oh so this is the issue He and his family are constantly threatening to divorce me I don’t know what I should do But why are you so afraid of all this? He’s threatening to divorce me, it’s not something ordinary Look, it doesn’t matter if he would leave you. Have you gone mad? You are talking strange. Look Gul, if he has decided to leave you then neither you can change it nor anyone else. If he would leave me then I wouldn’t be able to face anyone. I can not even go to mother and father’s place. Don’t you worry about that. I’m there for you. Look, if he has decided to leave you then you can not do anything so do something which will benefit you. What do you mean? I mean that he is leaving you for sure so demand for a heavy amount from him. So that you will be financially stable in the future. Father, I can not believe that Gul can say this. You used to think that she is very simple. What if she will go to Mahjabeen? It will be a big problem then. I was scared of this day, this is why I was asking you to get rid of her. You put the blame of car on me when I know it is her who made the car disappeared. What will happen now, father? I will ask you to go to police station and file a report of your missing car. I can not file a report in police. It will create further problems. Even if we file a report, then Mahjabeen and her family will find it out. What do you want? Is this how things will remain? Father I’m not saying this. Tell me one thing, is the house where you have kept her on rent or you own it? It is rented. Why? Then get rid of house and girl both. But what if she will go to Mahjabeen? Then? Leave this matter on me. I’ll handle it. I know what the girl wants. She only wants money this is why she is blackmailing you. Sit here and listen to me. Look, I’ll tell you what to do. Was it important to go this early? I told you that I have been offered an internship and this will help me alot in Masters program. I will miss you alot I will too. Gulzar, I will also miss you alot. Look, don’t be sad please Otherwise it will be difficult for me to go. Father called. I forgot to inform you. Really? What was he saying? He was asking me and aunt to shift at our place when you leave. Why? What is the need of it? Our house is there then what is the need to go and live there? You are right but when you will leave me and aunt will be alone. You’ll be alone there as well. Yes but it’s an old town. Neighbors know us. God forbid if there would be any emergency or problem then atleast someone will be there to look after us. Okay, whatever suits you people. But I will still miss you alot. Gulzar! Gulzar, don’t you worry. Everything will be fine. I will also call you in sometime when you will have semester break. Nothing will happen Gulzar. Be brave. I’m not going for ever. I will come back here. Don’t cry please. Smile! Shall I leave? I’ll carry it. We neither want to waste our time nor yours. Adil will not come in this house ever again because he is happy with his wife. I am Adil’s first wife. The one living with you is his second wife. Adil married me first. We are not here to listen to your bullshit. We are here to talk straight. Understood? Even I don’t want to talk to you people. Get straight to what you want to say. How much money will you take to get out of Adil’s life? What if I ask you the same question? How much money will you take to get out of my and Adil’s life? Then what will you say? Girl, don’t forget your limits. Do remember that from where my son had brought you to this place. Otherwise you never deserved it. I did. This is why Adil got married to me. Don’t change the topic. Write the amount of your choice on this cheque book and get out of Adil’s life forever. Thank you for this offer but I can not do this. But whatever you have done, I’ll report it to media. And I have all the evidences for this. Really? Do you have the marriage contract? It doesn’t matter if I don’t have it. I do have wedding pictures. I will bring media out of your house and tell them everything that you did with me. And if you will try to do something wrong then I will come out of your house and burn myself. Give these threats to someone else. It isn’t that easy to do all this especially for someone like you. You have no idea what I can do or not. This is why it will be better to end this discussion here. Otherwise I will create alot of problems in your life. Brother, put it there infront of gate. How are you Gulzar my child? I’m fine. How are you sister Shakeela? I’m also fine. Greetings sister. My name is Shakeela and I’m old neighbor of Gulzar. Greetings! My name is Razia. Are you back here for good? No, actually my child has gone to Canada for studies so we thought to stay here. And also, it’s an old town. God forbid anything wrong happens then there would be someone to look after. It is great to have you back here. After master and Gulzar left, this house looked very empty. It is good that it will be full again. Indeed. I’ll leave now. If you need anything then do let me know. My house is there. Gulzar knows. She will tell you. Do let me know. Absolutely! Okay good-bye Thank you! Good bye Ask for all the luggage. Everything is here? Okay One problem doesn’t end and the other starts. What do you think? Will the girl implement what she was saying? She had no fear in her eyes as if she will do anything. What if she would really take such step? Then what will we do? We have to talk to Adil before anything wrong happens. He would have to take some step. She can not get divorce in this situation. I’m ready to give her as much money as she wants. I just want her to leave our lives. Be thankful that Mahjabeen and her family doesn’t know anything. If they would know then there would create a big drama. This is why I’m after Adil but he doesn’t understand anything. Mother and father, we are going to Mahjabeen’s house for dinner. We’ll be back at night. Yes my child, go! See you. Mahjabeen, the whole food is kept here and you aren’t eating anything. It is all of your choice. Mother, I can not eat this all. My child, you have to eat it all now. You are making excuses even in this situation. Yes eat. Aunt is asking you so politely. Yes my child, she doesn’t care of herself. Now you have to take care of her. Aunt, you don’t worry at all. I’ll take care of her more than before. Fien if she isn’t eating anything. You eat atleast. Your plate is empty. Yes, I’m taking. We raised our daughter with so much love. We never did anything against her will. She isn’t habitual of taking tension or stress. So my child, it is my suggestion to you to not say or do anything that will hurt my daughter. Otherwise … it can create a big problem. Aunt, you don’t worry. I’ll take care of her more than my life. I can’t even think of giving her any sorrow or pain. Why have you stopped? Have some food. Yes! Yes! Mahjabeen? Okay! Mother, please serve me. Aw my child. Thank [email protected] You’re welcome. Please pass me the spoon. Greetings madam. Greetings! Say it? What is it? Madam, I came to say good-bye to you. What do you mean? Sir called. He has fired me. I’m going to my village. Forgive me if I have done any mistake. Good-bye! Hello? Greetings! I’m Rasheed speaking. Your landlord. Yes brother Rasheed? You are calling at this time. Is everything fine? Look, it has been a month I haven’t received the rent. Please send the rent. Rent? Yes rent. It is already delayed. I think Adil is out of country this is why you haven’t received the rent yet. What are you saying? I talked to Adil last night. He asked me to take rent from you. Okay! Give me time of two or three weeks. I’ll send you the rent. Look, it is already very late. It shouldn’t be more than two or three weeks. Good-bye! Hello? Gulzar? Gul what happened? Why are you crying? Gul? Is everything alright? Nothing is right. I think I have been cursed by you. What are you saying? Why would I curse you? I’m in a big trouble Gulzar. What happened? Tell me? Meet me once, please. No Gul, I can’t call you at home. That’s fine. We will meet outside. No Gul, I can’t meet you outside also. Meet me once, please Gulzar. Only once. Okay! You stop crying. Fine. You come to my college. We’ll sit there and talk. Okay fine. I’ll come. I don’t understand that did this all happen to me? What was less in my love that Adil got re-married? Gul, we can not fight against our fate. And Adil would have re-married either you were there in his life or not. I did so much to have him. In return, what did I get? You might remember that when you told me about Adil for the first time. I told you then that I don’t find him right. But you never trusted me. But you took a big step without discussing with any one. I had no choice. Did you tell uncle Kafayat and aunt about it? No! Gul, whatever our parents say, they say it for our benefit. You did what you wanted at that time. Now look what you are going through. I can not even go to parent’s house. They will taunt me if I go. I don’t know what I should do Tell me what I can do for you now Just talk to me sometimes Gul I….. I’m not asking you to meet. I’m only asking to talk Maybe talking to you would give me some relief Besides, who do I have now who I can call my own? Hello Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday my dear lovely wife. Happy birthday to you You remembered Absolutely, how could I forget such an important day of your life? So that’s why you were not talking to me on the phone since so many days, isn’t it? You’ve become very smart. So tell me, how did you like my surprise? I loved it, thank you so much I had asked you people to let me deal with this matter myself, but you didn’t listen to me If we left it on you this matter would never be resolved Father, let her do what she wants, she can not harm us in any way She has threatened me and your mother that if we even mention anything about divorce she would set herself on fire in front of our house Yeah right. And you people believed her. She’s not that stupid to do something silly like that And what will we do if she actually does something like that? Mother you people are getting worried unnecessarily. I told you, she can not harm us Her attitude and intentions did not show that she is just threatening us Father what evidence does she have? She doesn’t have any document. These are just empty threats. Nobody commits suicide so easily And wait a minute, how can she contact Mahjabeen? How would she get her number? As far as I know Adil, she can do anything. Don’t take her threats so lightly Make some quick arrangement for her Hello Gul How are you Gulzar? I’m fine, why have you called me? I was missing you so I thought I’d talk to you Really Yes What do you want to talk about? We met the other day and I didn’t even remember that it was your birthday, I’m sorry But even you didn’t remind me This is not something that needs to be reminded Do you remember how we used to celebrate your birthday in college? Yes We spent such a good time in college. We used to have so much fun together I remember I feel so disappointed, how could I forget your birthday, I didn’t even give you a present Doesn’t matter. But Jamal sent me a gift


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