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Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health. Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health. My dear citizens! Dear audience! Come and see the talkies. Guntur Talkies! My dear, take the hand off your face. Madam, Didn’t we ask
you not to bring small kids? You won’t listen. See, my brother. Stop your nonsense and take your seat. The movie is about to start. Guntur Talkies! 420! 420! 420! 420! Father, wash me! Father, wash me! Father, I’m asking you to wash. Crap! Father, wash me! Father, wash me! Father, it will become dry. Wash quickly. He says that it will become dry. What is your problem in washing it? Why should I wash it? You are 4 years old
but can’t wash yourself. Cattle are better than you. Today you will go to school
only if you wash yourself. Otherwise stand there like that. Shut up, you fool. Is this how you talk to children? Go and wash him. What are you doing? Why don’t you wash him?
– I don’t want granny. Oil will stick to me.
I want you only to wash. You little rascal! Just like your father
used to wash for you.. seems you have to do a similar job. Son and grandson.. ..all of them have
come together to pester me. I should have my
daughter-in-law serving me now. In this ripe old age.. But instead god gave me this
damned fate of washing these kids! Father, it is getting dry. Please wash. Hey, if you shout, I will slap your back. Hey, Giri! Where are you? I’m at my home, sir. Who will open the shop,
if you are at home? I’m starting off immediately. If you don’t open the shop in 15 min,
your back will be slapped. Okay, sir. Father, wash me! First wash him. He’s pestering a lot. Father, wash it. We have to go to school. It’s now.. it’s you! It’s great! Hari, are you fine? I’ll come early in the evening.
We’ll go to a movie. Ok, dear. Don’t fight. Give it one after another. What is the time? It’s 10:30.
– Crap! Hey, Pay the money and go.
– All ladies come here. You, you and you.. Please come. My boy..
– What is it? Give me some medicine. All of these are medicines. What medicine do you want?
– I have knee pain.. ..Headache and burning in the feet. You don’t need so many medicines. I’ll give you just one and all
your pain will be gone by morning. – Ok. Take this home.. ..Powder it, mix well with rice and eat. By morning all your pain will be gone. My dear boy.. god bless you!
– Hey! If you eat that, you will be gone! Will you kill her? What else to do?
– Take these medicines and give Rs. 20. Keep going. Next! I want that..
– What? I want that..
– I understood. Hello..
– Hello, 40k. 40k, give Rs.100.
– Hello! – Aunty, what do you want? You finish talking? Give me Rs. 100. Take this. I will relieve myself.
Take care of customers. But you just came. I may have timings. But that doesn’t have.
I will relieve myself and come. He always talks nonsense. When did you open the shop? At 10.30.
– When should you open it? At 9.30. Both of you have become arrogant. Where is the great man? Is he in a mood to work today are not? He came, sir. He came?
– Yes. – Where is he? Where is he? Give me change, madam. What is this? A medical shop
or some bathroom in your house? What is this dust? I too say the same, sir. What is this?
Shouldn’t we clean our counters? I will slap you if you
don’t come on time tomorrow. Go and attend to work. The fool! Rascal! Hey, Get me one masala
dosa and only one tea. – Ok, sir. Go!
– Just one tea! What a problem with this man! Why did you come? Why did you come? Sister asked to bring medicine. What problem does your sister have?
– Why don’t you ask? You know her well.
– I do. Hey! Tell her that I will
bring medicine at night. Go now. Hey! What is your name? I ask you. Suvarna.. ‘O Suvarna!’
– You may go. ‘Suvarna! Come, Suvarna!’
– You may go. ‘Suvarna!’ ‘Come, Suvarna.’ ‘Suvarna!’ Give it here. Why do you look like that?
Where’s my dosa? Masala dosa, isn’t it sir?
– You! – Also only one tea! You always clamour for tea. You may go. – Sir, you said
you would give salary today. You remember this well. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5. Take this. But my salary is 6000. You must open my shop
at 9 in the morning. Every time that you don’t open
the shop on time, I will cut 100. First learn to open the shop on time. Otherwise, you will lose it all. Sir, Will you give my salary too? Here.. What are you counting? Thinking why I didn’t
cut from your 4000? – No. If I cut from that amount,
your heart will stop and you’ll die. If you don’t come on time from tomorrow.. We got it. The miser! How can I manage a fee cuts
Rs. 1000 from the paltry 6000 he gives me? That’s true. You will also have many expenses. And he doesn’t give that
on the first of the month either. Today is the 15th, bro.
– That’s what I’m saying. Why don’t you open the shop on time? What work do you have
early in the morning? You would know if you had kids. You must wash and bathe
them and send them to school. You are a carefree person. No, bro. The 4000 he
gives me falls too short. How longer do we continue like this? I am struggling here since two years. It is only two years for you. I’m stuck here since four years.
He doesn’t give a raise or pay on time. The wastrel! – How much
did he give you in the beginning? 5000.. He gave you the same now also!
– That is my complaint. Bro!
– Yes? Give me Rs. 100. For the 11 o’clock show? No, please.
You always do this and never listen to me. If you are done, give me Rs. 100.
– Here you go. Madam! I will relieve myself and return. She stays alone and doesn’t
seem to know anyone in the neighborhood. I get some rotten smell. It is the samber.
Must be from day before yesterday. Brother, there. It is time for the movie. We have a lot of time.
– Doing this daily is a problem. I can’t stop myself. What a scene! I didn’t see this since my wife eloped. Brother, why did your wife elope? I don’t know. – She must
have left a letter or something. She didn’t. She didn’t write a letter? How he’s enjoying!
Our lives are useless. My life is good.
Don’t group me with yourself. Don’t move. Why do you want this at this age? It is over! Is it already over? Here! Mosquito item. Brother!
– What? Fan. We may be caught. Stash it carefully. It should not be visible. Don’t take useless things and trouble me. The fan, a bag.. Brother! – What is it?
– This.. That’s okay. Take it. I will take it. An iron box. Brother!
– What is it? Something here.. …one.. two.. three… It’s a 5000/-
– She must have got salary today only. Put it back where you took it from. After that. Hey, If we take everything
she will give a police complaint. Keep the money there and take the mirror. Ok. I got it. Let’s go. Guntur! Talkies! Talkies! Catch us if you can! 420! 420! 420! “Go in the night.” “Sneak into homes.” “Loot them.” “Pack all the items.” “This vegetable basket.” “That broom.” “Don’t spare anything and take it all.” “If you are capable,
the entire city of Guntur is a treasure.” “Exchange for pennies
and fill your pocket.” “Keep a watch around
and finish your business.” “When you hear any bell, start running.” 420! 420! “Guntur Talkies!” “Guntur Talkies!” What is there in that? There must be something in here. The boxes.. Condom packets! Don’t take full boxes.
He might give a police complaint. Don’t be afraid, bro. What will he complain about? Would he say that he
lost condom packets? – Right. You are very intelligent. Manu.. Who is the girl in your house? My auntie’s daughter. My sister. Why do you ask?
– Just like that. I saw her the other day. Don’t think about her.
She’s from Cuddapah. If they come to know,
he will smash your head with a boulder. What do I care? I just asked. Sir, this toothpaste has salt.
Good to send to our family. Why do you say our family?
Go and do your work. Are there ten of them? Why only nine?
There should be 10. Count properly. 3 and 3 and 3.. 9 sir. Useless idiots! They cheat even in packaging. Hello!
– Take this. “Change the sound of
pennies and collect notes.” “There is no one to stop you.
You are the king.” “Catch the sound and convey the signal.” “Make it your ring
tone and rule the roost.” “Change the sound of
pennies and collect notes.” “There is no one to stop you.
You are the king.” “Catch the sound and convey the signal.” “Make it your ring
tone and rule the roost.” “If you are capable,
the entire city of Guntur is a treasure.” “Exchange for pennies
and fill your pocket.” “Keep a watch around
and finish your business.” “When you hear any bell,
start running.. 420!” I am going to Tirupati with my family. I will return the day after tomorrow.
Take care of the shop. If there is anything amiss in
the stock or the cash, you will be fired. I am taking 5000 from the counter. Make a note of it.
– Ok, sir. Good riddance! Hey, Giri!
– Sir? I will call the shop exactly
at 9.30 tomorrow morning. If you don’t pick the phone,
your salaries for this month shall be cut. Give medicine for cold. You won’t get that here. Medicine for cold..
– Don’t have it. Why do you have a shop
without medicine for cold? My shop is my wish.
Who are you to ask? Get lost! Get lost! Nonsense! Is it done?
– Wake up! Wake up and search.
Getting late. Glass articles.. There is something here. How long will you take? Come soon. Let’s go. I forgot. Hey, Give me the bag.
– I’m coming. Go in and lock the door. Let’s go. See you. I want water.
– Don’t have it. Give me some tea.
– No milk. “Your charisma and your love.” Hello! Yes.. House.. I am coming. “His looks prick like needles.” “He gets drawn to beautiful girls.” “He searches all over the curves.” “He shows up from behind the curtains.” “The naughty boy doesn’t stay quiet.” “He doesn’t budge despite scolding.” “He doesn’t stop his
nuisance even after shouting.” “Given small room,
he tries to take full advantage.” “O Suvarna! Suvarna!” “Come, Suvarna” “O Suvarna! Suvarna!” “Come, Suvarna.” Wash him properly. “He comes as soon as
there is opportunity.” “Even early in the morning he turns up.” “He has no limits and
crosses all boundaries.” “He troubles may always for a kiss.” “He doesn’t stay put at one place.” “He doesn’t stop even
after getting abused.” “He doesn’t stop his
nuisance even after shouting.” “Though I object, sometimes I like it.” “O Suvarna! Suvarna!” “Come, Suvarna.” “O Suvarna! Suvarna!” “Come, Suvarna.” “O Suvarna! Suvarna!” “Come, Suvarna.” You bother.. I’ve got a useless son! Who can I complain to? We may find a wife
whose husband deserted her. He’s the first husband
whose wife left him. The entire town mocks at us. Hey, Do you hear this?
Your life is useless. It is four years since she left. How longer will you abuse
me about the same thing? It would have been okay if she just left. But she eloped! And that too with Sundaram
who is good for nothing. That idiotic woman
left one moron for another. Roja, get me a dosa. My dosa! Roja, the dosa is burnt! See this saree, how it is torn all over. The blouse stitches are coming off. The dosa is as good as my clothes. Shut up and eat or get me new clothes. Roja, You give burnt dosa to my son! He left hungry. You eat to your fill always!
– Just shut up! I’m wearing the same clothes for a year. He cannot buy a blouse for his wife.
That burnt dosa suits him. Sundaram of that cloth
store is better than your son. Whenever he sees me,
he tells about new stock in the store. He asks if I want a new saree or blouse. Stop your nonsense! Bro, You have to come urgently. Come soon.
– What happened? – I lost the shop keys. I have to open it before the owner comes. Otherwise I am done for.
– I am coming. Please come.
– I am coming. Wait a minute. Hey, is it this one?
– Yes. Hey, you will make me fall.
– The owner will come. I opened it. You are great! This is the one to be opened? Is it opened? Thanks. You are saved.
– You are my God. Hey! Hey, You forgot your cycle. Why did he get away with the box? Oh.. they are thieves! See how this saree is torn! Shut up and eat or buy me new clothes. Hey, stop! Thief! Sir! Alas! I am innocent, sir. I know that you are innocent. He will catch them by tomorrow evening.
Tell me one thing. What is it, sir? How did that saree get into your hands? It must have come by mistake. Sign here and go home. Sir, he thinks it’s a joke. It’s true. No one who hit my son did well in life,
scoundrels! The bastards! How to got beaten, my son. My daughter in law isn’t even
concerned that her husband got beaten. She ate to her fill and slept. Nothing will stop! If it stops, it won’t go on. O god, public. Ladies also. Roja Rani!
– Giridhar! Roja Rani!
– Sundar! Roja Rani!
– Sorry, Giridhar! Our kids, Roja Rani. Take good care of them. They are very young. What a life! What’s this?
– What? You got burnt here. Hey! You got burnt there. It is nothing. Tell me what happened. I just got injured, thats all. How can you get injured there? How is it like that? I won’t tell anyone, tell me. It was a nightmare.
– What is it? Just like your wife left you.. ..I too had to run away from a girl. Hey, will you eat fruit ice? Hey, will you eat instead? They don’t seem to care. The items here are good. There is much more. The real items did
not come to the market yet. What a wonder.. She smiled! Yes, this seems to work out. Let’s make an attempt. The real item seems to have come. Hey! Oh God! Stop there, rascal! Would you whistle at my sister? Just nod, sister.
It is many days since I did a murder. Please, madam. Sorry! Madam! Are you new to the place? Come! Come! Come! Come! Madam! Sister, I brought it. Please don’t do it, madam. No, madam. Please! No, madam. Please! Please don’t do it, madam. Worthless life! My father is pestering me
to go to the city and find a job. Why is that? The three of us planned
to start a video parlour. How will it work if you go to the city? Forget the video parlour. Where can we get four lakhs right now? That is true. Our Hari is doing a good job. He settled very well. Drinks and food and the girl.. Why don’t you to talk
with her and set up something? Are you mad? She will tie up the
three of us and burn with a car battery. What is the car battery thing?
– Nothing. He’s here!
– Come! “Here is my moment of joy.” “I will enjoy it every moment.” “Here is my moment of joy.” Madam!
– Yes? Madam!
– Yes? My uncle is asking me to go to Bombay. What is there in Bombay? He wants me to take up a job there. Tell him you won’t go. I told him that. I told him I won’t go there
and set up a video parlour here. My uncle asked where would I
get four lakhs to start a video parlour. That is also true, isn’t it? Where can I get four lakhs immediately? I think it is better to go to Bombay. Madam! Listen! No one can take you away from me.
– Madam! Come tomorrow morning
and take the money. Three lakh seventy thousand! But madam, I asked for four lakhs. Who will pay the interest? Is it 30,000 every month? By the first of every month. Sign on it. What is this, madam?
– Our wish! Sign up! Would you do this even with me? There is no mixing relations
and business. – I will sign. Sign up!
– Playing pranks! It’s done. Thank you, madam. Thank you, sir. Thank you, madam. Hey! Madam? Come! The bus is coming. Give me the bag quickly. Give it fast! Hold on! You count everything even
after getting the seat you wanted. Take it when you’re about to get down. 13..14..15.. What?
– A seat. Seat no 42 in that last row. Go and sit there. Do you think I’m a fool? Why do you get angry?
Take this window seat no 15. You get angry quickly. Please take the seat, Sir. Sir.. Don’t forget to take
it while getting down. The idiot! Should I pay you interest
of 30,000 per month? This is the price for using me.
It is squared up! O God! Let me hide! Madam!
– Quiet! What happened? Sorry! You need not say anything.
You may use my hand. You seem to be a very good man. You look very beautiful. You are very lucky..
You got the bus just in time. Are you coming from a marriage? Don’t be afraid. I won’t tell anyone. Hello, brother. Your leg is on my seat.
Will you remove it? Hey, Is it your seat?
– Yes. – did you bring it from your home? When a girl sits beside,
everyone becomes a hero. Sit quietly!
– Quiet! Where is my bag? Hey, Where is my luggage? How would I know about it? You are responsible for your things.
you didn’t read the board here? Where is the girl sitting next to me? She was going to Suryapet..
3 tickets. Got down long time back. What three tickets? She was alone. Girl was only one..
but she had two cousins behind. They are our regular customers. My 4 lakhs! Sir, If you give me my money I will go. You ask me when I lost all my money. Did I?
– Hey, bro! Which place is this? – It is Guntur.
Get down and wash yourself. Bro! Enjoy at my plight! Go away! Bro! Go down and get some peanuts. No peanuts. Ok, get some liquor.
– Yes. Get some liquor.
– Yes, we need liquor. Otherwise it won’t do. Don’t go away. Did you bring liquor? No.
– You didn’t? Let’s go together and buy. I won’t come. Have these snacks. Here.. Alas! My son, What did you
do roaming around the town? You don’t even think that,
an old woman is at home.. ..She has knee pain and
you must get her medicine. I’m talking to you, bastard. I have a useless son! He is good for nothing. To whom can I complain about it? Balu, He just took his bath.. ..wore a checked lungi.. ..and is drinking liquor. Suddenly someone knocked at the door. He went and opened it. Sunanda! She stood there like a marble statue. She was tired after returning from office. She went to the bathroom to take a bath. Balu’s imagination started flying high. Sunanda completed her bath.. ..and draped a green
towel on her pale body. Her beauty hid precariously.. ..As she came out of the bathroom. Hey, Didn’t you hear what I said?
– Crap! Hey, wait for some time. I’m coming. Sunanda completed her bath.. ..and draped a green
towel on her pale body. Her beauty hid precariously.. she came out of the bathroom.
– Why don’t you come quickly? I am dying of knee pain! It will be somewhere around. If you shout again I will stifle you. I’m already pumped up! Sunanda completed her bath.. ..and came out of the bathroom.
– Old woman! – Father! I have to go to the toilet urgently. Come quickly, father. Forget your toilet thing,
I’m pressed with something else. Sunanda! – Father.
– Hey, shut up! I will come after 5 min. Sunanda! Sunanda completed her bath
and came out draped in a green towel. Balu..
– Father! Where is he? Father, wait. You have to wash me. Deliver these medicines at this address. Go quickly and not at leisure. Ok, sir. Why do you stand here.. go. The idiot! These accounts don’t square up. Did you bring the medicine?
– What? – Did you bring the medicine? How long does it take
to come from the shop? You are saved because I am going out. Otherwise I would have skinned you all. Get lost! Get lost! This is the time. From the moment I saw you.. I have become a Romeo.. All the songs of our movies
are full of swear words. You sing it wrong. If I sing properly,
they will become hymns or what? Another song.. ‘O girl with the tennis balls,
what great swing you have’ One more! ‘I will plough the field’ ‘I will plough the field’ I’ll ask you something.
Don’t get angry. – Go ahead. Instead of doing the small thefts,
why not something big? Hey! We roam freely because we do small thefts. Remember that.
You shouldn’t kill the golden goose. You must raise it well.
– Ok, bro. Why do you get angry? Let’s go. Brother, see there.
There seems to be no one in that house. Let’s go. – How do you know
there’s no one in that house? If someone comes after we go in.. ..we’ll be finished. Hey! Stop your crap and come quickly.
We will finish in 10 min. This is a mosquito bat..
Costly item. Hide it quickly. Why are you quiet? I’m feeling sleepy. That’s why I said we should
not go after everything. Go and take a rest.
– Ok, bro. 10 lakhs! Hey, come here. Come here. Come here. Come close. Come! What is the time? What is the time? You idiot!
Would you come at 1 PM? Rs 1000 cut from your salary! Go and attend work. Go now! Why do you stay like that?
will you beat me? Would you beat me? Come and beat me. Pick of the plate. Keep it inside. Sir! What is it? I will go home and return. Will you go if he comes? You both are doing something fishy. Nothing like that, sir.
My son is complaining of stomach pain. I will take him to the doctor and return. Go and come soon.
– Ok, sir. 10 lakhs! Mother, take the kids and start quickly. Where to?
– To our village. Is your health okay? If you don’t start immediately,
I will kill and bury you! Father, we also? Yes, you also. Start immediately. Elder grandson,
your father is sure to kill me. Give me some medicine. Grandma, I am putting
the medicines in your bag. Take whatever you want. My dear boy, you are very nice. Hey, get in quickly! I have pain in my legs. – You
will kill me with that. – Don’t push. Take care of you will forget things. Come! Is it still not evening for Giri? He said that he would go to the doctor. The story about the doctor is all a lie. Let him come tomorrow and I will see.
Give me the keys. Keep this inside. I will return shortly. Come and get him soon. Hello! Hello.. sir, It is me.. Hari. Hey Hari.. What is the time now? – I called
to tell you something important. Tell me quickly.
– Ok, sir. Did you ever feel that
medicines disappeared.. ..or that calculations
are amiss in our shop? I did feel that. Why do you ask? Because, since the last
year I and Giri together.. ..must have stolen at least
a lakh worth of medicines.. you bastard! Idiot! Hey Hari! Shut up, you bastard! What should I call you if you can’t
find theft under your feet.. bastard? I will tell you one more thing.
When you went outstation.. ..then we robbed even your home. I even peed into the
scotch that you drink. Come tomorrow! I will tackle you tomorrow. Why would I come tomorrow, short idiot? I’m going away. You won’t find any trace of me. Complain to whoever you want, baldy! You are getting a
busy tone on this number. What?! There is a busy tone on this number. I’ll see to it. There is a busy tone on this number. Please try later. Sir, I’m at the doctor’s place. The doctor came just now. You fool!
– Sir. What doctor at midnight? Think before you tell a lie. You have been working
in my shop all these years.. ..and you stole one
lakh worth of medicines? A lakh rupees?! I don’t know anything. Hey, Hari told me
everything over phone. I’ll catch you wherever
you go and slap your backs. You bastard! You bastard.. yes, we stole! Not just a lakh, we took even more. Would you cut my salary? If you cut my salary,
can’t I steal medicines? Do whatever you want, you bastard! Please take a seat. Are you Mr. Madhusudhan Rao?
– Yes, sir. Ok, sir told me. This is very strange.
Two guys working in your shop.. ..they escaped the same day?
– Yes, sir. They are the ones. Is it him? I understood. They look like thieves. Why did you employ them? It is..
– What did you lose? I checked. I didn’t lose anything. But they claim that they stole
medicines from my shop since two years. Is that so? This looks different. What more? It seems they robbed my home,
when I went out of the city. Why you say ‘it seems’? Don’t you know.
– We didn’t lose anything significant. What should I note in the complaint? What can I tell you?
You can write whatever you want. But make a watertight case. Ok, sir told me.
I will take care. You may go. You must catch them anyhow. Where will they go? They will be caught with
some girl in some lodge. You may go.
– Thank you, sir. “Every nerve has turned into a flower..” “Come here my dear.” “Every part of me belongs to you.” “Nobody can match you in romance.” “Prove it real.” “Rob me, desire is yours.” “I will never feel tired for you.” “Desire is never silence, find a way.” “Show a world filled with happiness.” “Now I belong to you,
take me in your arms.” “Unleash your desires, I belong to you..” “Rob me of everything,
leave a memory behind.” “Bring out my feelings, make me yours.” “I hid my feelings of
desire for you long back.” “Fall me like a wave from sea.” “Sound of bangles should be heard again.” “Anklets should get tired..” “First time my thirst is quenched,
it is sweet.” “A beautiful feeling has aroused.” “Whole body is longing
to fulfil a desire.” “Feelings are drenched in freedom.” “In the warmth of arms..” “Couldn’t live without you..” “I walked behind you
by becoming half of you.” “Now this is my life..” Why are you beating?
Sir.. sir.. why are you beating? Why? You.. master.. boss..
– Bring him.. What? Where?
– What, brother? Hey, no dramas. Give it. Brother, what should I give? Hey, I have less patience and more BP. I will kill you right here. Give it. Brother, it is not that.. I will know what you
want only if you tell me. How will I know what
you want if you don’t tell me? Brother, catch her. Why are you doing drama? Hey..
– Ouch! Who is it? She is…
– Fie with your life! Will you bring case? Send her. Hey, send her. You go to village. I have a small work,
I will finish it and come. So should I send driver
to drop you at bus stop? Brother, if we have a vehicle
then if we send the driver.. ..he will drop at bus stop.
She is a girl. Don’t have.. they don’t have vehicle. Go by share auto. Please.. please..
go.. she will go, brother. Good girl.. please..
brother, she will go.. good girl.. Brother, now tell me what the problem is. Brother, tell why you
are beating and then beat me. Whole body is paining.
– Hey, duffer. If your body is paining
for these beatings.. ..then I am getting beaten from two days.
What is my condition? Brother.. – Yes..
– How come you are here? I am here with the
same reason that you are. I don’t know why I am here.
– I too don’t know. Brother.. brother.. brother..
don’t beat me. I will give.. I will give.. Remove the eyes..
– Brother.. brother.. It is.. two bus tickets
from Guntur to Goa.. 20 beers.. 5 biryani packets.. Auto fares, condom packets, room rent..
after deducting all these.. 4,67,934 rupees are left. Hey, don’t raise my BP. Brother, I remembered..
only 25,000 is spent. 4,70,000 is remaining. I will give it..
I will give it.. – Shut up! Where is the box?
– Box? Hey fools! If you don’t tell where the box is,
till I count till three.. ..heads will blow off like watermelons.
– Hang on, boss. You want box? Not bag..
– What is it with bag? Sir, you don’t want bag?
You want box? – Deaf rascals! Why do you say bag when I say box? Sir, should I tell something
that will shock you? I am telling.. I am telling..
you brought wrong people. Wrong.. what wrong people..
you stole the box, right? Sir, we don’t know
anything about that box. Sir, we are petty thieves,
we don’t know anything. Hey, bring him. I think I had seen you somewhere. Yes.. I had somewhere. I am asking about the box
that is stolen from his bag. I remembered! I remembered! You came on bike that day, right? That day you had lot
of fun with that girl. Come on, brother. You are too much. You are a very romantic boy. Brother, these are all common. I had seen that day. Brother, you are too much..
– Stop! Stop! What is this? What is this?
– Okay, you both get married. Get married! Why we came here? What is our work? At least now tell where the box is! Which box, sir? Hey, thrash the three of them. No! Please! No!
– No, sir. – Hey! This box. Why do you ask us when it is with you? Not this box. Another box like this. – Sir,
it is available in every medical shop. Vanilla flavour. Earlier it had an offer
of buy two and get one free. I don’t know if it is there now. Buy two and get one free? Available in medical shop? Do you know the value of this box? 55 rupees.
– Rascal! It is worth one crore rupees. One crore rupees? Come on, sir. Why will you give it to this
joker if it is worth one crore rupees? Didn’t I say.. didn’t I say or not.. give to this fool?
But still you gave. What happened to us now? What happened? What happened?
– We became fools. Will you drink beer?
– It should be cool. Take 100. Have it.
– Okay, brother. Let’s go.
– Beat the rascals. Stop! – Sir, it is with me!
Sir, it is with me! Sir, it is with me! Where is it with us?
– It’s with me. It’s there. It’s in my house, sir. See properly.
Is it the calcium box like this? Yes, sir. Similar box. It’s there in my house.
– Hey.. – Oh my goodness! Will you escape after stealing
a product worth one crore rupees? This is cheating.
Betrayal. – Foolish fellow! Just now I came to know
that it is worth one crore rupees. Lies.. utter lies.. Will you cheat your brother like this? Didn’t you escape with five lakh rupees? Wonderful!
What are five lakhs and one crore rupees! Sir, listen to me and shoot him.
We will get rid of the jinx. – Shut up! Why will he kill me when
the box is with me? Sir, shoot him. Shut up! Dramas are over! Where is the box? Sir, it is in my house, in Guntur. If anything goes wrong.. will be lost.. yours.. Both.. Let’s go. Hello! Where? What? Who will untie us if you leave? Who will untie? Hey, untie them if you don’t mind. Fie with life! I thought you are my brother
after coming to Guntur. One crore rupees, brother.
– What one crore rupees? Hell with me! I am saying I don’t know about the box. So you stole one crore
rupees without knowing it? Hey, what is this? What is this romance? Get married. You both get married. Let’s go! Hey, come in an hour.
– Okay, sir. Kantham! Suryakantham! Hey!
– Why you shouted like that? Are you acting smart? You are showing attitude because
I am not beating you, right? Today you will die in my hands, Die!
Die! – Hey! What is this? What happened to you?
Are you bitten by mad dog? Shut up! With whom you went to sleep? Why will I sleep with any woman?
– Stop it! Don’t play useless dramas.
You pretended to give me five lakhs.. Tell me on which woman you spend it. Tell me. Will you tell or not?
– Hey! Tell me!
– Hey, stop! What? What happened
to the five lakhs I gave? Hey! Don’t play dramas! Only you know that I kept the five
lakhs given by you under the mattress. You only took it.
Tell me whom you gave it. If you don’t bring that
bring and give it to me.. ..I will tie you up to
the gate like a security dog. Oh! No!
– I will tie you up! I swear and tell you, five lakh rupees..
– Shut up! I didn’t give it to anybody.
– Go! Go! – Listen to me! You will die! – Hey!
– Go! – Believe me! My God! I think she might kill me!
– Go! – Madam might kill sir. Hey, what is the nuisance with five lakh
rupees. Start. – Idea, sir. – What is it? Call Venkat, sir.
He is the right person for this. My husband has to go to work first.. I will collect water first. If you are in a hurry then
you should come early to collect water. What will that short fellow
do by going so early to work? So your husband is Prabhas? Look, I will hit you with the
vessel if you talk about my husband. Beat! Beat! Sir, just say yes,
I will encounter them all. Thank you, sir.
– Hey! Why should you kill people
who are fighting for water? Keep the gun inside.
– Sir.. Hello, sir. What? What?
– One minute. Stop it! Tell me, sir. Five lakhs? No other item from the house is lost? Lock too is not broken. Sir, you don’t take any tension. Give me two days’ time. Sir.. Sir, tell by evening. Sir.. Okay, sir. Lock is not broken..
no other item from the house is lost. Khaja..
– Sir.. I think we received one
similar complaint recently, right? Yes, sir. Medical shop
owner complained saying.. ..medicines were stolen. That’s the story! You go ahead!
– What are you watching? What? I came first? I will show you now.
– What? What? By the way,
who is the duffer who burgled CI’s house? Where is your house? This one.
– Come. Sir, sir, sir.. if neighbours
see then I will lose my respect. I will go and bring, sir. Respect for you? Come. Sir, sir.. please, sir.. ten.. Ten minutes, sir. Ten minutes, sir..
sir, sir.. please, sir.. – Okay, go. Ten minutes.
– Thanks, sir. Where are you going, sir? You go, he will be with us. It is the matter of one crore rupees,
we cannot trust him. We can trust.. we can trust. He will come back..
he will come back for my sake. Hey, police! Oh no! Hey.. – Brother. – When do
you think this plant was planted? Don’t know, brother..
– Which tree it is? – Don’t know. Do you have cigarette?
– No, brother. Let’s borrow.
– Okay, let’s go. Giri, how are you?
– I am fine, sir. You will be absolutely
fine after stealing five lakhs. Five lakhs? Which five lakhs, sir? Sir, he is acting really good. Sir, talk with respect. Why are you abusing?
– Respect for you? – Hey! I will shoot you!
– No, sir. I swear I don’t know anything. What swear?
– Sir.. Well, there should be a joker with you. Where is he? Rascal.. Sorry, sir.. sorry.. want to pee. Sorry.. Sir.. sir..
– Get in.. – I am getting in.. Brother, jeep is left.
Let’s go and get cigarette. Take out the vehicle!
Take it out. – Let’s go. Don’t beat, sir. Sir, we don’t know anything.
– Sir.. Hari..
– Sir, I am Giri. So he is Hari? Hey.. – Sir..
– He is Giri and he is Hari. Sir, sir, should I encounter him?
– You may do it. First ask him to tell where
five lakhs are. After that, your wish. Okay, sir. Will you give the money
easily without doing dramas? Or do you want thrashing
in every half an hour? I don’t have any other work. Sir.. we really don’t know anything. Okay. Go ahead. Sir! – Speak up without getting beaten!
How many times should I ask? CI sir..
– He doesn’t have any work. Bring water. Do you know whose house you burgled? Whose house, sir..
– CI’s house. You are finished. Hey duffer! Give the money and go with him. Otherwise they will kill. Is it inevitable, brother?
Five lakhs, brother. Brother, it will take
many years to earn it. Hey, duffer!
I think he will beat to death. He said he doesn’t have
any other work. I will give it.
– Give it. I will give it.
– Sir, you don’t worry. I am starting third degree just now. Everything will be revealed in an hour.
Okay, sir. Sir, we will give it.
– Sir, no third degree, we will give it. Where you kept the money? Goa.
– Goa? Hey.. – Good morning, sir.
– Where is SI Venkat? Sir, he is not coming
to station since one week. Where is he dying?
Phone is also switched off. – Sir.. Greetings, sir. Name is Madhusudan Rao. Having a medical shop at Central. Brother, workers from the
shop escaped after committing theft. So what is he doing here? Are you a duffer?
– Yes, sir. Go to police station.
– Sir, I went to police station. SI said he cannot do. That’s why I came here. He is indeed a duffer. I don’t know to speak telugu.. ..I can understand it.
– Very good. Sir, they are rogues.
Thrash them badly, sir. Okay, okay. Leave those guys.
– Okay, brother. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Want to eat and go?
– No, sir. – Then go. – I will go. Don’t you have shame?
With what face are you back? Anyway you eloped so why didn’t you die. Your brothers must have left by now. My hands and legs are shivering/ Anyway, how did you like him? He and his ugly face. They came! They will kill me. Madam, there is a scoundrel
by name Hari living next door. Do you know where he went? It is..
– Police is searching for him. Tell..
– He went to Goa. Goa?
– Yes.. Goa.. Goa.. Why is the bundle very small? Sir, two bus tickets from Guntur to Goa.. 20 beers, 5 biryani packets, room rent.. fares, condom packets,
after deducting all these.. 4,65,934 rupees, sir.. that’s it, sir. Sir, I will return it
every month if you don’t mind. You are multi-talented.
– Sir.. Memory is also good.
Sir.. Come to station daily from
tomorrow at 6 o’clock.. – Okay, sir. Clean the latrines properly. Latrines, sir..
– Will you not clean? I will clean, sir. Bring him for company,
your work will become easy. Yes, yes.. Both of you get into the vehicle.
– Sir.. Come, come.
– Khaja. Sir. – Pack up, we will go.
– Okay, sir. Signal.. in ads they
show signals on Himalayas too. It is not showing on mountains. Sir, what is it in sun? Let’s go to station.
– No. Not station.. Your madam will come. Not to station.. My God! Sir. – Yes..
– Phone is ringing.. Don’t pick it.
It must be your madam. Don’t pick it. It’s your madam.
Guarantee. – Sir, it is our SI. Talk..
– Is it? Give it. Is it found? Yes.. yes.. Goa? Oh.. come, come.. Hey.. – Sir.
– It is found. So let us go to station with courage now.
– No. – Where, sir? Not to station.
– Go to Chaudhary’s house. Sir..
– Go.. Okay, sir. Panku..
– Madam! Madam! Sir will come. You don’t
take any extreme step before that. Madam.. I am afraid. – Hey! – In the meantime
if you take some extreme step.. – Stop. Madam..
– What happened to your madam? Madam closed the door from inside. I am afraid. Madam! – Hey! Shut up!
– Madam! – Shut up! Shut up! Nuisance! Open the door. It’s me.. dear, it’s me. Do you remember me now? Go away! I was busy with work for two, three days. Now I came. Open the door. It is open. Get in.
– My goodness! Panku.. Panku.. I cannot tolerate to see you like this. Remove the hand. Good at these things! You talk sweet things to
me but does everything to your wife. Anyway, I am your mistress
so you ignore me. – My goodness! You give everything and
take them back immediately. What are you talking?
What did I take back after giving? Oh! You are acting as if you know nothing. You gave it and took it back. What did I take back? You kept five lakhs in almirah, right? So where is it?
– Not there? Hey..
– Sir.. Sit at home if you don’t know to steal. If there is any theft
in Guntur hereafter.. ..first you both will be thrashed.
– Sir.. Return the amount you
stole from your owner.. ..and join the work.
– Sir.. – Go. Thank you, sir. – Go!
– Thank you, sir. Sir, CI.. What to do now?
– What to do? You fool! We will flee the city. Even if police
spares us, rowdies will not spare us. Scoundrels! Hey!
– Sir.. Not there? Thank you, sir. Hello?
– Sir, I am in town. Where should I go?
– Five lakhs are lost. It is found, right?
– Lost again. Wait a minute. It is here only.. No, it is with me. Not the one that you have,
I am having it. I searched them and got it after
you lost it. Now they are with me. That the one that you have,
it is the one from Chaudhary’s house. What is it? How come it is there? It is not there, they are lost.
– Yes, sir. It should be there for getting lost. How
will they get lost if they are not there. Have you lost your brains? These five
lakhs and those five lakhs are different. These are lost, those are found. Got it? Oh.. I think I understood.. ..but I didn’t understand, sir.
Got it. got it, sir. Hey, got it or not?
– Yes, got it. Now I understood clearly.
– Understood. By the way, how is it lost, sir? You found the one which is lost, right? Dumbo.. These too are lost
in a similar way. – Oh.. Okay, okay, understood.
Put the phone down, I will see. Hey! – Sir..
– Stop. Hey!
– Sir! Sir! Sir! Come, Khaja.
– Wait, sir. I am too coming. – Stop. Stop!
– Stop! Hey, you! Stop! Brother! Brother!
– What? – Tell me something. Why are you we running now?
– We stole five lakhs. Run!
– Yes. Oh! Yuck.. what is this? What?
– Hello! Tell. I am listening. Giri and Hari are in Guntur. I saw them being chased by police in
market. – Is it? – You come immediately. I am coming. I am coming. Brother! Brother!
I gave the five lakhs, right? You gave but mine is left.
– Hey, look.. What about yours?
– He is there! Stop! I will kill you! Stop!
– Sir! Sir! – Stop! Why isn’t the police leaving us? Brother, legs are paining for running.
Let’s call the boss. Come, let’s go. What about yours, brother?
– It is.. hand.. I am asking, what about yours. Hey!
– Stop! Stop! Brother.. brother, water is here. Brother, what about yours?
– It’s him.. I cannot.. stop.. Sir, I cannot..
– I too cannot.. Shut up and come.
– Okay, sir. Hey, stop!
– My God! I don’t know about
the money they are asking. I already gave them the
five lakhs they are asking. I think it is correct
to get caught by them. I am going this way.
Your wish after that. By the way, what about yours? Sir! For us, right? I am coming. Arrest us, sir. It is okay. Will you make us run? Come, let’s see.
– Sir, sir.. we will come.- Come. Come to the station..
– Stop. – Come. Did you bring? No, brother.
– Why? Brother, they are caught. Police is creating
a big problem in between. Giri.. Hey, stop. Brother,
they took away two people at Giri’s house. Today they chased in the market. Brother, police has become a big problem. Who is he?
– Brother, he joined newly. Where you worked before?
– With Brother Mastan in Hyderabad. Learn the work properly.
– Brother, give police their share. Otherwise they are causing lot of trouble. Call him. Hey..
– Sir.. Whether your time of birth or
the time when you starting stealing.. ..your fates are wonderful. CI’s house, house of CI’s mistress.. Will you commit burglary
at both places at the same time? Did you find police to be duffers? Did you do it after knowing it?
– Sir, why will we do if we know it? Sir, generally we are very cautious. Tell! Tell! Tell! Tell!
– Stop! Hey, by giving five. you want to adjust another five. Did I look like a fool? Where are another five lakhs? Which give lakhs, sir?
– Rascals! Beat them! Tell! Tell! Rascals!
– Sir! Don’t beat me for five minutes, sir.
I have to think little bit. I don’t understand what is happening here. Did you come to the beginning again?
– Sir, should we thrash? Thrash!
– Sir, we are giving. Greetings, brother.
– Right hand! How are you? Are you acting smart? What happened, brother?
– Don’t play dramas? Why are you chasing our guys? Brother, why do we chase your guys? Hey! I am already pissed off! Don’t irritate me. Policemen are eccentric. Dog.. Fie with your life! Brother, talk with respect. Why should I give you respect? Scoundrel!
– Brother, what he is telling is right? What right? They are not chasing us,
those people are different. You don’t know anything, you don’t talk. True, brother. Leave them.
They don’t know anything. Hey, rascal! Be in hour limits. Shut up and stand. – Brother, why
are you shouting? Why are you shouting? I will leave.
Take your gun. Take it. – Venkat. He is shouting. – You don’t know,
keep quiet. – See, brother.. These are not the police
seen at Giri’s house recently. No. You don’t know. Keep quiet. Brother, these are not the same
police that chased in the market today. Correct but.. Brother, so why do you say you don’t know?
I don’t know anything. – Hey.. What happened before is different.
You don’t know, keep quiet. Tell if I don’t know. Why is he shouting?
Will he shout? Tell me. Wherever you see these boxes in Guntur.. have got nothing to do. This is for you,
this is for your constable. What are these boxes? Tell like that so that I understand. Now you only talk. He is shouting
for nothing. Don’t we have mouth? I am telling for the last time. Brother, I still don’t understand
what you are talking about. – Hey.. Aren’t your men and medical
shop Hari chasing Giri or not? Hari and Giri? Who are they? Why he says who they are? Hey, bring a hammer. Tell him. – Your SI and constables
are chasing our guys from three days. Ask your SI. Did I SI catch.. ..your men?
– Whoever they are, why do you want? Tell him to leave. They are having my goods
worth one crore rupees. First tell them to leave. Useless fellow! Sir.. – Hey..
– Tell me, sir. Give the phone to him.
– Who sir? Give to SI.
– Sir, for you.. Who?
– CI sir. What is it with him? Sir..
– Tell me. Now.. did you too steal five lakhs? In the house of CI’s mistress? No.. CI’s house. I stole from CI’s house. No. It’s me. What about me?
– In the house of CI’s mistress? My goodness! You are not an ordinary person. So what if we were not caught
for the second time? You would have escaped with five lakhs. I mean.. I would have lived
in Guntur by begging. You and I are not friends.
Don’t talk to me. Sorry..
how can you not talk to me? You kept quiet by watching
when they beat me like anything. Did you accept? Didn’t you jump without telling me? Okay, I will not talk to you now.
I will talk after sometime. Khaja!
– Sir, I am coming. Remove it.
– Sir, it is.. You heard it correct, remove it. Go. Sir, should we really go?
– Are you feeling sad? Not at all, sir. – I will break
your knees if I see you again. Go!
– Yes, sir. Hey! – Tell me, sir.
– Give him the phone. – Who, sir? SI.
– Sir.. Who?
– CI. He is.. Sir.
– Are you keeping the phone.. No. What happened? How many times should I call you?
– Oh, you called me, sir? Yes, sir. There are two missed calls. Sir, I kept it in silent mode
because battery was going down. Okay, leave them.
– What about five lakhs? No need. Leave them.
– No need? So should I keep, sir? Mental! Leave them and
come to our station urgently. Okay, sir. Brother, I told. – Since it is
first time so I will not tell. Next time I will kill. Will you eat food? Then go. Sir, I didn’t feel bad
when madam beat you. Sir, who is he to scold you? His business is running
because you are ignoring it. Sir, what will be his situation
if you take interest? Finally constable is also
showing sympathy on me. Yuck! Brother, I think this useless batch
will also be somewhere around. Hey, auto!
– Auto! Ouch! Go. Hey! Hey!
Brother, this is not share auto! What? What is this?
– Who? Hey, brother.. Hello.. master.. hello..
this auto is not empty.. get down.. Stop.
– Who are they? Oh.. that is the matter.
They have set us in the auto like this. Go. – Go.
– Take wherever brother tells to go. Nothing to fear.. don’t fear. What happened? I am hurt. Tell in detail. Don.. Will he call me dog? He abused the department. I will teach him a lesson. What shall we do, sir? Encounter! Don’t spare anyone.
– Yes, sir. Brother.. hey.. brother..
why are you beating me, brother? You should be beating him. – Why do we
beat him when you did everything? What did I go, brother? Brother Giri did everything. No, no. He won’t do it,
you should have done. Brother! Brother!
Brother, why don’t you tell? Tell that you did everything. Why are you blaming me
when you did everything? – Brother! Hold on! Hold on! If you think that way then
we both did it together. Why are you beating me alone? Beat brother Giri too..
brother Giri.. come here.. come here.. Go.
– What you both did together? We did it together, sir? Hey! Remove, sir.
– Hey, come here! Come here! Who from these two? Tell me. Your father?
– Yes.. Why are you laughing?
– Brother Giri.. This is not at all a matter
when compared to our problems. Okay. Coming to the matter.. Very small time.. Very very small time, I.. sorry.. We are going to settle down. Okay? I will marry your daughter
in a grand manner. What will you marry?
– Beating again? Leave I say.
– Why don’t you listen when I am telling? Hold on! Hold on! Look elder man! You don’t know us.
I enjoy police and mafia support. If anything goes wrong.. Hey! – Who are you threatening?
– Hey! Didn’t I tell..
Didn’t I tell they will come? You go inside. What do you want?
– Sir.. I will go if you give my money. Brother..
Don’t beat! Don’t beat! Hey, who do you want? Didn’t I say my guys will come? Brother, I said.. shoot them. Hey, who is this duffer? Giri.
– Hey, come here.. come here. Brother, I am Hari. Hari.. Is he Giri?
– Yes, Giri.. What is the nuisance with Hari and Giri?
Where is the box? Where is the box?
– Brother, it is with Giri. Where are Hari and Giri? Tell me. Over there.. I remember something by seeing you.
Cat closes its eyes.. ..and drinks milks,
it thinks nobody is watching it. It thinks he fools everyone. Get up! Duffer! Get up! Hey, bring to our den.
– Okay, brother. Come. Get up. Let’s go.
– I want him. I want Anushka. Bring her and take him away. Duffer! Move!
– Sir.. – Hey! Do you know who am I? Shut up! Hey! Quiet! Once I say quiet, keep quiet. Give food to father. Hey, come. Brother, lot of smoke is coming. What is this? Get in! Bloody woman! Who is she? Go! Sister! He is not that guy. I know. So what to do? Whoever wants this guy
will bring him but.. ..not that guy. Sir.. sir.. don’t beat, sir..
please.. sir.. Who is she? Revolver Rani. She came for you?
– Yes, sir. Rascal! I lost three guys because of you. Kill him after the box is found. By the way, where is the box?
– Box.. Where is the box? Where?
– Sir, how will I know if you ask me. Anyway, the box is with Kiran. Where is Giri?
– Revolver Rani took him away. Where is she found now? Ouch! “Don’t fall in love.. if you do..” “Heart will be broken..”
– Sister, phone.. – Pick it. “Don’t fall in love.” Hello.
– Hello. Hari? – No. Are you Rani?
– No. So why did you pick?
– Why you called up? I called for Rani. I picked up the phone
by thinking it is Hari. Give the phone to Rani.
– Give the phone to Hari. Tell him to bring. Sir, I don’t want, you talk. Sir, I don’t want, you talk.
No, sir. – What is it? – You talk. Are you duffer?
– I don’t want. You talk, sir. What is it with her? She is tempting.
– Sir, she is like that only. Talk.. talk.. I am Jackie.
– Where is Hari? Where is Giri?
– I want Hari. I want Giri. – Exchange.
– Exchange. I will not go, brother.
I will not go. Hey! Call auto. Auto! Where to go? Useless woman. She doesn’t have time sense. Brother, auto..
– Where has auto come? Yes..
– No, sir. Come! Come! Sir, my money. Hey, stop. Business..
– Hey, send Giri here. Send Hari. First send Giri,
I will send Hari after that. Crap! I had seen enough! First you send.
– Bloody woman! Very smart! Okay. You send him, I will send this guy. Sir.. sir.. please, sir..
I will not go to her. She will eat me with beer.
– Hey.. Hey, don’t act like a dumbo. Had food?
– Yes, sir. Go. Should I throw you away?
– Sir.. – Go! Go! Madam! Madam!
I will go if you give money. Brother.. brother.. please, brother..
don’t send me to her.. She will kill me..
– Whatever it is, go. Go! – Madam! Madam!
– Come. Go, go.
– Madam, push the auto. Go!
– Yes, sister. Box. Hey, scoundrel! Box. Box.. box.. Box.. box.. Box.. Sir, Hari has fooled us. Sir.. that box is with him. Sir.. catch him at any cost. Otherwise we both
will become fools. Hari.. Hari is having the box,
we shouldn’t leave him. Sir.. sir.. Sister! Father’s call. Phone.. phone.. I want Hari. I will not give. I will give 10,000. I will give five lakhs. Next bullet will enter Hari’s brain. 20 lakhs.. He doesn’t know to do business. Open.. Sir.. Sir..
– Open fast. Sir.. sir..
– Come. Hey.. Take out the box.
Take out the box! Show! Get up! Get up! Sir.. Played enough dramas..
He will tell if you are killed. Sir, sir.. I will tell the truth.
I know the box that you are asking for. Sir, we don’t know where the box is. If you leave us then we
will return the box after it is found. Sir.. sir.. I remembered..
I remembered.. I will tell.. I will tell.. Quiet! Rascal! Now tell.
– Sir.. phone.. Give phone. Give. Sir.. lock.. He says lock is there. Take. You have phone, right? No balance, sir.. no balance..
– He doesn’t have balance.. Yuck! No need. I will catch. I will lift. Hello.
– Hello. Sir, I am Hari. Hey! I know.. are in Guntur. How dare you call me!
– Sir, I am in the shop. You be there. I am coming in five minutes.
– You come, sir. Sir, I am coming. He is coming. Who? Who opened my shop? Sir, why did you come here? Hey.. You took the people.. ..who came to my den, right? You stole the box from me.. ..took away my men.. ..and made me..
– Sir.. sir.. Water.. water..
– Drink water.. Which box?
– Hey! Shut up! Lies! Sir, the box is with him. Give sir’s box to him. Give sir’s box to him. Sir, he is telling lies again.
It is with him! Sir, thrash this bald fellow! Hey!
– Sir.. sir.. Quiet!
– Where is the box? Hey, is it okay if I shoot on head? Bald.. bald..
– Okay.. Is it okay if I shoot on head… no, sir.
– Tell.. tell.. Tell..
– Sir.. It’s with my brother-in-law..
– What are you saying? Who is his brother-in-law?
– Who knows? Sir, I will call and get it.
– Call.. call up.. Don’t beat, sir. Don’t beat..
– Rascal.. Hello, brother-in-law.
You come to our medical shop urgently. Both Hari and Giri are here. Brother-in-law, I am waiting..
come soon. Sir, he is coming. If I ask him then he will take his name.. ..if I ask him, he takes your name.. If I ask you then you are taking
some other person’s name. How many more fools are there? Sir..
– Shut up, rascal! Sit there.. move.. Sit! Rat! Sir, he sat normally. What duffer? Not like eating,
sit like you are in loo. Sir, stomach is there..
– Should I remove the stomach? No, sir. I will sit. I will sit. Hey.. Why are you laughing? Tell gun.
– Our guy was enough. By now the work would have been finished. Who? This lame guy? What will he do? He will point the gun to the left
and collect from right. How will he put the gun? Like this? He will out like this too. Sometimes he will collect like this too. Hey, who are you all? Move. Why are you here? What are you doing here, brother? What are you doing here? I told you many times not
to interfere in my business. Go.
– Sir, sir.. Sir, he is my brother-in-law. Is he your brother-in-law?
– Yes, sir. So is that box with him? Yes, sir. I know you are that rogue. By taking the box from me.. taking my money,
by giving so much tension.. ..will you cause so much trouble to me.
– Yes. We stole the box from you. Look don, you know something? You gave me ten lakhs to keep quiet. Do you know who stole it? These two guys. Tell.. Sorry, sir.. sorry.. Rascals! You stole from my brother-in-law too?
– You stop. Rascal stole 3,70,000 from my sister. Mine is one lakh rupees. Sir, they peed in my whisky. First give my sister’s money. First my one lakh rupees, sir. First my one lakh.
– Shut up! Shut up! One minute! Shut up! One minute! Shut up! You stole one crore rupees from me. You stole one lakh rupees from him. You stole ten lakh rupees from him. Who gave it? I had given. This is lot of money. This madam and a lame guy.. ..crossed the border with a bloody woman. For three lakhs. Three lakhs. What is with you? You don’t have fear. Sorry, sir.. sorry.. Come. Shift to our den. Shift. This will be settled there. Come. How will 15 people fit into scorpio? Sir, I have car with me. He has got a car. Five people sit in his car.. ..and ten people sit in our Scorpio. Everything is clear. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Do you want me to sit behind in Scorpio? Do you think I am new here? Seats are in different position.
It will cause vomiting. Take your gun.
You don’t know to do business. I am going to my brother Mastan. Move. What man? What are you watching? Let’s go in comfortable position. He is a don from Mumbai? Encounter! Don’t spare anyone. Not even one guy is left. Sir, is my promotion confirmed? Now special team investigations on
the incident that happened here.. ..CBI inquiries.. ..pressure from Home Minister. Coverage from Central media. Are these necessary? They fought between them
and died because of old enmity. Case close! Another case from tomorrow. What do you say?
– Sir, what about my promotion? You too will get whenever I get. What are you doing to do
by taking promotion now? Come. Brother Giri.. brother Giri..
get up.. get up.. brother Giri, get up. Get up.. come.. come.. What happened? Come. Where do you want to go? No money in pocket,
no clothes to wear. Keep this 200. Should I take this 200.. ..and go to America? Look, this 200.. Keep inside.. keep this too. You live happily by giving
five lakh rupees for interest. I will roam the streets without
knowing how to spend 200. Go! Hey, tell so that I understand. If you give some money
from your five lakhs.. ..I too can live by giving it
on interest. How much?
– Half. Half? I have children. Brother, I too have wife. When did she come?
– Just now. I saw a temple on the way.. Hey.. Okay, okay, come.
Bus will come. Father! Father! – Father, brother
is not coming to school. – Okay, okay. You are telling lies.
Father, I am going. Have you come? Useless fellow! Where are you roaming? If you don’t give tablets
for my knee pain.. ..I will take some tablets and die,
I am telling you. – Go away. Good riddance! What? Will you say like that to mother?
– I will say. Hey, elder boy.
Give the tablets from bottle. Throw few on my face. Take ten lakhs.
– Give. – Count. Father! Father! Something happened
to grandmother, you come. What happened?
– Don’t know. You come, father. Come. Oh my goodness! Hey! Hey! What have you done? I didn’t do anything, father.
– I gave tablets from this box. Do you know the value of
the box? One crore rupees. One crore rupees? One crore rupees! Mother, start.. start with children. Where?
– To our village. Elder boy.. Anyway, your father will kill me.. ..give one tablet
and do some good. Grandmother, I am putting tablets
in this bag. Take whichever you like. Guntur! “Guntur Talkies!
Show has started, watch it.” “Guntur Talkies.
Whistle and sing.” “Guntur Talkies.
Buy the ticket.” “Guntur Talkies.
Guntur Talkies.” “Guntur Talkies.
Giri is too old.” “Guntur Talkies.
Hari is troublesome.” “Guntur Talkies.
If they both become one..” “Guntur Talkies.
Guntur Talkies.” “Revolver Rani with makeup..” “ torturing by making a sketch.” “By creating ruckus..” “..Hari has escaped.” “By remaining alone..” “ turning greedy..” “ stealing everything they see..” “..these rascals make their living.” “Forget the rules..” “If you follow them
all then you will get nothing.” “If you steal wherever possible..” “..bag is full.” “Find a job that will..” “..take you to places.” “Find a way to..” “..make your life great.” “Duffer!” “It’s you! Duffer!” “Duffer!” “Guntur Talkies!
Show has started, watch it.” “Guntur Talkies.
Whistle and sing.” “Guntur Talkies.
Buy the ticket.” “Guntur Talkies.
Guntur Talkies.” “Guntur Talkies.
Giri is too old.” “Guntur Talkies.
Hari is troublesome.” “Guntur Talkies.
If they both become one..” “Guntur Talkies.
Guntur Talkies.” “Excuse me!”


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