Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 19 | 17th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

We spent such a good time in college. We used to have alot of fun. I remember I’m disappointed that how could I forget your birthday. I didn’t even give you any present. It’s okay! Jamal has sent me a gift. Really? What did he send? Cake and Bouquet. Why are you laughing Gul? How innocent you are. Infact, you are stupid. Why? What happened? Your husband sent you cake and some flower through courier. Are you happy with this? What is wrong in it? He sent everything with so much love. I told you, you are stupid. Now look, you have sent Jamal out of the country to study. There would be many girls. You have taken a foolish step by sending Jamal alone to study. You are doing medical here. What will be the use of this medical when you will lose control over him. What will you be left with then? Nothing like this will happen. You tell? What have you decided? I don’t understand what to do. I do have money but I’m not healthy enough to go for abortion. Don’t do this mistake Gul. Try to patch up with Adil and his family members. That seems difficult but I have thought to get his wife’s number through some source. Then I will tell her everything. You have taken a foolish step by sending Jamal alone to study. You are doing medical here. What will be the use of this medical when you will lose control over him. What will you be left with then? Gul is mad. She speaks rubbish. Nothing like this would happen. But what if this would happen? Then what will I do? Son, do clean them at night as well. Buyer buys them happily then. Greetings Kafayat brother. Greetings Shakoor brother. How are you? I’m fine. Is everything going fine at home? Yes! Everything’s fine. Does your daughter live with you or at home? What do you mean? I have heard your rich son in law has re-married. Who told you this? My son Kashi told me that he has re-married. That nuisance speaks rubbish. Let me meet him. I’ll deal with him. It is strange that you don’t know this. The whole neighborhood knows about it. I’m telling you that Kashi has some problem with us. He envies us. This is why he talks like this. And listen, stop coming to me to share every news of neighborhood with me. Now go! Hello? How are you Gulzar? Finally, you missed me. I miss you all the time. I can see very well how much you miss me. You’ve called me after so many days Hey, you’re the one who tells me not to call every day.Otherwise if it were up to me I would call you every hour So how are your studies coming along? I hope you’re not bothering mother too much You think I’m that kind of person who would bother mother? Studies are going fine, it’s a bit difficult But I’m sure these studies won’t be very tough for you You tell me, how are your studies coming along? My studies are absolutely fit, and going smoothly Okay so tell me one thing Have you become friends with any girl? What are you talking about Gulzar? I’m just asking a normal question. There must be plenty of pretty girls over there. You must be friends with them Means? What are you trying to say? Nothing. I was just saying it like that. Anyways, I’m going to study. I will talk to you later. Good-bye I’m not understanding what shall I do? How did this happen. Gul didn’t tell us anything Every other lady in the neighborhood is asking me about Gul and Adil You tell everyone that there is nothing like this. This all is a lie. How many will I shut down? Everyone is talking about the same thing. Call her and ask if she’s fine and has no problem. Yes I will call her and call her here. Gulzar one minute. Wait. Sit Yes aunt? I need to talk to you. Yes? Is everything alright between you and Jamaal? Yes aunt! Everything is. Is it really? Yes! Thank God! Why are you asking this? Actually Jamaal called. He saying to me that you were talking strangely to him. He was being worried. He was asking if everything is fine at home. What did I say? I only asked if he is alone there or made any girl friend. What are you saying Gulzar? My son isn’t like this. Aunt you don’t know anything. All men are like this. As soon as they go outside, they forget their wives and make girl friends. My son isn’t like this and by talking like this you are creating misconceptions among you both. We kept on teaching you but you didn’t listen to us at all. You are very proud that your husband loves you alot. Is this his love? My child, why didn’t you tell us before? What would have I told you mother and how? I could never think that they would be this shameless. He hurt my daughter. You will see, he will also be hurt. Mother, your daughter has also hurt many. This is why she’s in this situation. Look sister, I’m not interesting in talking to you. It is better that you stay quiet. This is my matter. Why are you taunting me or interfering? Quiet! You can see how stressed we are. You are not stopping to taunt. Enough I will not leave them. I’ll go to his home and talk to his parent. They call themselves respectful. Is this how respectful people act? No father, you will not go there right now nor will talk to anyone. I have to do something right now. What? There is something. I will tell you at a right time. We will talk to aunt. Aw aunt’s sweetheart. Sister, how cute he is. Did you cast off the evil eye? Yes, I did. I want to fly and come to you right now to take him in my lap. How cute is he looking. Hello? Hello! Is this Mahjabeen speaking? Yes! Who is this? I’m Gul. Adil’s first wife. What? Hello? Can you hear me? What rubbish? Do you even know about whom are you talking? I’m telling the truth This is bullshit. Rubbish. Adil only got married to me. It would be better if you ask this from Adil yourself. What evidence you have to prove that you are Adil’s first wife? Evidence? If you want an evidence then meet me somewhere out. And yes, I forgot to tell you one more important thing. What? I’m going to be mother of Adil’s child and Adil knows about it. You told aunt that I asked you about girls. You talked strangely to me. What is strange in it? I asked about a normal thing. What was the need to complain to aunt in it? Is it normal for you? I’m surprised that how can you think like that? What is there to be surprised? You study abroad. There are girls studying with you. You can be friends with girls Gulzar, I told you before and I’m telling you again. I am not friends with any girl. And what do you think? I came here to make girl friends? I didn’t say it. Gulzar, life is very busy and tough here. I don’t have enough time to make girl friends. And by the way, who put this in your mind? Who would? I just had a random thought so I asked. Don’t let such thoughts come in your mind which create misunderstanding among us. Concentrate on your studies right now. They are most important right now. Give it to me. Do you believe it now? I’m Adil’s wife and to-be mother of his child. I don’t believe it. Adil? Adil can betray me. Me? It is me who is being cheated. He loves me and get married to you again. This is a lie. Adil only loves me not you. He told me this himself. No! He only loves me. He got married to you under his parent’s pressure. Understand this and one more thing. I’m not going to leave Adil’s life this easily. I still don’t believe it. Adil can do this with me? With me? You still don’t believe it? You will now Yes Gul? Where are you? Where ever you are. Come to me immediately otherwise I will tell everything to your wife. Are you in your senses? Have you gone mad? Reach immediately where you are. Gul, where are you? I’m coming to you right now. I’m at the same restaurant where we go. Come quickly. Yes! I’m coming. Quickly Do you believe it now? Hello? Hello Mahjabeen, how are you? I’m absolutely fine. Where are you? I have come to meet mother. Why? Is there anything to do? No! I just called to ask about you. You take care. What happened? What were you saying to me on phone? Gul, I have told you this many times that for me you are only important. If I am so important then why don’t you talk to me? I left everything for you and you don’t talk to me for that Mahjabeen. You don’t come to meet me. Gul, I love you. I will not leave you ever. As far as Mahjabeen is concerned, she has no importance in my life. If she has no importance then throw her out of your life. Why is she stuck with you? This isn’t possible. Why? Because…. Because her brother is gangster. and … she is expecting. Gul, listen to me. Listen to me. This is the only reason I can’t leave her but I will not leave you also. Trust me, I will not. Mahjabeen you? My brother will talk to you now. Mahjabeen, listen to me. What did you think? I will stay as your second wife? Don’t ever think. Mahjabeen wait! Please listen to me … Mahjabeen wait. Mahjabeen? Gul, you haven’t done this right. Now you will see that I…. will do what with you Hello? Kashi? It is me who is being cheated. He loves me and get married to you again. Yes my child? What happened my child? Why are you crying? Brother, Adil cheated on me. He was already married and they didn’t tell us I will never forgive him, brother. What are you saying? I will not go back to him. I will not … What happened? Mahjabeen? My child? What happened? Gul, is everything fine? I met Adil’s wife. I told her everything. What have you done? Adil wasn’t talking to so I thought this is right. This is why I did it. Gul, you have done right. His wife will leave him now. As if she will. Neither he will nor she will. But Adil threatened me that he will do something bad with me. Gulzar? Yes aunt? I was finding you. You stay there. I’m coming. It was Gulzar. I just saw her. Master’s daughter? Yes Where is she? She has left. I will not leave you. How dare you to cheat us? What are you doing son? People are watching… Quiet. What did you think that we will not find out? Doctor? How’s Mahjabeen? She is out of danger but we are sorry we couldn’t save the child. Doctor how’s Mahjabeen? She is absolutely fine. Fortunately she doesn’t have many external injuries but I’m sorry to say that your wife will not be able to conceive now. There are some complications due to which your wife can not be a mother again. You can meet her now if you want and also take her home tonight. Okay Let me see Mahjabeen… No need. neither you nor anyone else need to go inside Mother My child What’s done is done my child. Whatever God’s will. Quiet now Hello Gulzar? I was waiting for your call. If you wouldn’t have called then I would have called you. You tell me one thing. What were you doing with Kashi? You are worried that what I was doing with Kashi? So much has happened in my life and you are talking about him. What happened Gul? Why are you crying? Gulzar, my life is going to be ruined. God forbid. What are you saying? I met Adil’s wife today. I told her everything about me and Adil. What? Gul, what have you done? Adil also came there. Here threatened me to treat me badly. I’m not understanding anything Gulzar. What shall I do? What was the need to meet his other wife. Why not? I had no other way. Adil doesn’t even talk to me. Now I don’t know how will he treat me. I will not leave them. My child, I will give him 10 times more loss than the loss her gave you. Don’t you worry my child. Don’t you worry. I will not go back to that house. I will not. I don’t want to see face of that man. Whatever you say. Quiet please. Why are his parents here? Don’t let them come. I don’t want to meet anyone. I don’t. Leave them for me my child. I will see them Don’t you worry. Brother Go and tell them. I will never go to that house ever again. Never. I told you that we will do as you say. Because of you my child is not in this world. Gul, you are a murderer. You are a murderer of my child. Don’t blame me for anything. This is happening because of your own actions. You cheated on me. This is the punishment of the same cheating. I will not leave you. What can you do? You will kill me? Kill me. But Do remember that I will not die alone. Your child will also die with me. Gul? What do you want? Why are you doing this to me? You stopped meeting me. You disconnected as if we have no relation If not me then atleast show some care for your to be child I do take care What else shall I do? Shall I wash your feet and drink or treat you like a queen? You can not do these both things. You didn’t do the right thing Gul and karma will hit you back for this. It surely will We will see when the time will come. Listen to me… Gul? Gul? Gul?


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