Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 25 | 28th November 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Haven’t you gone to college? No! There are exams going on so I have holidays.
Also, I can’t leave you here. Why? What if someone comes behind me and see you here. There will be a big problem. Nothing will happen.
You are being worried for no reason … Who is there now?
You stay here. I’ll go and check. Now who is there? Gul, it’s my mother in law.
You go inside. Look do not come out from here.
There will be a big problem if she sees you. Greetings! Greetings! You got late in opening the gate.
I thought you might be in college. I was in washroom. We didn’t meet since many days so I thought to come and meet you. I was having papers. I was also thinking to go and meet you and apologize once again. My child nothing hasn’t messed up yet. things can get better if you want. I know that you are a little foolish.
In fact I was telling Jamaal that my daughter can be foolish but she can not do anything wrong. Bring me water Yes! Water Live long my child. I wanted to say thanks to you. For what? You always supported me. You taught me so much.
You never left my side. If your mother was alive, she would have done the same. I try to teach you few things that were left because she died. Whose sound is this? Umm.. No one. I think the sound is coming from the neighborhood. I can hear a child crying. There is someone. No aunt. There is no one inside. Aunt, there is no one. Trust me. Greetings! How are you? What are you doing here? Umm .. Gul is in trouble. She has many problems in her life.
I just want to help her. She has problems in her life. She should deal with it. Do you have less problems in your life that you are solving others problems? Aunt, you listen to me. I … I have done a big mistake by coming here.
A big mistake. Aunt, listen to me once.
Lets sit and talk. Aunt, stop please. You have disappointed me a lot Gulzar. Aunt you sit and listen to me once. There is nothing like that aunt. I was only helping Gul. Enough! Enough Gulzar.
How many times will you lie only to hide her. I’m not telling a lie. Trust me. I can trust you once or twice. How many times do I trust you while you make mistakes? Aunt forgive me please. Jamaal is about to come in few days.
This time I will ask him to take a decision. I don’t think so, you people can spend your lives together. Aunt, forgive me please. Aunt, forgive me. Please aunt! Gulzar, I didn’t want this to happen but your mother in law came. What could have I done? Do you trust me? Have faith in me. I will fix everything. Gul, nothing will be fine in my life because of you. I will try to fix everything. I will. Have faith in me. Whatever wrong has happened in my life till today, it all happened because of you. I wish I wouldn’t have helped you.
Nothing will stay in my life now. Everything is ruined. Don’t cry my sister. Trust me. I will fix everything. I will make it the way it was before. Everything. Who is there at this time. What if it’s your mother in law? She will not come back now and neither will Jamaal. Nothing can happen now. Everything is ruined. Father? What are you doing here? My child, can I come in? Yes, come in. Sit! Is everything fine? My child, Mahjabeen’s brother came to the house. He has destroyed everything. He was asking me about you and threatened to take my life. What did you say? I said that she doesn’t live with us. She lives with Adil. You did the right thing. My child, I and your mother has decided to move from here until this matter gets resolved. Where will you go? We talked to your uncle. He lives in Hyderabad. We both will go there ad stay until the matter is resolved. Where will I go? My child, you will stay here. You are safe here. Father, take me with you. My child, you know your uncle very well.
He has many members of his own family. He agreed for your mother and me after so much difficulty. You don’t worry. We will come back quickly as the matter is resolved. You are safe here. Be careful. Alright? I’ll leave now. Oh! So here she is hiding. Adil this is the last time I’m asking. Tell me honestly where have you hidden Gul? I don’t know where she is right now. I can’t believe it. My child, Adil is telling the truth. If he had known then he would have taken his child back. Really? She took his child, ran away and he has no idea. How is that possible? My child, we ourselves are finding her. Once we will find her we will end her story. You will see. Adil, I’m asking again. Tell me where is Gul? Because if I would find it out from somewhere else then the end result will be really bad. I told him. I told him to take his child from her and end the matter. But he … What kind of problem I have embraced.
Where can she be? Have you seen the result of what you wanted.
Now suffer. For God’s sake father, do not start the court session here. My life has become hell.
I am trapped between Gul and Mahjabeen. Brother, do not mind but I don’t think so this relationship can carry on further. What are you saying sister? Relationships do not end on small issues in descent families. Daughters in a descent family do not lie like this. I didn’t understand. What are you trying to say? Your daughter is still friends with that girl Gul. She is also present in your house with her son. What are you saying sister? I talked to her yesterday. She didn’t mention such thing. Then she lied to you as well. I saw it with my own eyes that she is still there in your house. I think whatever the boys from the neighborhood say about her might also be true to some extent. Anyways leave it. I want you to ask your daughter that why did she do it with my son? Now I will not ask her anything. I would have to find a solution to this problem. Good bye! Bye! Where are these people going with their luggage? They are going with masks on. What else they can do? O God! They say it right. Children are a test. May God not take such test and not give such children to anyone. They have to see this day in an old age because of Gul. By the way, is there any news about Gul? There is no such news but I have heard that her husband has kicked her out of his house. Now she is going door to door. Kafayat was so proud of his rich son in law. These are hobbies of rich people. He must have got bored so he kicked that Gul out of the house. May God not show such day to anyone.
May He not show such day. Yes yes! Kaneez? Come People is neighborhood are talking bad about Gulzar here. They want to ask her to empty the house as well. Your daughter is still friends with that girl Gul.
She is also present in your house with her son. Yes master, what shall I tell you what they are saying about her. This is why I called you to come to Pakistan and take care of her. I think whatever the boys from the neighborhood say about her might also be true to some extent. Anyways leave it. I want you to ask your daughter that why did she do it with my son? Gulzar, you have ruined your father’s reputation in his old age. Who? What is the problem Kashi? I’m here to meet Gul. I know you have hidden Gul here.
I want to meet her. Let me come in. I have to talk to her. What do you think if you wouldn’t open the door, your problem will be solved? I will go from here? Gul isn’t here. You go from here. Tell a lie to someone else. I know it very well that you have hidden Gul here. I’m not telling a lie. I’m telling a truth.
For God’s sake go from here. Fine! I’ll go if you say so but I will go straight to Gul’s husband and tell him that she’s here. Then what will happen? He will come here in the neighborhood and fight. Then you will be defamed. Then you will get a lesson. Fine? What happened? Is everything fine?
Why do you look worried? Is there anyone outside? Another problem. What do you mean? Kashi is standing outside. He is asking to meet you. Kashi? How he came here? What is he saying to you? I don’t know. Someone has told him that you are present here and now he is saying he wouldn’t go without meeting you. Then what do we do? Call him inside. Are you fine? Everyone in the neighborhood knows that I live here alone. If someone sees him going outside then a new problem will rise. There will be more problem if you he keeps standing outside and someone will see him. And you don’t know my in-laws. If they would find out then you will be in bigger trouble. It is me who made a mistake by keeping you here. Whenever you come, you bring a problem with you.
I shouldn’t have kept you in my house. Don’t repeat it again and again if you have done a favor to me. Fine. I’ll go from here if you want.
It doesn’t matter if someone would kill my son. Fine. Call him inside but you will not call him again here. Are you mad? Why would I call him again.
He’s my enemy. What do you think of me? An item? Whenever you want, you use me and whenever you want you leave me. I didn’t leave you and I didn’t use you.
I was helpless. You understand me. Hey, don’t cry in front of me about your helplessness. I know it very well how helpless you were. You used my completely. When your purpose completed you went back to your husband. Look Kashi, try to understand me.
I didn’t do anything purposefully. Hey, I’m not here to listen to your sad stories here. I’m here to talk important. About what? If you want me not to tell your husband and in laws that where you are then give me 0.3 million rupees. 0.3 million rupees? What happened? How is this difficult for you? I’m not asking 0.3 million rupees from you only.
She is also there. She helped you so much. Take her help. Ask her. Get up and get lost quickly. What did you think that you will blackmail us and we will agree to what you will say? Oh, so you want me to tell everyone that you have hidden her here. Go and tell anyone you want. My father and husband are about to come. I will tell them myself. I’m not afraid of anyone. Look, listen to me … You be quiet Gul. There is no need to fear him. Go and tell everyone. I’m not afraid of anyone. Ask your friend also if she is also this much brave.
Ask her Give some time. Really? Okay. But I will not give you much time. I want an answer in two days. Okay! I told you before that if you will lie to me I will not leave you. Tell me where have you hidden Gul and your child? Trust me. I don’t know where Gul is.
I’m finding her myself Don’t tell a lie. I’m certain that you know where Gul is. You have hidden her You said it the other day that you know where she is. Now tell me Why would I hide her. I have searched her everywhere but I couldn’t find her. Fine but if I would find out that you are after hiding her then … Hey! Do remember your end result. Understood? How much I stopped you and how much I explained to you but no Now suffer and also defame your parents Please father, you don’t start. My child, you can make Mahjabeen and her brother fool but not us. At least tell us the truth I have told you both before that I have no contact with Gul. How is this possible? She has your son and you are saying you are not in contact with her. I thought she might be at her friends place.
I went there but she isn’t there. Friend? Which friend? There is a childhood friend of hers, Gulzar. I was certain that she could be there other than her parent’s place. But she wasn’t there. I was saying since day one that she is a clever girl but you were crazily in love with her. There is nothing to say now. Find that girl as soon as possible and take your son back. Otherwise you can see the result If things will stay like this then everything will be ruined. Gul, you have left me of nowhere. Because of you I get into a new trouble every time. Now do your arrangement. I can not help you further. Where can I go? I am in such a hard time.
How can you leave my side. Help me. How much more shall I help you? Because of you that cheap man is asking money from me. Look, arrange some money. We will get rid of him. Have you gone crazy Gul? From where will I bring this huge amount? Do something about money. If I had money then I wouldn’t have asked you. Go back to your husband and ask help from him. This is my advice to you. Give your child to your husband. How will you raise him? Because I will not help you further now, Gul. Enough! Fine! I will do something myself. What shall I do? Give me two or three days more. Everyone used to say right to me that I have done a big mistake I made big mistake by always trusting her blindly and helped her. And she always took advantage of my weakness. You gave my number to Gul? No! Why would I give her your number? Don’t lie.
Who else can give her my number other than you. I’m not telling a lie, brother. Why would I give your number? What happened? She called me late at night. She called you? I didn’t like it the way she called me. Also stop bringing her home every other day. Keep your friendship in limits. Tomorrow when I will leave and this is how you will carry on your friendship then I’m scared some problem can rise for father. Brother, there isn’t anything like this. Gul is my very old friend. She never gave a chance of complain till this day She isn’t bad. It isn’t our problem if she is good or bad. She is very clever and immature and you are very simple. Gulzar, after being betrayed by Gul, you are still in contact with her. She stole jewelry from your house worth millions.
Her family filed a police case against you. I used to consider you a smart girl.
Girls who run away from home aren’t good girls. And friend’s company have great impact on our personalities. Everyone kept explaining me but I never understood. No one is as foolish as I am in this world. What shall I do now? What shall I do? How do I get rid of her? If father and Jamaal will find out then this time they will not forgive me. Who? Are you Mr. Adil’s wife speaking? Yes but who are you? Leave it. I have a secret to tell you related to Gul. But it has a price and for that you have to meet me. Gul? Gul? Gul? She isn’t anywhere. I have searched every where. Then she might have gone to her house. She should have atleast informed before going. There is a wedding going on in this house. What if someone enters the house? You friend is extremely irresponsible. Gulzar, where is the jewellery? Gul? Gul, what have you done? I have a big news which will greatly benefit you. What news? I know where Gul and her son are hiding. Really? Yes! I can also take you to them. Where is Gul? I will tell you the address. But I have a demand. Demand? What kind of demand? You would have to give me money.
Then only I will tell you. You will have to tell the address. Come my child.


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