Gundaraj {HD}- Hindi Full Movie – Ajay Devgan – Kajol – Amrish Puri – Popular 90’s Movie

Save me! No! Save me. Mother, give me
a towel! Coming! Coming! His bath will not be completed without
taking a towel from me! Kid Sissy! Have you ironed
my clothes? Yes, I have done it You are asking as if I wouldn’t
do it without your asking for I am bringing it now! The lover wants
to meet… It is already 9 and its still
showing 4 A.M. Everyday it comes up-to 4 and then
gets stuck up there! Mother, brother has again
poured water on me You are not made
of salt. You melt like it the moment
water is poured on you Come on start. Father, this watch always
sticks to time Once it shows a particular time
it won’t budge from there. Give it to me. But how will you
see the time? I will get it
repaired Or ask some one, everybody
wear watches these days Come, breakfast is
ready. Mother, I won’t take
breakfast. Why? Because I had to reach at 10 o’clock
and its now 4 o’clock 4! Watch has
stopped Till now I don’t know what work
he is doing? He doesn’t have time to have
breakfast also Give me one What will you lose,
you have so many. – No. Give me one. – It. is not for free
Do you have money? If I don’t have money, so what?
Give me one – No What will you lose by
giving one. – It is not for free Ay! You want
the flag child – Yes Yes. Take, our India is better then
rest of the World I know I will find
you here I am fixing the fight
for next week We will get good money
for this fight Here is she. Shut up Hello. He is right What is in right? Your father doesn’t like our
friendship And since he came to know that I
dance in the club… from then… You sing in the club
to run the house You fight to run
the house You have become a Salesman
to run the house You are working
not begging Today I will also sing with
you in the club What’s it mother Nothing my son
go to sleep Mother has tears in her eyes
instead of sleep And the son should
sleep No, mom. Tell me Mother what’s
the matter? Son.. It is the duty of parents to give
comforts to children But, but I have given you
worries and troubles only What are you talking
mother? You have given me birth and father
has educated me I am not a child anymore,
I have grown up That’s why it is my duty to look
after the house Now tell me what’s
the problem? You know father is not
keeping well His health is deteriorating
day by day Now Choti is no more
a child She has grown up She has to be married
This is my worry Is that all mother? For such a small matter you are
shedding priceless tears I have already talked to
the doctor I am taking father for check up
next week As regards Choti Stop worrying about her and search
for a good boy for her Then see, I will get her
married in a grand way Forget the grandeur For a simple marriage 1 or 1-1/2 Lakhs
are needed these days Where will you get so
much money from? I will take advance from
my Company. Or borrow from
friends And if that is also not
sufficient, then? You don’t worry about
that mother Even a poor man is a richer
these days Because he has a
priceless body Mother, if I sell one of my kidney’s
Choti will get married The mother who has given me such
a strong body Can’t I give one Kidney from
that body? I won’t die mother My son.. Tell me, What’s the new
problem today? We people have only one problem
in our lives Bread. For that money
is required And I need lot
of money Lot of money! I will give you
an idea There is a bank on the corner
rob it You want me to put my family
in a fix And go to Jail Friend, I do want money
but honest money I have to buy rations
for the house. Pay Choti’s fees, pay
Milk bill All right I will fix your fight for
tonight itself Ajay Chauhan change
your dress What are you doing? You! What are you
doing here? Waiting for you Why didn’t you meet me for
the last 2 days Pooja I have to go out for
some important… You can go At least talk to me sweetly
for sometime I have told you many
times that Talks don’t fill the
stomach For that you have to
work, work And I have told you
many times that Life is not meant only
for work Loving a little is also
very important Yes, you are correct But if I don’t work, how will
I earn money Ajay, Don’t worry about
money You know very well that – Giving you 1 or 2 lakhs is not
at all difficult for me But taking money from you is very
difficult for me I want to feed my family with my
hand earned money Not by the gift
of someone… Are you angry? No Then tell me when will
you meet me? You are coming to see my fight
this evening? How can I miss it? Then we will meet
there itself What are you doing? What are you doing? All the money
will be lost Get up hit him
hit him Hit him. Hit him! Hit him! Wow!
– Beat him hardly! Mother haven’t you
slept yet Have I ever slept till
you come home? Why are you so late?
Come There was lot of work today that’s
why I had to do overtime Don’t work so hard.
It’s 2 o’clock in the night Again seven in the morning,
you will leave for work. Like this you will spoil
your health son I have to complete the orders
of the Company Enough of talks,
come and eat What’s wrong with her?
Why is she angry? You met father and
talk to mother also Did you bother about your
younger sister at all? Don’t fight He must be tired after days
hard work Let him eat food and sleep. I will serve food to brother
today, come brother Here. Why are you looking?
Eat brother I will eat, you go
and sleep Don’t worry about me
brother I am not feeling sleepy
at all Come on, hurry up! What happened brother? Nothing Show me
Show me Nothing has happened
– Show me I told you nothing
has happened. – Show me. I am telling you
show me Brother how did the hand get
cut so badly? It is a small hurt, it will
become alright I know you, are not working
in any company But you are working in
such a place Where you have to spill
your blood How much more you are going to
suffer for this house, brother? Not for this alone. But I am doing all this because I
have to send you out of this house I have to send you to
some place Where you will be
happy No brother That happiness that comfort is not
acceptable to me Which will be generated
by your pain Ay Choti, are you
crying? I can’t do anything else
for your brother Let me at-least shed
tears Here eat it Brother you will have to make one
promise today For any amount of pain and any
amount of trouble Only I will cry
not you Here. Mother What is it? Come here. – At least tell me.
– Come here. What is it?
Tell me. – Sit. Tell me. – What is the date
today? Date, 13 And month? July, Why? Mother, I forgot but you
should remember That its 13th July, it means
your birthday Oh yes today is
mother’s birthday Shut up You don’t remember anything and
start singing Give me the
sugar bowl Here. Here take it mother, take
this sweet Enough, Enough, Enough You have given me the sweets now
you also take this sweet Why, Why? Because the company where you
wanted to work Has sent you the
interview letter They have called you
tomorrow Tomorrow itself That means I will have to leave
by this evening’s train Yes, you will have to go by the
evening train Little one!
– What’s it? Keep two sets of clothes
in the bag I will send Gopal, send them
through him You will always ask me to
do something! Why should I do
your work? Alright, what are you going to
bring for me from there? If I get the
job there I will bring anything from there,
that you may ask for Tell me what do
you want? You told me that you want to send
me out from this house I won’t go so
easily Get me a nice
wedding dress And heena packets
and lot of bangles Mother, I will wear bangles in
both the hands And I will sing
this song I have nine bangles
in my hands I have nine bangles
in my hands Keep quiet, shameless
girl Don’t you feel ashamed to talk
about your own marriage Hurry up, son otherwise you will
get late, and listen There is a famous goddess
temple there Before going to the interview make
an offerings to the Goddess What are these scratches on
your face Were you involved in
a brawl? No sir, I had met with a
small accident Sir here are my certificates
and my degree That’s alright, but Whose recommendation do
you have? Recommendation? Yes recommendation Sir, I have nobody’s recommendation
with me Okay, how much money do
you have? Pardon? – I am a straight
forward man I don’t beat about
the bush By giving you the job, what will
be my benefit? After sitting on
this chair You will also earn
lakhs in future Sir my income will be
only my pay You’ll get pay only after I give
you the job You have neither recommendation
nor money and you Doesn’t matter Have you any sister
at home Rascal if 10 unemployed youth
were not sitting outside You’ll be giving a job to
one of them I would’ve taught you
a lesson just now You might have got this job by
pimping for your sister But we poor people spit
on such a chair Got it? Listen, come and join
tomorrow Don’t be surprised I was only testing you I said some mean
things This recommendation
this bribe Is a very significant
thing For getting such jobs people pimp
for their sisters I am happy to select a correct and
honest person Do go to the temple
of goddess Thanks a million
on Goddess That you got me
this job Mother had told me to visit you
before going for the interview But I had forgotten I have brought this
coconut for you Catch him, catch him
he is the same catch him See that he doesn’t escape
catch him What did that
woman say? Hey! What are you
doing? I haven’t done anything, I don’t
know anything sir Do you recognize
this place Sir, which place are you talking
about. I don’t know anything No sir Try to recognise her. I have told you that
I don’t know anything You are trying to involve me
by force Leave me. You hit a policeman. You want
to run. Tell me who is this
tell me? I have told you so many times
that I don’t know anything I know that you know everything
– No You have 2 more associates
Tell me their names I don’t know anything.
Leave me You know everything Leave me! You don’t want to say I don’t know! Tell me, you scoundrel.
– No! Take him away Yes, What’s the matter? We want to get this
man identified This is very important
for us But as a doctor it is very
important for me To save the life of
my patients Have a look at all the three girls. That girl is in coma The second one is fighting
for her life And this one She is not in a fit condition to
answer your questions Doctor I don’t want to ask
any questions I want to show them
his face Doctor please try
to understand We have to produce in the
court by tomorrow Miss. Sheetal, look at this
boy and tell me Whether he is the same
boy who raped you Look at him, recognize him
don’t be scared Tell us, Sheetal open
your eyes No! No! Please, you go out
please Just, once doctor What else do you want
to know? The girl who started trembling
after his face And started crying! What conclusion do you
come to by it? No doctor, I am
innocent Please, sister look at me And try to
recognize me Tell them I am absolutely
innocent Enough, Enough Nothing more is necessary
take him away No doctor, I am not that person.
I am innocent believe me. Give me a chance to talk
to that girl I will prove that
I am innocent Please Inspector.
– Take him away. Shut up!
– Inspector! Please Inspector, give me one chance. Let me talk to that girl, once! What Mr. Teacher, did you
come to know Ajay is in which jail and when is
he getting released Such a person should be shot dead
before everyone What’s need to find out about
such a son He has put his father to
damn shame You are right
uncle Dheenu If it was my son I would have
strangled him Come doctor.
Come inside Has my son come? Parvati, I have brought
the doctor I don’t need the doctor
I need my son You, go to the police station and
find out about him He won’t be released soon
he is gone for a long time He won’t come
out soon Choti, go and close that
door also – Yes Doctor… To tell you the truth, I feel sorry
for him also He has ruined the life of 3
innocent girls Justice demands that he should
be punished – Yes But look at his
courage Having a grown
up sister. He should have been ashamed to do
such a treacherous deed Yes, yes he should feel
ashamed off Come Rascal, in front of girls college
you are acting as a gangster Go inside What are you looking at
what are you looking at? Are you looking
at me? Take him away Don’t you know how to talk
to a person? Is it the way to talk to dignified
and decent people Good you have come I am a school
teacher It is my duty to impart good
education to children And the crime that you are
accusing on my son Is baseless and false Scoundrel.. You are selling
your daughter And you are talking about
imparting good education Look, don’t ridicule
us like this We know our Ajay
very well Yes, I know, 10 gallons of liquor
was found in your room What? Listen, if he doesn’t present himself
here by tomorrow morning I will treat you
so badly That you will be ashamed to show
your face in the neighborhood Inspector, leave my
family I will release them after the
court’s verdict My lord on the
evening of 13th In the hall of Chetna
College 3 innocent girls were
brutally raped That rape was not committed by
any one else But by this boy and his
2 associates And to prove this, my first witness
is Inspector Vijay Sharma Inspector Vijay. When you took
the accused to the hospital. What happened there? Sir, Victim of rape
Sheetal Dogra After seeing the accused started
screaming madly After seeing him she
got so scared That she started crying
and shouting Mr. Judge she couldn’t
recognize me And she didn’t say that
I am that boy Okay! She didn’t
say that But after seeing you that girl
started crying madly isn’t that true? Yes Now my second witness
is Mr. Jaitly The day when that happened
were you there? Yes I am the Correspondent Officer
of that college And I have to go there often to
attend to my work On that day also I was
present there Can you say it with
confidence That the rapist of 3 girls
of your college Was none other than
this boy Certainly! When this boy and his 2 associates
were running away after raping Then I saw him from
close quarters It is a lie, it’s a lie Mr. Judge
He is telling a lie You will be given the chance
to prove your innocence My lord, I want to
produce my last And important witness Principal of Chetna College
Mrs. Prathibha Jaitly Will you tell the court as to
what happened that day Mr. Judge 3 of my students were rehearsing
a drama in the hall Suddenly, I heard someone
shrieking Save me! Save me! Save me! Everyone is lying! Mr. Ajay, this lady shouted after
seeing you in the temple Because of that you
were arrested Did you see this woman ever before?
– No, Mr. Judge Does she harbor any personal
animus against you? No, No sir Then why is she calling out your
name repeatedly I will appeal to
the court To award maximum punishment
to the accused So that no one else does such
an abominable act In the light of witness
and the evidences lt. is proved that The accused Ajay and his 2
associates have committed rape The serious crime that the
accused has committed The minimum punishment should
be, “hang to death” Mr. Judge I am absolutely
innocent But the constraints of law
has made me helpless That’s why under
I.P.C. 376 I award him 7 years of rigorous
imprisonment No Oh lord, give me
the boon I shouldn’t budge from
good deeds I should not be afraid of
enemies and Fight them 100 times And resolve to win
definitely Close the door Sir, Are your intentions
good? If my intentions were bad then
I would’ve locked the door Look you know, I am an
strict editor Because my boss
is Mr. Time. We must be on
time Do you know that you are going
to lose your job What?
– Sit down, look You know Bombay Times
is in the red. There are losses
all around That’s why 100 people are listed
to be dismissed. Your name is there in
that list In the beginning or
in the end Oh it doesn’t make any difference
if it is in the middle Listen, you are a good
reporter And I like the style of
your working That’s why I will talk to M.D. on
phone and recommend you Here take this and talk
immediately No, No, No the time has not
yet been fixed When will you phone? After
I lose the job I can recommend you to
M.D. only. When you bring some
sensational news Bring such a news that will
create a sensation Sir, will there be bomb
blast everyday? Will a VIP die everyday? Oh! I will help you
this time Here it is. This is the file of
that boy Who had been sentenced to
7 years for rape But because of good conduct he is
being released earlier Have a look His face is like
a rapist Court also felt
the same But the boy, till the end, said
that he is innocent According to reports, rape was
committed by 3 people But the boy didn’t tell the name
of his 2 associates After coming out
this boy Will try to meet
his associates Or they will try to
meet him If you find out those
2 boys and prove That they were the other
rapists Then I feel it could be a
very big news Yes sir, it can be But suppose if we proceed
on the assumption That this boy is
really innocent Then my entire labour
will be futile If this boy was
innocent He will surely try to search
for the actual person. If this boy wasn’t
innocent Then those 2 will definitely
come to meet him That’s why if we keep an eye
on this boy We can know about the
real culprits What are you
thinking? No sir I was thinking
that A day will come when some
boy will chase me The demands of this service has
reversed the process Now I will have to chase
this boy You’ll have to. It’s a
question of livelihood Sir, I will do it You may go now
bread… Rosy Ajay! You are being
released today Nothing has changed in the
outside world The world is the same as you had
seen it 4 years ago But these 4 years has
changed me Mr. Jailor Another suffix has been
added to my name Criminal Even then, I wouldn’t like
to meet you again At least never in
this jail Don’t worry
Mr. Jailor I won’t come to this
jail again At least never as an
innocent person Ganesh, this skirt won’t be
even 112 meter No pal, it will definitely be
112 meter What are you talking?
Bet 50 Rs. 501 Okay! Done Please don’t get angry I will have
to measure your skirt It is not necessary Hey! Run! Ay you! You are behaving
as a hero You want to measure the skirts of
girls going on the road I will tell both of you the
measurement of law Catch him. Take them to the
Police station Nice thing happened to them! Go inside. Go inside – Go Hey! Hey! Stop! What’s your name? Where are you going? Own house. Where is your house? Jawahar Nagar is
my area I haven’t seen you ever
this side before Sir, I am going home
after 4 years Why? Where were you
for 4 years? I was in a jail What? I couldn’t hear?
What did you say? I told you I was
in a jail For what crime did
you go to the jail? What am I asking? For what crime did you
go to the jail? In a rape case! I see! Rape! You did a great thing! I hate criminals! Particularly those who molest
innocent girls You stay in my area that’s why
I am advising you Keep away from me If you are caught for
any crime I will break your
hands and legs Go! Didn’t hear? Get out
from here Brother, brother, brother
you have come brother! You are alright. How are
you brother? Get back Choti How dare you enter
this house? Father. – Dare you call me
father! The relationship between us
is finished You are dead for us and we are
dead for you, understand What are you
talking? Son has returned after 4 years
and you… He hasn’t won any war for
the Country For which I should
welcome him He has put a black mark on
the entire family! Look… Look at her! Because of you she can’t even
step out of the house! They tease her, they see her
with bad intentions! Go! Go away from here! After a great difficulty our
wounds have healed! Don’t scratch it
a fresh again! Don’t scratch it! Go! Hey! Brother, why don’t you walk on
one side of the road? Don’t know, what people will be
dreaming in broad day light? Hey! Brother!
Who are you? Hey! What do you want? Here, my… I mean Mr. Chowhan
used to live here Who is this
Mr. Chowhan? He… He? Oh! I see! Are you asking
about that school teacher? Yes, madam! I am asking
about him only! Where is he? It is 4 yrs since
he has died Here… here only… he hanged
himself to death! No!! And his wife and
daughter? There people have ill-treated
with those poor things! How could they pay the
rent of the house? The house owner threw them
out of the house! For few days they lived here
on the streets And then one day a drunkard
tried to molest the girl After that never knew their whereabouts
of the mother and the daughter But you didn’t tell me Why were you asking
about them? I am Mr. Chowhan’s son! Okay… Okay… So that
was you! For whom the whole family split
and got separated If you were so thirsty you could have
quenched your thirst in the harlot What was the necessity to
rape innocent girls? Get away from here! Look my child! What has your father
brought for you? When will you… When will you awake
from this deep sleep, my child? When will you talk with
your father? Your criminal has come out
of the jail! The sentence he got for the crime
is very less! I promise you. Till he is alive on
this earth I will punish him every moment
of his life for his crime! So, you have come! Come, I will show you
the product Come on. Open season! Who? I will kill you even if
you squeak He should be somewhere
here only Certainly, but it isn’t so easy
to find him here Even in broad daylight, it is difficult
to search here in this slum How can we find him
in night? I think, we must go
from here! Where did he
vanish? Sir, why do these dogs always
bark on the policemen? You are standing in front of it
why don’t you ask it? Alright! Come… Come let’s go! Forgive me! I never intended
to kill you But the police were
after me Mother! Dear, why did you leave me and go away? I have tired after crying
continuously my son! Where were you? Come on
tell me? Mother, don’t mistake
me! I never did anything
wrong I was innocent then, I am
innocent even now! Mother! I swear on you, I never
did anything wrong My son, I know it that my progeny
wouldn’t commit such heinous crime Mother, that day after the interview
I went to the temple To pay the respects to the
mother Goddess! There… Enough… Enough my
son! I can understand everything no need
for you to explain it You went to the temple to
pray Mother Goddess And Mother Goddess has
chosen you… To punish those who don’t
consider woman as woman And perpetuate atrocities oppress and
molest the chastity of woman Your father couldn’t bear the
taunts of the society! And how could he
bear it? The son who was his life and
who was his pride. About whom the society talked
so badly. He committed suicide! Do you know why
I am living? One day you’ll
return home And punish those demons who were
responsible for our family’s ruin In the name of
your father! In the name of
your mother! And the black mark
on yourself! I promise you mother Let the persons, who
have ruined us Hide anywhere in
the world I will search them and
punish them I will prove myself innocent in
front of the society and the world Hereafter I will see your face on
that only when… Stop, mom. Mother where is
Choti? Choti, I will tell
about her Doctor my sister is
here choti Choti? Which Choti? Roopa Chauhan is
her name Roopa? Roopa is your sister?
But her brother… Yes doctor, It is not me but Ajay
is Roopa’s brother He wasn’t here for
4 years That’s why I took over the duties
of her brother When did you come?
– Yesterday. How are you?
– What happened to Chhoti? Ajay come and see
yourself, come Do you know I am going to
get married I have distributed my
wedding cards to everyone I forgot to give you
people only Don’t forget, do come
you will come, isn’t it You take it you take it
and you also take it You must come It will
be great fun My brother is going to get me
married in a grand way Do you know he has gone
to town He will bring wedding
dress for me He will bring henna packet
and many bangles I will wear all the bangles
and sing ‘I have nine pairs of
bangles in my hand.’ Why are you crying?
I got it. It seems your sister is also
going to get married I know brothers cry a lot in their
sister’s marriage My brother also used to say I will
cry a lot in your marriage Take my wedding card Listen you’ll have
to come If my brother cries don’t
let him cry Choti… Choti… I Don’t touch me only my brother
can touch, why did you touch me? Roopa, Roopa what are you
doing here? I was distributing my
wedding cards Roopa, nobody distributes her own
wedding cards Give them to me, I will
distribute them You come, It is time for you to
take your medicine Come and take
your medicine Oh yes, I had forgotten
Come, Come. What all has happened in
4 years Father died. Mother is living
in a hut and Choti Choti has gone to
Lunatic asylum After seeing all this I don’t
have the courage to meet Pooja Don’t think about
Pooja Because even if you wish you
can’t meet her Yes Ajay, Pooja
is dead What? After you went to jail. Her daddy wanted to get her
married to someone else forcibly And you know how much
Pooja loved you She killed herself Pig, You lost my goods
worth 2 crores Who was that inspector who
dared to intimidate Who was he? Who are you? You don’t look such
an idiot One of your man in the hospital
before dying Don’t worry. He has only told the address
of this place Not your name You are very lucky
you have escaped Otherwise instead of
coming here. I would have called you
to the Police station And how I deal with criminals
in the Police station Ask some criminal
about it Mr. Inspector Perhaps you have
mistaken I am not a criminal but
a businessman I do import and export Business! You said
it correctly You buy and sell
death But remember one
thing Don’t brow, beat me
Inspector Perhaps you don’t
know To whom you are
talking to I know very well Your entire family Your mother was a dancing girl
in prostitutes quarters And your father was the famous
pimp of that area Truth tasted bitter
isn’t it? It is not good for a person to
tell so much of truth That to make him mum his
breathing has to be stopped This slap was meant for not spoiling
the crease of my uniform And remember Close this export import business
as soon as possible Because I don’t grant much time to
live to the traders of death He will die This rascal will die
with my own hands You can’t cheat me
like this You only got that boy released
that boy a day earlier I reached there
exactly at 9 But being a Sunday he was
released a day earlier Now you tell me
What’s my fault in it? You only tell me Where will I look for that loafer in
such a big city Just once, just once make
him meet me My job hinges
on it In his article I will mention
about you also Oh! He is the
same person Wonderful. you did
a miracle I will offer my prayers
Later on Let me consolidate
my job first I have never lifted so much of
weight in my entire life before. My back is aching No, No, No don’t ask me to bring
any more files I am not asking you to bring
more files From all the paper here rape case
articles are missing It seems some one else is also
interested in your life I am very hungry, let’s eat
first and with that The door is open Did I leave without locking
it by mistake? You had locked it in
front of me That means thief has robbed
the thief… Why are you scared.
Let’s go inside What a wonderful smell You people came 10 minutes
earlier Otherwise I would have made
the sweet dish also Who are you? My name is Ritu My name is Gopal You have made all this food
for both of us, isn’t it? This food is not for you both
only, but three of us! You have put up these
cuttings here? Yes, I thought they will be
useful to you But we’ll talk afterwards
first let’s eat Yes, come on. Who are you? Your friend seems to be in
excessive romantic mood Aye Mister leave my
hand and talk One complaint from me will toss
you in jail for 4 years I am a press reporter
understand No, No sister don’t commit
that blunder You seem to be a
good girl That I am. That’s why I came
here to help him But he catches
the hand May I know as why you want
to help me Because I know you are innocent
and you were framed That’s why I want
to help you I don’t need anybody’s
help This is my own war and I
will fight it myself I know, this is your war and you
want to fight it out alone But somebody wants to join you
in this war There is no harm
in it Madam, I am a reporter from
Bombay Times And these two are my
associates Please sit down. What can I do for you? 4 years ago 3 girls were
raped in your College We want to know
about it Yes rape was committed But I
wasn’t the Principal at that time Mrs. Jaitley was Her husband Mr. Jaitley is the
correspondent of this College He is not now Can you give his
address? 4 years ago Mr. and Mrs Jaitly died
in a car accident But you can give the address of
those 3 girls Who were raped Yes, one of them committed
suicide 2nd one is the daughter of the
Inspector, who is still in Coma Yes, you can get
Sheetal’s address Ram Singh! Take them to
Mr. Sharma Give them the address of
Sheetal Dogra if it can be found Yes, madam You go. No! Brother save me Tell me. Greetings! Madam My company manufactures many
things. They are quite cheap Like Pickles, jam etc Sorry, I don’t
need anything At least see them
Sheetal! How did you know
my name? Who are you? Shall I tell you here or
shall we go inside Come inside. Now, tell me who are you and why
have you come here? I am a Press Reporter and I have
come to tell you this That the boy who went to jail
because of you He has been released Because of you his whole
life is ruined His father had committed
suicide His sister is in lunatic
asylum And you You got married
happily Didn’t your conscience
ask you even once That because of you an innocent
boy was declared a criminal But, but what can
I do? At least you can remove the
blemish from his life By your declaration that he
didn’t rape you He can lead a respectable
life My husband knows nothing
about it When he comes to know then what
will happen to me? What’ll happen to my name
my family Nothing will be gained by
shedding tears madam You will have to come with me to
give the statement This is my card. Reach 10 o’clock sharp You must come
tomorrow Otherwise in the day after
tomorrow’s edition I will have to publish the story
once again With the photographs The convict who underwent
4 years of imprisonment Was he guilty or not innocent
It’s a good headline Article is also good But I will not publish it in
the paper Why? – Because you have written
a fictitious story And only you believe in its
authenticity Whatever I feel is
the truth You please publish this
news once Truth or falsehood will come
to the surface You think this is a
filtration plant? Look.. You had given me
this case And when I have reached to
the core of this case You are not prepared to
publish my story Sir, you’ll have to publish
this news, otherwise Otherwise what’ll
you do? “SUN TIMES” people are prepared to
publish my article That means you’ll get the article
published in my rivals paper I am helpless Are you working
for me or Listen sir. Don’t waste your
and my time Tell me clearly, are you going to
publish my article or not? You have probably come
to meet Ritu But she isn’t in
the house I have come to
meet you Me Yes, my name is
Sheetal The first time I saw you
was in the hospital The police had brought you
for the identification So, it was you, who had
recognized me You are mistaking
me That day, even the police
mistook me I wanted to tell,
that it was not you That night… that night was
like a nightmare for me I started screaming out
of fear And the police thought that
you were the criminal Approximately after 5 days
I regained full consciousness. And I told my father
the entire truth My father had fixed
my marriage. One day I even went to
meet the Principal About whom are
you talking? Madam, the boy whom you
have recognized He is not among
them. If you really want to
recognize them I will tell you about
them I am prohibited to speak because
of my father But you have taken the courage
of speaking But, the boy whom you have
recognized. Sheetal, I know it What? Yes, because a mother and a father
were helpless to recognize anybody Still I was not even able
to decide That the destiny had brought that
boy to stand in front of me And I told that it
was him Because like the way you were
helpless because of your father. Similarly, even I was helpless
because of my daughter Those rascals had taken out my
daughter’s video cassette Sheetal, your marriage is going
to take place But my daughter’s marriage has
already taken place Had I not done
like that They would have ruined my
daughter’s happy life Brother, I want that the blemish
of your disgrace gets washed off. But I can’t help you
in this Just think what will happen
to my respect, my family Today, that reporter Ritu has
recognized me She has come to know about
the truth She told me. That tomorrow, in front of the judge
if I don’t state your innocence. Then, she would publish my entire
story again in her newspaper She is my daughter. My husband’s
heartbeat. And the mark of
that rape. Whom he thinks as his own
child and loves her a lot. And, When he comes to know
that he is not her father. What will he undergo, what will
happen to this child’s future? Brother, I have this little bit
which I can give. Only you can save me from
this disgrace. Otherwise, I have no other resort
other than to die Sister, don’t cry. You called me, “Brother”
Isn’t it Then, you are like
my Sister. I have lost one sister
of mine. I don’t want to lose
the second one Your father did the right thing
by making you speechless. Because, the truth had really lost
its value You go home, and forget
everything Even, Ritu will forget
everything Whatever you have done for me
I can’t repay it back. But yes, I can definitely tell you
everything about those criminals. I know everything
about them The honor, love which you all
have given to me. For that, I am grateful to all
the Mother’s, Sisters and brothers And I want to tell it
to everyone. I want to wake up the consciousness
which is asleep. I want to introduce you to
your own-selves “The Year of Woman” It came and
went off What happened? Where is the
woman? She is at the same place, where she was. This was just a trick of the
Government and the Politicians To lure the innocent mother’s and
sisters and acquire their votes I don’t say that the Govt. doesn’t
think about women. It does think. But it doesn’t implement
on it Look at this. The incident which took place
4 years back. This snake had stinged the respect
of 3 innocent girls He came out of the Jail after
undergoing 4 years of imprisonment Now, I want to ask the mother’s
and the sisters. That after undergoing 4 years
of punishment Will this snake stop
stinging? No. He and so many others like him
are present in our Country. And who are stinging the respect
of our Sisters We’ll have to
finish them The father of our Nation
had told. I will consider this Country’s freedom
only on that day. When this Country’s woman at
midnight by 12 o’clock. Will be able to move out of
her house Here, the men are itself
not secured Over here, the Minister’s in the day
have to go out with 5 Commando’s. In a bullet proof car, which is
really shameful Who themselves are
not secured. What will they protect
the women? I don’t want such coward’s, gangsters
and capitalists to be besides me I only want my mother’s and
sister’s to be besides me I want to tell the whole world.. ..that the women of this country
can make or break the government. In our country there are 7 women to 1 man. Hence, I want to fight this war with your love and blessings. I am sure that I will surely win this battle. Cheers for Baba Raj Bahadur Singh. Cheers for Baba Raj Bahadur Singh. Cheers for Baba Raj Bahadur Singh. Cheers for Baba Raj Bahadur Singh. Cheers for Baba Raj Bahadur Singh. The car has left. The car has left. Get away. No, No, No, who ever had
attacked on me. His aim was
very bad And moreover my life is not
so cheap. That any Tom Dick and Harry
can snatch it. Brother, I am absolutely
fine No, No, you don’t worry
Thank you But Mr. Baba, you shouldn’t
be that careless Come Inspector sir, come, did
you come to know anything? Nothing, as of now I have come to ask you
something Ask. The one who had attacked
on you. I mean are you suspicious
about somebody? Have you got any personal or
political enmity? I have no enemy Mr. Baba, regarding this only that
man can confidentially speak. Who knows, who his
enemy is? But, I honestly have
no enemy. Mr. Baba, right now you have
no enemy. But, just have a glance on your
past life. May be you have some old enemy,
just remember Mr. Inspector, what should
I remember? I am a Social Worker. My life is an
open book I know about my life only that
much which people know. There is nothing secret
about me These are very beautiful
flowers. Yes, these flowers are sent
by those people. Who love my life
a lot But, there is also one person who
hates your life This time his aim got missed
but next time. I mean, be careful about
yourself. And try thinking about your
past life If you remember anything, then
remember me Wow! Wow! Wow! Mr. Baba, I suppose the one who
has sent you this garden. Loves you the
most Come, come. Today, I have full faith that
I can’t lose in the elections Saw, how much people are worried
for me? How much they take
care of me? This is the proof
of that Sir, your telephone “Among all the nations, India is the best.” “Among all the nations, India is the best.” Baba, Good that the bullet
didn’t hit Had it been hit, I would
have… No, No, I am absolutely fine, hail
and healthy like before But Baba, how did this
happen? I was coming back from the
Public meeting. That suddenly an old man, stood
in front of the car. And that bloody started firing
bullet’s heavily. It was my good luck that
I got saved. If we come to know, that
who he was? We’ll bloody cut him
into pieces No, that is what I didn’t come
to know Baba, what do you think, who
it could be? Along with the flowers, he has
sent this This bastard, Baba
I will leave. I will kill him to death, Wherever
he would be in the city Sit down friend, at-least listen to me
sit down, listen to me carefully Look, I am sure that he is not
the one who attacked on me He has sent this newspaper
what does it mean? I say, he is
the one It is not him This is the trick played by
the one who attacked So that our suspicion goes
on him And the attacker heaves a
sigh of relief And, how can he
do this? One, he doesn’t know as to who
has done the rape? And secondly – He doesn’t have that much courage
even to attack on me And openly challenge me by
sending this cutting And what was he 4
years ago Just an ordinary
boy And above all is, that the one who had
attacked on me was an old person Even his eyesight
was weak Not a single bullet did hit on
the target Then, who can send you this
newspaper? And, there is also an article published
after 4 years regarding that boy Deka, don’t take much of tension
Leave it on me Baba, I will manage everything
you don’t worry Are you happy, did Baba die,
have you taken your revenge? I was thinking, that I
am with a very courageous person Who’ll put an end,
with just one bullet But you,
your condition became horrible Not a single bullet hit the aim I would have had a better aim than you If I wanted to kill him The bullet wouldn’t
have hit him nearby It would have hit
him straight on his head But before he dies,
he should come to know That, who is killing him,
and why is he getting killed? It doesn’t sound good,
when you talk about guns and bullets Your work is only to write,
you just write, that’s it Why, do you think writing
to be an ordinary thing? Brother, you have no
estimation about its strength Even big-big guns are
useless in front of this On one-side is this,
and on the other is the gun Sister, here is your gun,
and this is its bullet Done. Brother why are you sweating so much? No, actually, I can’t see all this But sister, today you had made the full program of sending me up to the God Your blame is right But at-least, we came to know That the real criminal
is somewhere around us Alright sister,
It is late night now you sleep Today, I will not get sleep Why? The way grandma’s
house is made into pieces They’ll definitely come in my dreams Look, whatever had to happen happened Now thinking about it,
why do you want to spoil your health? Leaving the grandma’s house,
think about someone else You’ll get good sleep,
and sweet dreams too What work do you have,
why did you call me here? Just like that It is been many days that I saw you That’s why, I wanted to see you Tell me, What will you drink? Nothing, What’s the work? I have heard, that tomorrow you
are going to Nepal with your husband Go, definitely go,
the weather over there is very good At the same time one of my
works will also get accomplished Darling, this is a small packet,
which you’ll have to take it with you This time,
I will not be able to do this It is nothing much,
It is just 2 Kgs of drugs And moreover you know That I can produce 200 video cassette
of yours in the market in just 1 hour After all, till when would
you keep black mailing me? I am not… I am the wife of a judge Darling, That’s why I
am assigning this work to you If you go with judge sir,
nobody will suspect you Neither will anybody check you take it No. Look, the insult will
not only be of yours Along with you all your family members
and household will get insulted Take it Listen, can I help you? It would be good, if you help me God will bless you Carry it carefully,
you shouldn’t get hurt Carry it, good, carry it carefully… Climb carefully, you may fall,
catch it catch it carefully, good… Pull it, pull it, pull… Today, I wouldn’t have placed it,
had you not been there, pull… Don’t beat me. I have to go home,
I say let me go home For god sake, leave me,
leave me I have to go home… I have to go home,
leave me I have to go home Leave me Leave me, Leave me I have to go home, I have to go home What harm have I done to you people,
leave me… Remove Julie, it is late, I will go home Okay, bye. Save me, Save me Leave me, Leave me Leave me, is there anyone.
Save me, save me… You want to say,
that I am a strong donkey, isn’t it You yourself want
to be called a donkey – I want to say,
that you are my strongest brother I am understanding,
I am understanding everything Your bed is spread,
now quietly go to sleep Wow! What a bed, What a house? Ajay, don’t you feel that I am
the most fortunate girl in this world Who everyday stays in a new house You know,
that we can’t stay at one place Right now,
this place is safe go to sleep Friend, I am not getting
sleep let us talk What do you want to talk? Do you know what this is? Auspicious thread And do you know, where is it worn? Alright leave,
let’s talk something interesting Tell me, have you
kissed on any girls lips? Ritu, Stop talking and please sleep As you wish Deka, peacefully sit at one place Till I am there, nobody can kill you Monia, stop joking.. heart says that there
is going to be some great trouble Deka, both the liquor
and woman weakens a person Deka, What’s the matter any problem? Baba, My three men have got killed Have you got doubts on anyone? This work is possible
only by two people – One, that Rajan Gang
and the second that boy Ajay I came to know that last
night he was present in my disco That’s why,
you keep a vigil on Rajan gang And I will see Ajay A good politician,
whether he knows anything or not But, he should definitely know
how to turn the defeat into victory The murders that had been committed
in the shalimar basement building – The man behind it, is the criminal Ajay, who has been released from the jail Who is speaking? Me, just think I am a responsible
Citizen of this Country speaking Look, you don’t have to get scared If anybody tries to
look at you with anger Then, I will snatch his eyes Come, don’t get scared, I am with you You just have to recognize
who that person is Just remember,
the one who has saved your life He is a murderer and
a criminal in the eyes of law Watch How do you look at a girl? Look at him properly He has also raped 3 innocent girls Is it nobody from among them? No You have been called to the
police station for the third time The police has produced all of them in
front of you on whom they have doubts And you say,
nobody is a murderer among them If genuinely,
there is no murderer among them Should I simply recognize anybody? That murderer is not present here,
or you are pretending to recognize him Whatever you think That night,
who saved my respect he was god to me Tell me, Inspector sir, What’s
the matter today how come over here? Have you come for some donation? Do you recognize anyone from them? Who are they? They are those people, who got murdered the last night in the car park Among these, from one’s pocket,
the card of your club was found The people who come to my
club are booked with these cards You think yourself to be very clever Should I tell you one thing Clever people like you Commit some or the other small mistake Which becomes a very
big mistake for the law Inspector sir,
I am no stranger from your law I have a very old association with it Till now, I have been arrested 4 times And every-time in the crime of murder The last, was that I was
accused of killing a sub-inspector May be the 5th time… Nobody will touch him Sometime during the
night duty in some dark lane I will myself meet him You look to have enough strength
in your hands according to your age This strength of my hands
is given to me by my honesty And in respect of a honest
police officer, I advice you Get your will prepared Because the death can anytime
knock the door of your house You…, how dare you come here? When I was in jail, every-week someone used to call up and enquire about me – That how am I and
when will I get released? Till yesterday,
I was thinking that it was my father. But today I came to know,
that it was you Yes, it was me – It is me, Who is waiting for
the last 4 years for your release So that, I can punish you
with my own hands for what you did Look, look at the condition which
you have made of my darling daughter I regret for whatever
has happened with your daughter But I haven’t done all this Whether you trust me or not,
I am not your daughter’s criminal You are speaking a lie,
I have no trust on your talk And you’ll also not have The day when your daughter regains
her consciousness and confess on this That, I haven’t committed this crime Even then, you’ll not have trust on me If you think, that you can
save your daughter by killing me Then, take this kill me But, be careful about one thing That, if the God exists in this world Then your daughter will
definitely rise from her sleep And that day, if she gives
the evidence about my being innocent Then, will you ever
be able to forgive yourself? Who are you,
and how did you enter into the house? Get out from here,
otherwise I will call the police Leave me I have heard, that you don’t
listen to what the police says Otherwise in the police line up You would have very
well recognized the murderer You wouldn’t have spoken a lie Baba, now she’ll tell
as to who that bastard was? Tell, tell, tell… Look, I don’t know who he was? Baba, she has fallen You can save yourself
from this trouble If you answer my one question Who is that boy,
who had saved you the other night? I don’t know him,
I haven’t seen him before I know that you are speaking the truth You never knew him before But now you recognize him,
he is the one, isn’t it No, It is not him Now, you are speaking a lie And I don’t like
people who speak a lie Deka hit her so much that
she starts speaking the truth – Even then,
if she doesn’t reveals throw her down I don’t know,
please leave me I don’t know – I don’t know anything Deka, before going just confirm
whether that girl is alive or dead? And yes, don’t risk yourself
in midst of the public The one whom you are in
search for I know his address Where is the cassette? Deka, this battle is not mine It is of those sister’s and women whose lives have been destroyed by you people Your biggest asset were
the video cassettes, isn’t it They are all with me If you want them, come and take “Among the world, India is the best” Deka sir, this news should
be immediately informed to Baba Have you gone mad? Should I reveal my
weakness to my partners? If they come to know,
that the cassettes are not with me The first thing they’ll
do is that they’ll shoot me I will have to obtain
these cassettes on any account Son, take some holy water To kill the enemy first
ask for a blessing from Lord Shiva Hey! Lord Shiva, give me a blessing Hey! Lord Shiva, give me a blessing I should never get afraid
from doing a good deed I should never get afraid
from doing a good deed I should never get afraid
of the enemy when I fight I should never get afraid
of the enemy when I fight I will definitely have my triumph I will definitely have my triumph Listen, whose death has taken place? “Death”, Deka, It will take place now I swear upon all those
women of this Country Whose life has been
destroyed by you people And now your death will take place The sympathizer of Women And an angel for the helpless Monia, what’s the matter? You look to be very perplexed Baba, the matter is as such Deka is in a lot of trouble Look, what I have got from his house? Monia, we have committed
a very big blunder We have shown our ignorance
in understanding Ajay Baba, you don’t worry You think Ajay to be dead I will become a messenger
of death and reach wherever he is Where is Gopal? I was feeling very hungry That’s why I had
sent him to fetch food He must be on his way Here, he has come Oh! Brother make it fast,
I am feeling very hungry Stand over there,
otherwise this friend of yours… Monia, I am speaking I am going to a public meeting Baba, What’s this,
that means you are not coming here No Monia, its very important
for me to go to the meeting And yes, remember,
that bastard has killed Deka Baba, didn’t I tell you not to worry I have procured a very
interesting thing for him Alright all the best
for the Public meeting Now, you 3 would have understood That if we don’t get those cassettes Then, what will happen to the 3 of you You are wasting your time Kill me, if I get saved,
then your death is certain Son, What’s the hurry? You anyways have to die He has to die Now, I will show you people
as to how those cassette are made? I will make one
cassette with this girl Whatever you want to do
do it with me But, leave the girl What! Leave the girl? Here, take this,
make him drink this poison Either he’ll drink the poison Or else this girl
will remove her clothes Look, I will do whatever
you people say but leave him No Ritu, you don’t do
anything you swear on my love You swear on my love Wow! What a romance Put it, put it Leave him Unwind it quickly unwind it “Among the world” “Among the world, India is the best” And better than all this
is these innocent children Who are the future of our country Tomorrow only they have to
carry on the show of this country But, among them,
any child when he grows old Will kill his wife for the dowry – Will play with the respect of a girl I want, that these children from now
itself should be given that education By which even they should develop the
same feeling and respect for a woman Which I… Nobody, will move from here Mother, Mother, mother… Ajay, I have no sorrow of dying I will go and tell him
that the blemish on his forehead Has been washed off
by our Ajay with his blood No mother “Among the world, India is the best” “Among the world, India is the best” Bastard,
what do you think a woman to be? Have the brother’s
of this country died? If the britishers couldn’t
survive in this country Then, how will this rowdyism survive? “Among the world, India is the best” Ajay, I will wait for you


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