Gunday | Official Trailer | Ranveer Singh | Arjun Kapoor | Priyanka Chopra | Irrfan Khan

There are some stories… where the characters defy
the bounds of time and the story This was a time when Calcutta
was known for two things… first… Howrah Bridge and second… Bikram and Bala If I steal this coal train
from under your nose today… then I’ll keep the train… and this business of coal This fire runs in our veins… your squeals can change nothing! The city of joy swore
by their friendship… and they swore by Nandita Calcutta’s most beautiful
cabaret dancer… and the love of
Bikram and Bala’s life What’s going on? We love you! Both of you? Yes! Their love was wild… passionate… fiery… Every force meets its counter force… and in this legend… I am the equilibrium I will drag you out of your
own bastion like hapless dogs If you claim to be a man… and if you have any courage… then come and stop us You promised me… you’ll give up all this A smile of an irresistible woman
is as dangerous as a bullet from a gun He may have started this story… but I will write the final chapter… in blood! We are outlaws… Catch us if you can!


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