Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 2 | 20th June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Would you have to find a girl for your brother when I’m there? What do you mean? You might think I’m shameless but I’m saying it on your face. Think about me. You will not find a better sister in law than me. You must be kidding Gul. What is there to joke about? Is there anything missing in me? No, there isn’t anything like that. Brother Afaque takes you like his sister. You are just like me to him. I’m not his sister. And if thinks like this then go and tell him that I’m not his sister and he shouldn’t bother to think this way. I also have never seen you like this, Gul. Why? Am I not equal to your standards? No, there isn’t anything like this. You know that I like you by heart. I don’t even have any friend other than you. Then try to understand. We are best friends. If I become your sister in law, wouldn’t it be wonderful? And your brother is your only brother. If any random girl would come then you will loose everything. But? Still but? No, I will talk to brother. Yes do talk. Haven’t you noticed? I think your brother also likes me. Really? Hey, haven’t you seen him chatting with me? Do talk to him today, okay? Father, aren’t you busy? No my child. Come, I was trying to read something to pass time. I also wanted to chat with you. It is about few months then you will go to Canada. I will miss these days and nights. I will miss you son. Father, I’m not going there forever. It’s about few years. As soon as I will settle there, I’ll keep calling you there. Who has thought about the future. I’m talking about today. You will still take few years there. Father if you will say so, I will not go. No, I will never want this. Father, I’m going to talk about something. I thought I will talk about it later but I don’t know then I thought to talk about it today. Then say it. What is it that you being hesitant to talk about? Father, I wanted to talk about a girl. Oh okay! Go ahead. Do you remember Zaiba, I once mentioned her to you. Yes, the same girl who is your class fellow? Yes! Who is also your friend. She helped you in getting admission in Canada and also for visa. Exactly, she is the same girl. Um, father I like her. Okay! Then? Actually before going to Canada, I wanted to discuss it with you. Father, her family doesn’t have any objection. Infact, they are very much willing to meet you. I thought if you find it relevant then can you meet them? Why not my child? We will definitely meet them. Father, are you not liking it that I made this big decision of my life and telling you like this? No my child, not at all. This is what I taught you to take big decisions of your life. You are capable to take such decisions. I’m happy about it. They are simple people like us and I have a good understanding with Zaiba. She is also coming to Canada to study but will join the next semester. This is why I thought to get committed. Yes why not? Does Gulzar know about it? Father, she is younger than me so I was hesitant to talk to her. This is why I talked to you directly. Fine my child, as soon as Gulzar’s exam end we will call them at our place. Happy? Yes! Thank you father. Bless you! May God gives you alot of happiness. How many times have I told you to tell the family everything. It doesn’t matter if the girl’s father sells vegetables but we will give everything in dowry. Sister, these days people have high demands. Now what will a girl whose father sells vegetables bring? They directly ask now that would we get fridge, television and bike? We can not give fridge, television and motor bike but we will give all the necessary things in dowry e.g. furniture, clothes, utensils. Who cares about furniture. They talk about fridge, television, motor bike and car. There is one proposal for Gul, sister. If you say then I can talk. I ask you to find for Nargis and you start talking about Gul. Let me first get the elder one married then Gul’s turn will also come. Okay, I will try to bring the family. Later depends on Nargis fate. I shall leave now, sister. Bye! Nargis my child, don’t cry like this. When I see you crying like this, I feel like dying. My heart starts sinking. Enough my child! Mother, I will not get married. I will keep sitting here. Why not? What are you saying? You will get married my child. You will definitely get married. Who will? Who will get married to a disable person like me? Why are you being worried my child? God is there. He will send a very good proposal for you. There must be someone who is made for you. Don’t do anything for me. I am not asking anything. Get her married. It is only me who will not get married. It’s a limit. When I leave home, I see the fights. When I return I see these people crying. Gul, you shut your mouth and go make bread. The curry is ready. I should make bread? Yes! Go Nobody in this house realizes that I was out since morning. I must be tired. “Make bread”. Brother Afaque? Hm? You are a dark horse. Dark horse? Don’t try to be an actor here. Oh! That means father has told you. When I and father used to ask you to get married, you used to make excuses that you don’t want to get married right now and want to go to Canada first. And now? Show me pictures of sister in law. Picture? I don’t have a picture. You don’t have it or you don’t want to show me? Oh! You are too clever. You know everything. Have patience. See Wow! She is so beautiful. Thank God you liked her. Show me more pictures. This one. Wow! What if I make you talk to her? Yes, I want to talk to her. One second. But Gulzar, please don’t make an announcement in neighborhood. Do you think I’m a fool? As if I have already made many announcements. You will not say anything to Gul also. Really? Okay I will not. Make me talk to her. Fine! I am. Hello Zaiba, Gulzar want to talk to you. Yes, talk Greetings sister in law. How are you? Why have you become a problem for me? You call me again and again, send letters by kids of neighborhood. What if father will get these letters? I will be left with no dignity. What else shall I do? I have been requesting you to come and talk to me. You neither pick up my calls nor come on terrace to meet me. You have left meeting me. You only talk for two minutes on call. Don’t you know that I’m having exams these days. Really? Okay now end this anger. Lets meet tomorrow. I don’t have time right now. And you will not call me now until I call you. Gul? Listen to me? O wow! Is there any party? What’s the matter? Have you got engaged? You only talk about proposals. You know that I’m not interested in wedding. I want to become a doctor. Yes, I know that you want to be a doctor. You go to Canada after becoming a doctor to your brother. Have you talked? About what? About what? You forgot right? O that? O no not yet. I forgot to bring another snack. Let me bring it right? Hello? Hello Gulzar? How are you? I’m not Gulzar. I’m Gul speaking. Gulzar’s friend. Um.. I wanted to talk to Gulzar. She is not here. I have her bag and phone with me. When she will come I will ask her to talk to you. Who are you? I’m Zaiba talking. No problem, I will call in some time. Bye Bye! There was so much crowd in canteen. Don’t ask me about it. Take this. Did someone call? Yes, there was some Zaiba. Who is she? She is daughter of father’s friend. Never heard of her. Yes, she hardly comes at our place. You eat it and tell me how is it? Looks just fine. Not very good. Do talk. Yes I will. Don’t forget. Your mother got this jewellery made with so much love but death didn’t give her chance to wear it. These are very beautiful. Your mother choice was amazing. She used to dress beautifully. I took them out of locker so that you can choose few from these for yourself. I will give rest of them to Afaque’s wife. You do one thing, show them to brother Afaque first. Whatever he would like, he will keep. I will take the rest of them. No! It is daughter’s right first. And your mother also said the same. Shall I keep this one? Yes! Also these bangles are yours. Father, will we get brother Afaque married or engaged? He wants to get engaged but I’m thinking to get him married. Zaiba is also going to Canada so there must be someone to take care of him. How lonely would we be. No! I’ll get lonely when you will leave the house after getting married. Not at all. I have to study now and become a doctor. You also say the same. Don’t think about my marriage. Okay I will not think about it. Now keep this all safely. When we will do Afaque’s engagement, we will give something from this to Zaiba. Hello? Hello? Hello? Who is it? Haven’t you recognized me? Gul? See, you recognized me. You are calling me this late. Is everything alright? Yes, everything is fine. I just wanted to talk to you. From where have you got my number? I got it. I haven’t done any sin. Why have you called me? I told you that I wanted to talk to you. Look, this is not relevant. Why not? Because it is too late now and it is not right to call someone this late. I haven’t called any random person. I only called you. You don’t need to call me also. Go and sleep. Good bye! Hello? Hello? Why are you spying on me? I don’t need to spy on you. And this is not right when you talk to boys this late. Who told you that I keep talking to boys? Oh, you keep thinking about your marriage all the time this is why boys are always in your mind. You see them everywhere. I’m not a fool. I understand everything that who calls you. Really? If you understand everything then go and complain from father. Announce it everywhere. My damn care. Get a side. Gulzar? Yes brother? I’m serving breakfast in just two minutes. Leave the breakfast and come here. Yes? Have you given my number to Gul? Your number? Gul? No! Don’t lie. From where else she can get my number? Why would I lie brother? Why would I give her your number? What has happened? She called me late at night. She called you? I didn’t like her calling me. Stop her. Ask her not to call me again. Yes, I will ask her. And stop her bringing to our house every other day. Keep your frindship in limits. Tomorrow, when I will and you keep your friendship like this with her. I’m afraid what if some issue would raise for father. Brother, these isn’t anything like this. Gul is my very old friend. She never gave any chance of complain in the past. She is not bad. This is not our problem if she is a good or bad person. She is a very clever and an immature girl, and you are very simple. Okay now go and get the breakfast. Your brother is having a huge misunderstanding. I only called him by mistake and you’ve started explaining me But Gul, where did you get his number from? What do you mean where did I get the number from? You must have given it to me that’s why it was somehow left in my phone Why would I need to call him in the middle of the night? Don’t you trust me? I do trust me. I even took your side when I discussed this with brother Afar, but….. Leave the if’s and but’s. Your brother has become too proud ever since he got that Canadian visa In fact I’ll just ask him myself Leave it Gul, I will give your justification to him myself What justification? Gul Kifayat Chaudhary doesn’t need to give any justification to anyone Talk quietly, every one is watching Let them watch, I don’t care. Everyone can go to hell. Blaming me for no reason Okay now don’t be upset. I apologize on behalf of brother. Please don’t be so upset Don’t be upset. I had planned to go to your house after school So you can come day after tomorrow. I have to go somewhere today with father Where do you have to go? To the market You’re going to the market a lot these days, everything okay? Just making preparations for brother to go to Canada Okay fine. If you want I can go with you? No. You can come with me the next time. I’ll ask father in advance Oh come on. You do everything after taking his permission. You know you should eat, drink, breathe, live and even die after getting his permission. Anyways I’m going to Nabila’s place, bye But you didn’t tell me before that you’re going to Nabila’s Well now I feel like going there, bye Excuse me Who are you? My name is Adil Please open this when you reach home Look we can not stand here for very long. I don’t care about my humiliation. But I can not bear you being humiliated Please keep it, every one is watching. Excuse me You’re back early from college? Actually, I didn’t have a practical after classes today, that’s why I came back early What has happened to you? Why do you look pale? And you’re sweating too It’s really hot, that’s why. I’ll go and change my clothes Yes Gulzar, I’ve taken out the kababs and rice from last night from the fridge Okay that’s fine Had you informed Zeba’s family that we will visit in the evening? Yes father. They were offering that we should come for lunch but I said there’s no need for that, we will just have tea Gulzar, what’s the matter why aren’t you eating? Are you feeling okay? Yes I’m absolutely fine. What could possible happen to me? Then at least eat something Yes Did you order any sweets to be made? Yes father, we will collect it on the way. I have also arranged a car from a friend That’s good. Eat properly dear My name is Adil. Please open this when you reach home Look we can not stand here for very long. I don’t care about my humiliation. But I can not bear you being humiliated Gulzar? What’s the matter, why aren’t you ready yet? I’m almost ready Hurry up, we are about to leave Yes I’m just coming Brother I should start doing my job. Son, start with the name of God and put this ring on your bride’s finger Come on, do it My son why are you so tense? You’re only getting engaged. There’s still time in the wedding. Congratulations Take this dear, have some sweet Many congratulations brother Same to you, absolutely. God bless this couple Many congratulations. Come here, give some sweets to your sister in law Congratulations Congratulations to you too sister. May they always stay happy in their lives. God bless them Dear beautiful, I don’t know your name which is why I’m calling you beautiful. Because whoever is unaware of your name would call you this I’ve seen you at this college many times, I’ve even seen you going back from college. I’ve even came up to your doorstep I am not a local of this area. But now I feel like leaving my area and settling over here Because I have found the princess of my dreams over here I don’t know if I look like your dream prince or not, but the first time I saw you I was sure that you are who I see in my dreams I’ve sent you my phone number. I want to know your name. I want to meet you. I want to marry you Dear beautiful, I don’t know your name which is why I’m calling you beautiful. Because whoever is unaware of your name would call you this, wow I’ve seen you at this college many times, what? Oh okay, I’ve even seen you going back from college. I’ve even came up to your doorstep I am not a local of this area. But now I feel like leaving my area and settling over here Because I have found the princess of my dreams over here I don’t know if I look like your dream prince or not, but the first time I saw you I was sure that you are who I see in my dreams I’ve sent you my phone number. I want to know your name. I want to meet you. I want to marry you 0302……7. Adil That’s why I don’t understand boys. They all write the same thing. They don’t know how to write a letter I don’t know, this is the first time someone has given me a letter Your dream prince? So tell me, what did he look like? I didn’t look at him properly. He seemed okay Even is name is really ordinary, what was it? Yes, Adil. It’s just ordinary Tell me, did he hold your hand? Not like properly. Just when he was handing me the letter Whatever, he did hold your hand Do you remember what I did with Kashi? If you had a problem you should have thrown this letter back on his face I was so frightened. We were standing on the middle of the street. It would have been hell on earth if brother Afaq or father had come over there Okay now no need to be so frightened. You tell me what do you want? I don’t know, this all is worrying me a lot It’s not something to be so worried about that you’ve left everything and locked yourself at home You haven’t come to college since two days. If I hadn’t come to check on you then I would never have found out about this letter No, I was going to tell you. I was waiting for you to come Okay fine, keep this Keep it? What should I do with it? What happened? It’s just a letter, not a bomb that it would explode. If you don’t want to keep it then just throw it away But no need to be so worried. People send entire proposals, this is just a letter But if a boy has written a letter to you then what is he going to write? Romantic things of course, what else? I’m hungry please give me something to eat But if he comes in my way again in his car then what am I going to do? What? He had a car? Yes!


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