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Meet Suryanarayana… He is blessed with a child
but God took away his loving wife. Out of pure love,
he named his child Kanna (darling). You don’t do that, son… The pots will break and the plants will rot…
– No, son… What happened to my darling?
– Nothing really. I just asked him not to kick
the flowerpots. Darn the flowerpots. I’ll get a hundred more. How dare you ruin his happiness.
Move away! You kick them all, son…
I’m there with you. Push… He loved his son unconditionally
after the death of his mother. He also understood that excessive pampering
made him a notorious child. A teacher used to beat him up
because of his notorious behavior. One day she… He had two habits from his childhood… One, he’d dance like no one is watching
when he is extremely happy! Two, when someone does something wrong,
his hand begins to itch! Thank you. The itching won’t stop
till he beats him. If Surya narayana is contemplating in this chaos,
that means Kanna has come of age. Why are you giving in such a low price? We decided upon another amount
and you are giving me in one. Last night’s amount is a pass. Take it. I’ve seen people cheat a lot… Give me the amount we decided upon else,
unload the vehicle. Once it’s loaded the stuff is mine. Take it if you like… Or forget both the money
and the stuff. Push him… Kanna, you have come to drop me in the yard,
not to get into a fight. Wait uncle… I understood the issue,
let me settle it. Who are you to settle our issue.
Mind your business. This is not your yard to boss around,
not even your grand father’s. Any one can come here and do business. Give that man his due respectfully. What’s bothering you?
– It really bothers him. You can’t take it. Kanna, this is very common
in the yard… Let’s go. Yeah, tell him the way he understands.
– Oh brother… Once my hand begins to itch
I don’t understand anything anyone says. Stop the shit and give him his due. That’s far from happening.
If your hand itches, scratch it! This is not that kind of feeling. I tried. Put some lotion on. That didn’t help either I tried. Then how? How? When I punch like this. Oh… it is already going down… Guys, help him with the itch. When someone does something wrong,
my hand gives the answer. My brain says mass handling is wrong, I end up having a tough time balancing
these two things. You beat up when someone asks
if you did something wrong? Your mustache has grown like that of Veerappan’s
but not your brains. Still… to reduce my itch… You should take the beating. Do your business with honesty… But not this kind of chaos. Guntur and Guntur chilies both
have great reputation in the Telugu states. Don’t ruin it. Wow, now the itch has stopped.
what do you think? Your itching has stopped
He learnt his lesson too. Let’s go.
– Take care. Hey… Chilli… I won’t say anything to you…
Because I have nothing else to say. There’s one thing I understood very well
as I raised you from childhood… What is that, father? It’s better to raise a dog than a son. How can you pass such a statement? It’s not a statement
or philosophy either. The things he did from his childhood
have been giving me too much stress. This little dog is my stress buster. Else what would have happened to me
because of his torture. Stop with that pathetic emotion, dad.
It’s very unlike you. Anyway, lemme tell you
why you liked that puppy… Oh… Why? Basically you have no expectations from it. And a son, you want him to pursue higher studies,
get a great job, Become a scientist, Withheld the reputation of the family
and many such exceptions. Please have no expectations from me. Even I look as cute and chubby… I can get more kisses than it.
What do you think, uncle? Stop your stupid logics… Had you shown such kind of basic logic
in your life. You would have become a much
better person in life. Useless fellow… And you need a gang of jobless friends for this. Why do you scold him so much?
He’s not a spoiled kid. Are you supporting him? If you get him married… he’d get diverted.
He’d get more responsible. You are right, Vishwanadham.
who would get his daughter married to him. Everyone is only trying to escape. No.. there’s a guy named Somesh…
He’s looking for a groom for his daughter. The girl is very nice…
I’ll make arrangements if you are ready. Uncle, I have a doubt… Are you my father’s friend
or a wedding planner? How can you say that to me…
– Shut up. Don’t say anything to him.
We are going to see this girl. If you are scared,
tag your funny friends along with you Put on some ‘fair and lovely’
on to your face and get ready. Go Go. God! Please make sure this alliance is confirmed. If only the bride walks in early.
Even we can start eating. The girl is getting ready.
She’ll take another 15 minutes, Please don’t mind. That’s okay, Can we have sweets in mean while…
– Oh please, those are for you to eat. Oh… thanks uncle. Eat… eat… I unnecessarily told him
to call these fellows to come. Dad, I’ll just attend to this call and come back. Who is calling you now?
Must kill the guy who made cell phones.. Go. Phone? Darn… It’s a bad habit… Hey, Kanna, come here…
the girl is ready. What are you staring?
Give me that phone… See…
– Please get the girl… Come dear… Look at the pretty girl.. Yeah.. he’s looking… Look at the girl… He’s the only guy
who’d look at a girl like that. So, you like the girl? His eyes are saying it all.
Do you need verbal validation from him? No more discussions…
let’s exchange commitments. What do you say?
– Yes… We’d be happy to hear it
from the groom, Mr. Surya Narayana. Kanna… Say it, son.
they won’t believe it otherwise… I want to think about it in solace
and tell you.. They’d like to talk to the girl personally.
what will you think about in solace People think differently these days. Let him go… You have such an understanding father-in-law… Go!
– We’ll keep eating in meanwhile… What did you decide?
– It’s okay… tell… Did you like the girl? Looks like he’s a shy guy. He’s hesitating to admit
among so many people. I am not shy!
I didn’t like the girl… If you like the girl you must tell on the spot.
If you don’t, you tell us personally. You did this because you are not interested
in getting married, right? We went with the excitement of finding a girl¦
but… you ruined it. Don’t get stressed, father.
you have a stress buster, right? Oh, dear… Bhasha bro, one tea…
– Okay, bro.. Bro, I have a doubt… The bride we saw was beautiful, right?
why did you reject her? Well…
– Well what? Well…
– Stop it and tell us the truth.. I liked the bride’s friend more… Oh, that’s what you were eyeing on…
– You checked out the bride’s friend. You are pretty amazing. I went crazy when I saw that girl..
My mind got disconnected looking at her. It took melots of time
to become sober. You liked her so much, bro? She’ll definitely fall for you.
She’s so yours! Hey kid… Love is not a child’s play.
go and serve tea! Ok… Bro, I don’t think this is love… You just seem disturbed
because of that girl’s beauty, Go and take a cold water shower,
everything will be alright… I’ll punch you straight! My love is sincere.
Feels like I can’t live without her… I love her that much. How can you love someone
so much at first sight. That too it’s him. Why would you say that… Desire is stronger than love,
I read it on a vehicle long back… Oh… Well said! Since I have seen that girl,
I feel like someone has pierced through my heart… How are you taking the pain, bro?
– We don’t believe in your love. You must convince us
to make us believe in your love. Say it, bro!
– Say it, Kanna bro! “She’s floating colors,
she’s a pinch in the heart” “She’s the cherub of the moon,
a beautiful angel” “Swear to the Taj Mahal, her color is bright” “Swear to the Kohinoor, her heart is pure” “All doors open towards this beautiful queen” “All doors open towards this beautiful queen” “She’s not an ordinary girl” “The wave touches me” “How did she take birth?” “I love her unconditionally.” Lord Brahma made her
with all the time and patience” “He pulled her cheeks maybe” He looked at her beauty
and purged away evil’s eye” “Could be all green…” “If one wants to write poems about her beauty” “There are no words to describe her beauty” “She’s not an ordinary girl” “The wave touches me” “How did she take birth?” “I love her unconditionally.” Now it looks like your deep in love, bro. It’s going to be difficult to love someone
you don’t know. When angel’s walk on earth… Wars are inevitable… Seshu, come to the rice mill immediately. If you think I am interfering with a goon
and will excuse you about it… You hit my man after knowing the fact
that he is our man… I am not a random goon…
to keep quiet. I am a sitting MLA. I don’t know what you are going to do Seshu…
Finish him immediately. Yes… Don’t spare him. Finish him. Seshu, have you gone mad? I told you to kill him not my guy. He will also instruct me? Don’t spare him. Finish him off. Why do you have such a mammoth of an ego?
Will you kill him for that? Anyways… One can file a attempt to murder case
on Babji for hitting him. He’s dead… So you can directly slam him
on charges of murder. His world will come to an end in the prison. Okay? Seshu, you are not an ordinary guy… You relieved me from my worries. I love you. It’s right what you seen and hear. But he is not criminal.
He is famous criminal lawer in Guntur. Seshu’s name sends shivers down the spine
to the local politicos, cops and goons… Because if he gets angry he can charge
any case against anyone. Thank you for helping us win the case.
– That’s all right. Thank you very much, sir. Hey, kiss me… kiss me… Go. Ego, pride, irritation, intolerance and attitude… Are all the negative traits
that he carries on his head. A week ago an incident happened. Chanti, get me a cup of tea… Give me…
– wait. Can’t help. What, Chanti? New dress and shoes,
what’s the matter…? Are you getting married? It’s his birthday today.
He went to the temple… Amazing. Happy Birthday!
– Thanks, brother. What about our treat?
– How can I treat you, bro? My mother does a day job, father’s dead. I am working to help mother
in her finances.. My entire month’s earnings are not enough
to treat you for a day. Okay, bro, don’t pay for the tea.
Consider it as my treat. Darn you, I was kidding. I’ll treat them all on your behalf. okay? Okay, bro.
– Bro… Come to Nagarjuna grand tonight…
Cake cutting must be the highlight. Mr. Koteshwar Rao…
– Yes. Do you know why I am helping you
with everything? Don’t imagine that you are smart
just because you are a criminal lawyer… God has bestowed us with some brains. This is my fourth time as a MLA. He has become old.
Won’t stand for the next election… And I don’t have a heir… Your eyeing my ticket, right? You have lots of brain not little… I have earned a lot from my cases…
I am bored now. I have to reach the next level… What do you think? How can you help me.
don’t we know about each other? It’s better that you get the seat
than anyone else… Let’s get an appointment from the CM
and talk to him first. Hey, come here.. What’s with the noise?
– It’s a birthday party sir… Send them away…
– Send them off… Wait… the beers are here…
– Beer… Bloody chaos. Beer for us, cake for you.
– Excuse me.. If you don’t mind… you must leave.
– Why? Did someone tell you that we don’t have money
or you think we’ll dodge paying the bill? My owner thinks you are very noisy.
He’s asking you to leave. If you think we are noisy, you must ask us
to lower our tone but not ask us to leave. How can you talk to us like that… I’ll see to it.
Come here… Why are they still here? Sir, they are refusing to leave. Refusing? Darn douche bags… What do you think you guys are doing? Sir, today is my birthday.
My brother is throwing us a party.. Please have some cake, sir. Why would I… as if you are a celebrity… Chanti…
Why are you hitting the little kid like that What are you blabbering? I will send them, sir..
– Leave immediately… How dare you give me a back answer?
I’ll kill you… You alone don’t know
how to break a beer bottle. Even I do. If you are crazy, mad and other things alike…
show it in public.. There are many people like you out there. I top that list… Things are good when in discipline,
If we miss discipline. This is how it would be. Seshu has no idea who beat him up.
Kanna has no idea whom he beat up! There’s an unsaid relationship
between them now. May I come in sir. Inquired in the bar…
they have no idea about them. Moreover they had cake smeared on their face…
it would be very difficult to identify But one guy had a clear face… They can identify him¦ We’ll take the bar’s staff
and look for that guy in Guntur… But it will take some time.. It’s okay… You can leave.
– We’ll find him at any cost… Don’t struggle too hard…
carry on, Ramesh. Okay sir. The CI just spoke to me.
Bar staff can identify one guy… Take him and look for that guy in Guntur.
what would be the size of Guntur… It’s a small city. Maximum 15 kilometers surrounding… It won’t take more than a month… Look, Alex… His death must be a mysterious example
in the history of crime. I like to kill people that way. We had to tell this to you because,
Kanna is madly is love with Seshu’s sister. The moment I saw her…
I forgot everything else… In that moment I forgot the world… I’ll be blessed if I get her… Wow.. well said, bro.
– Amazing, brother. This is not from Facebook… These are my true feelings
in the form of a poem.. You can’t read Telugu properly… We finally understand the depth of your love
towards our sister. Sorry bro, we misunderstood you. No problem…
– You must get the girl… But for that we must find the girl…
– How… give me some ideas… She’s the friend of the girl
you met at the match making, right? Yes… If we ask her, she’ll give us her details.
It’s that simple. He rejected that girl on her face. She’ll beat him up if he asks for these details… Doesn’t matter if she hits me. I need her details.
we don’t have any other option. You have solved my problem in a way. You have an amazing brain.
Your help won™t go waste… I owe you for this…
– Oh… thanks. I’ll surely do something for you… He will do something for me… I’ll go find out more details aboutyour sister… All the best…
– Bye. What will he do to you! You? I didn’t do it by mistake, sister. I really fell on your feet. Just because you didn’t like me
that doesn’t make me your sister… I can understand your anger… Bu I have a solid reason
to not have liked you.. Did someone say that I have a bad character? No. Nothing like that… On that day beside you… I fell in love with your friend
who wore green and pink colored dress. I couldn’t see her after that… I was looking for her while my father
forced me to meet you… My mind was full of her… While only my body was present… Then I saw her there… If I get married to you
with some other girl in my heart, That would be morally, ethically
injustice to you, right? You still think I am wrong?
– Not at all… There are very few guys
who think so deeply. I’d like to askyou something
if you won’t feel bad. I am struggling to find out
details about that girl.. If you can help me with that… you’d help in building our love. I’ve no issues with that..
– Thanks… But I doubt if she will fall in love with you. Why? Did someone say that my character is bad? I can imagine how bad you must have felt
about this. Don’t feel bad. He rejected you among so many people, He lacks no common sense.
Consider yourself lucky to not have him in your life. Think positive. An ill mannered guy like that
will never find a girl. A worse, useless guy like that
will never get married this lifetime. Do you think she’ll love you? It’s difficult… But I will tell her the value of my love No harm in trying…
just bachelorhood status will change. Okay, all the best… Her name is Amrutha.
Her brother Seshu is a lawyer They live in Vidyanagar. Amrutha… Please don™t tell her that
I gave you her details. She’ll kill me
if she finds out. Please don’t tell her that
I took her details from you. Okay, bye.
– Bye. Amu… I am coming. Lord, please see to it that no evil forces follow me
and all goes well. I didn’t like the girl. Why is he here? What? I didn’t come to the temple. I came to talk with you.
– For what? To apologize for rejecting Divya
among so many people? You want me to say that to her? Are you shameless?
I will never listen to you. Lord Shiva… if she didn’t listen to this… She’ll kill me if I propose. Please help, Shiva. God is great. I am not here for that…
– Then? At that match making ceremony… At that match making ceremony? When I saw you…
– What happened? My friend fell in love with you
when he saw you.. Please don’t look at me like that,
its freaking me out. My friend is a shy guy.. Since he couldn’t confess his love,
he sent me to you. I’ll break him apart. Let him know. But he loves you sincerely. Are you a broker? I am his friend. I am the type
who would do anything for a friend. I am helping him to achieve his love. Never mind that.
Tell your friend… Not to have such kind of hopes from me
– I already told him… It’s madness to fall in love at first sight… But he doesn’t listen…
and those poems and songs about you… Our ears are bleeding… He is smoking like a chimney
and is not letting us sleep at night… Idiot. Oh so, he smokes… Why? I hate smokers. Oh.. so what..
I’ll tell him to quit smoking… That you don’t like smokers… Can’t he sacrifice that for your love.. He will quit…
I’ll tell him.. I don’t care if he smokes or not. Ask him to stop loving me.
– Okay. Whom did you put in a fix?
– Suspense.. I’ll tell you when time comes. Don’t worry. Be brave! My foot… I freak out
when if comes to the ladies. You guys can’t help my love directly. At least be of some help indirectly.
– Ok bro. We want nothing more
than your successful love story. We’ll be useful…
– Have a smoke. No. I quit smoking. You can’t do without smoking, right? Your sister will kill me. Oh…
– See you. Greetings sir…
– Greetings. What is your boss doing?
– He’s inside. Why are you sitting in such dull light?
I spoke to the CM. He’s gave us an appointment for next week.
We must confirm and talk to him. Why aren’t you speaking? Is this for him? Where will he go?
You’ll find him. But such things must be taken lightly.
now seat is more important… Hello, sir..
– What™s the progress, Alex? We looked at surrounding areas
public spaces and main center.. Search fast… His death shouldn’t be normal… I’ll look forward for you to kill him. King kong…
Look everywhere in the colony… Tell me when you find your sister Amrutha
– Ok brother… Ask him to leave…
– You can eat later go… go. Basha, he needs a lighter…
– Ok brother. You feel happy with his death… That’s my promise. The file will be closed if you sign here One minute Alex…
– Ok sir. What? When there is an important meeting going on…
you should knock the door.. You should ask ‘May I com in please.’
don’t you know that. Don’t you know that… Go.
– Sir… May I come in sir? Come in. Alex… don’t relax. Take this very seriously…
– Ok sir. There is fun in your friendship… But very bad with enemies… What is this? He is some young guy…
he doesn’t know about us… Such a mess for that? I can’t leave him so easily… Till he dies. Wow. See you…
– Bye. Good morning. Why did you come again? I told him that you don’t like smoking… He quit smoking immediately
after I told him. For the sake of love…
would anyone leave such a old habit? His love is very great. Tell him I don’t love him. I don’t care if he smokes or quits… Don’t irritate me…
– I told him the same. That you wouldn’t love him…
And not to keep hopes on you. Do you know what he said… Love is not a habit to quit… It is something great
It come from bottom of the heart… He said I’ll quit smoking…
but I can’t stop loving that girl… He told me about many things…
– So what are saying. He smokes around five cigarettes everyday… He smokes around five packets while drunk… But yesterday night…
after drinking around 10 beers… He didn’t touch a cigarette… So he drinks? You don’t like drinking? I hate drinkers. Cooling is great bro…
Have it. how do you drink it these beers…
cooling, gas and bad taste. Useless fellow. it is going down the throat greatly Nothing can beat this taste.
– Drink… drink… What is this great change in you? That is, your sister hates those drinking… You are sacrificing too much
for a girl not sure to fall in love I will do anything for Amrutha… We are ignorant bro…
– We could not recognize the great lover in you, Ok, he won’t drink anyway.
let us drink I gave up drinking… Understood, we also should not drink. We had a great time last night…
it was a blast. Who is drinking there?
get out… What is bothering you…
when we are drinking here. I am saying not to drink
Why do say why for me, idiot? He is gone. Brother is busy thinking about sister… We’ll handle this. Hold it…
– Bro… Why are you hitting him unnecessarily?
Let him go… What do you care boss…
Go do your work. I’m not the type to be calm when so much
is happening in front of my eyes. I am a guy to mess with it, let him go Don’t unnecessarily get into this boss, go Hey, if I get into something
that means I need it You look like a swollen ox,
don’t you get it? He hit you hard… Shall we go to the hospital? Oh no… Bro.. You know what happened there? I know… He hit you badly…
– You know that? Even after knowing, you didn’t help me… I went to him with a confidence
that you are here. Why didn’t you come? When I am asking here,
why do you turn your head… That means… has sister said
she hate all these fights? I hate street fight. What love is this bro? darn love! Make a list of things she doesn’t like
and stop everything at once. What are these installments,
I am getting rotten here. Still, no use giving up all she hates. If you give what sister likes,
she gets impressed. Your love would be a success. Bro… Bro… Your brains isn’t an ordinary one. Genius… I will not let you go empty
for giving such a great idea. I can’t keep it. I will put this in my account.
– Go on, Yes I will do something for him…
– It seems, bro will do something to me I will be on the job
to know what your sister likes. Let us meet again, bye…
– Bye… Kanna is keeping calm these days
not getting into any fights Yes…
– That is what I wanted all these days. I am very happy… Youngsters of this generation
have a full clarity on life. They know till when to be mischievous
and when to be responsible. We don’t need to worry at all. We were naughty guys while studying… It makes us very happy
when we think of those days. Suri was our gang leader those days…
– Yes… It was a great courage
when he was beside us. Our entire batch has settled well. One in job, one in business, One in politics¦
all are in good positions. We are no less…
we are happy with our lifes… Hey Suri… You didn’t change at all. Without depending on anyone…
to live great in what we have. They should learn from you. Why such big dialogues… We have met here for a time pass right?
Come on enjoy… If you say about Amrutha likes and her habits are,
I will go on… She loves pets and is crazy about lotus… Hey Sweety, you should do me a help. There, that angle coming in Pink dress. She is your sister-in-law.
You should near her and stop She likes your breed a lot. She would take you home
and take care of you happily… Hey, if you come back home by mistake saying
to have remembered your dad being home sick I will hit you on the back. Because many animals like doves and snakes… All such breeds sacrificed a lot
for love in the past. Coming to that matter,
yours is in no way a sacrifice, But just a separation. You know why? Because me and your sister-in-law
are going to marry in a few days. Then, you can get into the lap of her
and come back home immediately. They say dogs are the reflections of loyalty. The time has come to prove your loyalty… Go dog and prove your loyalty. Go, my dear short dog. Wow… So cute… Why is nobody here? Whom do you think this belongs? Anyways you like pets, right?
Take it home… I like it… Say if you don’t want,
I will take it home. No, I will take it home. Why are you sad, dad?
Did you remember mom? My cutie pie!
Someone stole my stress buster. Leave it dad,
we will find it. It was my life…
Why do you say not to worry? I took care of it like my daughter. I thought it would cover up the pain
of not having girl child. Some bloody idiot, rascal, Fool has stolen it from me. It would be found, don’t scold. Hey, why do you say not scold that thief.
– Bloody thief… Hey, go to the Police station immediately… Give a complaint saying my cutie is missing What can the Police do?
waste of time. I am here, right? Our cutie will back home exactly in three months.
– Three months? How could you say so correct? That is, unable to see your pain¦ Kanna… what did you say?
– Dad… You could not see me
going through this… Wow! Cute,
it is so cute. You like pets?
– I like them a lot… Hey, even our idiot loves pets a lot. Tastes of you both are same to same. Actually this pet is not mine. I found it. This is not the one sent by your friend, right?
– No, it cannot be so. If he has to give anything to you,
I am the mediator right? Will he get direct without me knowing that?
– As far as I know, he wouldn’t do that… Because he has great trust over me. Somehow, I have great doubts on this. Ask your friend to come once. He fears a lot, poor guy.
He will not come at all. I am anyways here, right? Don’t over act,
he is the one in love with me right? Yes, it’s him.
for sure¦ Then ask him to come… That is it? Don’t be afraid brothers… I am giving the chance to play a lover
to one from you. Make a good use of it. Come on…
– No. I know that you will not come.
– That is why I will choose the lucky one. What a beautiful face¦
It’s you… Come… I won’t come. I will not leave you, do something to you,
will put in your account and will repay you¦ Thought something else…
I never thought you would backstab me I won’t come… Don’t fear bro, nothing will happen. How is it possible? I always commented girls from far
but have never seen them from close till now. I am going still, I cannot handle. Not just the limbs, but nothing works. You were backing up his love
from the beginning… You deserve this… Go and settle it now. Is that you? Are you the eternal lover
so sincerely in love with me? Yes madam… Seeing at your face and personality,
you don’t look like a sincere lover. What exactly is the relation between
a sincere lover, face and personality. Still you know, I am a very dedicated
and sincere lover. Oh… really? Come close to me once… Will she give a kiss? Oh no, I should have brushed in the morning Kanna would feel bad… Why did you slap me? Enough of your crying.
Go call him… Whom? That same fellow…
– Who is that madam? Kanna… You know it? He is sincerely in love with you madam. Anyways all good has happened. You know I am a good guy and decent guy…
– Ok, why are you saying it to me I mean, you can guess about knowing
one friend from the group. There is a quotation… So… you can judge him as a good guy
and love him happily. Really? Why did you hit again? Why can’t I judge you seeing him? That you are a fool and idiot like him¦ Don’t give all idiotic logics and send him. You are very intelligent madam.
– Thanks. She hit very hard. Are you frightened? I am getting tensed dude…
I am going still Everything will get work automatically
once you go there. Be brave. Go. Come… How did you get to know? As you have falling behind me regularly,
I got a doubt… Asked Divya seriously. I myself said as he said serious and sincere.
Sorry Amrutha. Thanks… But mine is not acting. Sincere love. Seeing your fantastic performance
I was addicted and didn’t ask though I knew. I let you continue as the concept was good
and also that you were entertaining me. Because giving anything is easy, Enough to spend money and time, But letting go anything we like
is very difficult. Sacrifice! That is in you.
– Thank you. That means you love me right? No.. This is life here
and we cannot commit so easily. Go do your work… Hello, I will give my life for love. Promise. “Will place you on the head, will hide in the heart
Will take care of you like an angel¦ Promise” “Becoming a tattoo for hundred years
will be with you¦ Promise” “I will write love a billion times…
If I love¦ Promise” “My eyelid blinks seeing you
I cannot be without you¦ Promise” “Heart beat changed like your name” “Either tear, cut, kill or bury” “I will not leave you dear,
you are my Barbie doll” “Scratch or stamp over me,
or throw me into river” “I will never forget you, you are my sparkle” “Life without you cannot even be thought of” “I can’t breathe, what to do?” “The only life I have
is dedicated it to you” Why to live if you say no? “If you throw a small smile
I will fly into skies like a rocket” “Don’t reject with eyes,
I will fall down like a star on to earth” “Whenever you come,
it is then a festival for me” “Either tear, cut, kill or bury” “I will not leave you dear, you are my Barbie doll” “Scratch or stamp over me,
or throw me into river” “I will never forget you, you are my sparkle” “Love will be as much as the anger that exists” “Nothing wrong, get angry as much you need” “Closeness comes as we go far away” “Go far if you want to make it true” “Those two eyes…
to meet with two more eyes” “Why is there one heart
To give that with love to another heart” “Don’t act stubborn like you don’t know” “Either tear, cut, kill or bury” “I will not leave you dear,
you are my Barbie doll” “Scratch or stamp over me,
or throw me into river” “I will never forget you, you are my sparkle” Ammu, you still don’t believe in my love? Tomorrow is my birthday. Meet me and wish me. I will think about you in the night… Suppose, if I feel like trusting you, I will propose you. If not, I will say thank you. Ok bye. You girls would never say anything straight. You kill us making hang in the middle heaven. Gods must be crazy. Files must go…
– Ok sir. Hello, it is me. It seems CM came to Hyderabad,
he gave an appointment for tomorrow. Hyderabad right? No need of flight,
we shall happily go early morning in car. It would also be comfortable for me to smoke Oh, you need to smoke… Ok, we’ll go by road.
– Ok. Hi brother… Wish you a very happy birthday.
– Thank you brother Amrutha, I have a very important meeting with CM. Sorry, I can’t be there for your celebrations
– It’s ok brother… That is an important work. Hello… Sir we found him. I know the person
who hit you the other day. I am going to him now… Ok, good job. I will call you back. Amrutha, I heard a good news
on your birthday. I found one thing for which
I had been waiting for long. I am very happy today…
Happy birthday once again. Ok brother, happy journey.
– Thank you Hey, start the vehicle. Sir, that’s him. That’s him sir… Follow that guy… Wish you a happy birthday Amu. I wish to give the same happiness
in your face life long. I love you dear. Alex, did you find him?
– Yes sir, I found him. He is in romance with some girl.
– Push her and finish him. Kill that fellow
and send his pictures on WhatsApp I thought a lot about you yesterday night. But came here blank
without taking any decision. But, I fell for that one statement you told me. Any girl would expect the same
from the guy she would like to marry. Really… I love you. Kanna, I’ll meet you later…
My sister-in-law would be waiting for me. Bye Why is he dancing like a mad guy? Killing him now, he would die
without knowing that fact, Lucky fellow… My hands itch a lot
and I had actually stopped everything for love. Why are you guys scratching me? I’ll rage if you do so… I will get heated up if I rage… You will have it bad
if I get heated up. Hello sir!
Can I see your beautiful face once? Oh no, who are you?
You look like son of Mukesh Rishi. Sir… sir… Who are you
and why did you come to hit me? I hit them badly…
Someone please tell me… sir. What kind of phone is this,
working even in such a heavy rain? Hello… What happened Alex?
Have you finished him? Who are you dear,
shivering so in anger How can they finish me…
I finished them. Aren’t you dead, rascal.
– Hey… I am in a happy mood
as my love is a success, why are you asking like am I dead,
have they killed and so on? Still what was such a great sin or crime
for me to die? You hit me. I hit many people from my childhood dear,
who are you dear? Nagarjuna grand night 11:30, Did you forget birthday of that kid, you rascal. Oh, are you that crazy idiot? Keeping that in mind
you sent so many to kill me You are not any ordinary person. Yes, I am not an ordinary person. Seshu, criminal lawyer Seshu. Her brother is Seshu, criminal lawyer. People fear listening to my name in Guntur. You hit me and moving around happily I put men to search you like a mad guy. Hey, do not celebrate for escaping now.
– Your death is for sure. Sorry sir, it happened unknowingly. Please forget about it sir. How can I forget about it?
– You did a big mistake. You should die crying badly
for messing with me. Sorry sir, I am saying right?
Please leave it. Please sir. I will not leave you,
I will show you my power. Keep watching. Hey, stop it… You did a mistake and I hit you. Why don’t you listen
when I apologize for hitting you? I am not any outsider living in Guntur
to fear and be frightened thinking of you. I am brought up in this same Guntur
eating the hot chili here. I too am Guntur guy. What will you show me… My foot. I’m saying it now… Leave the matter here.
It is good for us both. Understood?
– You are challenging me. You are very arrogant,
I will see your power. Come on…
if that is true… I will show you itch of my hands too. Hey… wait for me. I am waiting. Sorry bro, I couldn’t take his beating
I told him the truth. I’ll slap you…
Looks like a he-man in personality Couldn’t take the beating it seems…
– we survived till now as we had cake on our faces Darn… we all would have been safe
if this fellow had cake on his face. Bro, we heard about that Seshu
But we never saw him. And you directly messed with him. Now, why will he give
Amrutha to you in marriage? How will I know
that it will happen like this? Whatever, I can’t let go Amrutha
I will do anything for her. Either Amrutha or my dad should not know
about this matter. I, myself will tell them
at the right moment. Understood?
– Yes. You challenged me…
– See my itch, Come on… Wait for me.
– Seshu, CM sir is calling Hello sir…
– Hello. Mr. Koteswar told about you…
I also came to know that you can spend money. You have a good community strength too. I don’t have any problem giving you a ticket
we will do it. But as per the information I got, came to know that
you are short tempered, blabber a lot, impatient Look Mr. Seshu, such things will not work in politics
you should be very controlled. Though we have many faults in us,
public should not get to know about those. Be careful in this matter. I am there to take care of all those… Ok, there is still a long time
start doing your ground work. We shall talk about the next later…
– Thank you sir. Seshu, you are becoming big personality soon, You are becoming an MLA very soon. What? Ok, I understood. That fellow is poking in your heart
and is not letting you enjoy this happiness You think I don’t have that pain? Still, what did CM say inside?
He said we should be very polite during such times. Yes… I’m not saying to leave him. Finish him secretly using your criminal brain. I will not kill him immediately Koteswar Rao sir. He will happily go if killed. He hit me, added he challenged me. I will show him
what I can do. I will show him that
between life and death there is hell…. He wishes to die
experiencing the torture I will kill him in such a way…
He would be waiting for his own death. He will see
what Seshu can do. Let’s go… Hello…
– What are you doing, Hero? I was thinking it would be great
if you call me. You must be tired thinking about me
for so long come home, take me out now. Oh no, looks like Amrutha
is grown courageous Nothing like that,
my brother went to Hyderabad. It takes time for him to come back,
This is the free time. It’s difficult to get such a chance…
So, let us use it to the fullest. “Feels like to have covered the globe
Feels like to have crossed the sea” “Feels like I climbed the Everest” “Feels like dancing on the moon
Feels like moving in the galaxy” “I feel like jumping in the clouds” “Heart is repeatedly pushing me towards you” “No idea what is this wonder, but is great” “My heart is getting in to you
and refusing to come back” “I like this a lot feels like
great celebration every second” “Feels like sky is in reach with you beside me” “My life is fulfilled with you as my company” “Unknown pleasure is really great” “My heart said not to ask about it” Who is that girl Kanna?
– Which girl? The girl you are talking to
– Oh her? I was telling her some address. When there are so many people,
why did she ask you? Ok, wait… I’ll ask her and say.
No need… Ok, enough of your wandering.
Come home fast now. “It feels new and a pleasure is on” “It came to me like a shadow of moon light” “Never seen beauty has come before me” “I feel great tension never like before” “I am always into your thoughts” “I am always dreaming about you” “Unknown pleasure is really great” “My heart said not to ask about it” Is she asking you about ladies toilet? Dear.. you seem to be cute and mannered
and like a girl from a good family How did you fall for our hot Guntur guy? Did he trick you into this relation? No, nothing so uncle.
He told only truth Did you like him
even after he said the truth? I liked him just because of that uncle. You look to be a clever girl.
Not just my son but even I like you. “Till date when you were not near” “I never observed me being here” “Heart beat changed only after meeting you” “Life says your company should be there” “My hope and breath are always you” “Your smile gave assurance with me” “Unknown pleasure is really great” “My heart said not to ask about it” Bye… What?
– Give me a kiss and go. Here? No shame? Will we lose the chance
for shame? Leave me… It would not look good
if someone see us. Nobody can see us in this darkness, come. Good night. These girls are so.
They keep teasing and finally trap. Girls must be crazy Get up… Wait here…
we will take care of her. Did you save that girl last night?
– Yes sir… Was nobody there that time?
– No one sir Ok, you wait here. Sir… Do you know anything about them? Not yet sir.
I called all the suspects… Once she gets conscious,
we will get to know who they were sir. Don’t worry sir…
I will take care of it. Ok… thank you sir. Inspector sir, you can question her now Look madam, I have got all the suspects Identify him…
there is no need for you to fear anyone. Rascal, you raped and thought she is dead Then joined her in the hospital
thinking no one would get a doubt. What a great plan Show him hell… Oh no… Sir… sir… My son knows nothing. You are beating him unnecessarily… Oh, you think we have no work
and brought him here to do time pass.. Are you supporting him for the dirty thing he did
instead of tearing him apart? What kind of father are you?
Are you not ashamed? No sir, he will never do such thing… You arrested him thinking as someone else… The same girl who got raped
pointed at him and showed him. Shall we leave him or should felicitate him? Enough of crying, go now
and prepare for his after death formalities. Oh no sir, this is all not justified.
– Subbu… He is talking about justice near the Police station.
Is this not funny? Push him out.
– Move on man, move. You will not get a bail in this case
wherever you go. Lawyer Seshu planned all this
and he wantedly pushed your son into this. No use how much ever you worry. If your son has to come out of this,
go and request him and there maybe some chance. Why would he push my son into this?
– How will I know… About what is there
in between him and your son? I told the information I have…
Go man… go… You are a great guy. Hey Suri babu, what happened? Get the phone number of criminal lawyer Seshu
and message me… I will be waiting. Hello…
– Hello… Who is this? My name is Surya narayana
and I am father of Kanna sir. Tell me…
– You trapped my son into some case… You got him arrested.
I need to speak with you. Come to my office…
– I am coming immediately Whom do you want?
– Seshu sir called me He left just now.. Any idea where did he go?
– To Mr. Koteswar rao place… What is that speed?
Go slowly. Do you think any youngster? You will die.
– Sorry sir. Is Mr. Seshu there?
– He is on the top floor. Go. Yes… roofing is done. Yes, tiles in that fourth floor…
– Greetings sir… I don’t know what my son did.
But he is not a guy doing such bad things. I came to know that you got him into that case. Please let him go. He did a bigger mistake than that.
Shall I let him go? Hey, do you know what he did?
Do you know? What has he done sir?
– He hit me. Shall I let him go? Why did he hit you sir?
– Go and ask him. Go and ask whether he hit
getting high or not knowing me. May be he didn’t know sir… Either knowing or unknowing,
I will not leave that idiot. I have been searching from a month, With the ego to have escaped
he challenged with me. How do I let him go? Sir, I am apologizing on his behalf. Please leave him sir… I should leave him…
for his sorry it seems… I will kill your son and ask you to forgive. Will you leave me? No chance that I leave him… Sir, do not say so.
He is my life I will do anything for him.
Please don’t harm him sir. Will you do anything?
Then fall on his feet and ask to forgive. Maybe he would melt a bit. Seshu, is that fine with you? Ok…
– He agreed. Look, you will not get such bumper offer again.
Go, go and catch his feet. What are you staring at? Oh, you are his father… I think both of you
have the same genes… The same attitude
and the same behavior! I will bring that down… Ramesh…
– Tell me sir… What is he doing? He is taken third degree for the third time
and is just relaxing sir Our guys are going for a tea break sir.
We will start again after the tea break sir. Switch the speaker on.
– Ok sir… It would be good even
if he listens to what is happening there… Finish him in the cell itself, is it possible? You know it, right sir?
It would be a problem with media.. If you give me half an hour time,
I will take him out… Finish in encounter
saying he tried to escape. Ok… Ok, do it…
– Sir, no sir. I will catch your feet sir…
– No father… Hey Ramesh, wait. Looks like the stubbornness has come down.
Emotion looks good. Yes sir, I will catch your feet… No father… Come on, he is saying to catch.
Let him go, poor fellow Ramesh..
– Yes sir… Leave him and I will say what to do next Ok sir… Hey stop it. Don’t touch me… I will not touch cheap fellows like you,
even if it is my leg. Koteswara Rao sir, You just said it so
and he believed it, What?
– Poor fellow, love on his son is like that. Hey, go and say your son that
you came down a lot to save him But could not save him. Come on cry! His hands itch a lot, it seems It’s all gone now… Do you think it is over so fast? He will die in encounter… You will die with the pain of losing son. Die witnessing how it feels
messing with Seshu. Get out. Kanna… Kanna… Kanna… Father…
– Kanna… What is this son?
– Father… You should not cry father.
I will not leave him for insulting you. Shut up… Not that you do something to him, but he trapped you into a case
where you don’t even get a bail. My fear is how you would come out of this.
– Don’t be afraid father… I will somehow come out of this father…
– How? How? That is why I said not to get into such fights
and you did not listen to me… See, what has happened now. Am I still alive to see you like this? Dad, don’t cry.
Believe me dad, believe me. Kanna… Hello sir… I heard you are contesting as MLA
and came to know that ticket is confirmed. There are many unions such as Dwakra, Anganwadi
and senior citizen education in rural I organize all those activities. Good. Very good. I have around 10, 000 ladies votes with me. I wish to support you in the coming elections. What are you expecting? Nobody serves without any use, right?
Please tell me what are you expecting. If you ask me so directly¦
– No problem, say me Up to two crore¦ Cr is become a joke these days.
What do you think a crore is? They get ready like vultures to loot
when someone newly enters politics. I know well how to graph the ladies votes. Ladies means the sentimental fools. They watch meaningless daily soaps… Get connected to the incidents
like their own and keep crying. I very well know how to get
the votes of those fools. Go and look into your work. You are insulting ladies a lot… Yes, they are so for me. Go! Vijaya… hey Vijaya What happened hubby?
– Can you not listen? Cigarettes are over. Are there any?
– No hubby Hey Ramu… Sir… Cigarettes are over. get my brand urgently.
– Ok sir… Tell me sir.. Cigarettes at home are over. Bring a carton and keep it at home
once the shop is opened. Cut the call.
– Ok sir… Sir… They don’t have any cigarettes… He doesn’t have any cigarette? Move… No cigarettes at all?
– Yes sir, not available You crazy idiot, why did you keep this shop
with no cigarettes? What shall I do
when his stock is over sir? Go and lick his feet, bloody fool… Leave it Seshu sir, take the cigarette. When I gave one cigarette feeling pity
why has he taken the whole pack? Yes, coming… Stop… stop… Yes, tell me… One minute… Sir, you should not speak while driving.
You have to pay the fine. Do you know me?
Speaking rules with me Whoever you are,
mistake is a mistake… We have our rules sir, pay the fine. Stopping my vehicle is a mistake. Lawyer, criminal lawyer Seshu here, You are after all a constable
and don’t over act. I will not pay, do whatever you can. Hey… move. Hi everybody, welcome to wake up citizen. In our channel showing the behavior
of our politicians in real And showing the awareness
in entertaining manner. You know how popular has
this program become… We have seen the behavior
of many politicians. But now you are going to see… The behavior of criminal lawyer Seshu
who got the MLA ticket of Guntur one in this episode. Some are aware of him in Guntur
as a chain smoker, As a chain smoker, high in anger,
ego and rigid. Let us now see a real episode
how it would be if he comes into politics. This is his way. He has no respect at all on a normal citizen,
Government employee, law and finally even a lady. Hey, go do your work… He hit us Seshu,
it maybe that fellow. Hello Seshu sir… I am Surya narayana Father of Kanna. Are you good sir?
I am a man having some respect sir. However rude you talk to me,
I will give respect to you and speak sir. You saw the video right? Is the picture quality and sound effects good? By the time you come home sleep… And have a meeting with Koteswara Rao
my son had finished the film sir. Whatever doubts you have about
the picture making, Ask my son and clarify.
Here, talk with my son. Hey Seshu… To earn anything in life is very difficult. But to ruin that is very easy. I know how hard you tried
for the MLA ticket. If I click one send button
for this video to CM and media The nest you built with so much hard work…
will be shattered. You got anger… feel like killing me? Then how should I feel
for insulting my dad so much? Hey, I will not leave you. I won’t leave you… Do you know how would it be
messing with Kanna? You will be shattered… If yours is a criminal brain,
mine is a creative brain. I did so much being in the cell
and you can’t withstand if I am out…. You will shiver. Look, you are a youngster and high on anger. I am saying wishing for your good, listen to me.
Don’t act crazy. Delete that video
and fall on the feet of Seshu… He will forgive you.
You have seen very less of Seshu. I am saying as an elder, listen.
Why do you unnecessarily mess with your death? Thanks a lot sir for saying it… I need to say one matter to you
in this context. Recently when I was chatting in fun
with my friends, I had a problem… Had been to Doctor for a check-up…
He did many tests and asked for my age. I said 26. He got angry and said what is happening
to this generation. He got frustrated a lot and irritated. I was tensed and asked
what was wrong with me. He shouted loud saying I have high BP
in such a small age. I got worried and asked
whether I have any problem. Doctor said problem was not for me
but the one making me get BP. So told the doctor. Hope you understood. How it would be if an youngster like me
gets into a high BP. I am leaving it to your imagination… If you really wish for the good
of your friend Seshu, Warn him… Not to mess with me
and he will be ruined. Ok… what you need? Do you think this is house of my in-laws
to spend my whole life in this cell Or I am a old guy like you
with all wants dead? Say that fellow to take back the case. You are very elder… Hope you understood… Come on agree to it Seshu… Ok… Are you happy now?
Leave it now. Hey Kanna…
I will fix your marriage with Amrutha. It is already delayed because of those idiots.
We shall directly go to her parents and talk to them. Amrutha has no father, dad…
– She will has a mother right? No mother too, it is all her brother.
Whatever, we have to speak with her brother. Say who is he and we shall talk with him. Our criminal lawyer Seshu¦ Why didn’t you tell this fact to me earlier?
– Didn’t want to tense you You want to directly give a shock
and kill with heart attack? Here, Ammu called
when we were talking of her. I will go to a side and talk with love.
You enjoy with these. Hey come on¦ I got call from Ammu. Ammu hi… I tried many times for you
and your phone was switched off. Sorry Ammu, I gave the phone for repair
as it fell down. I miss you dear.
I wish to see you urgently. Now? My brother is at home now. Oh no, I do not know all that.
I am just starting and coming. That is all. I will see brother… Hi… Who is it dear? Delivery boy from Flipkart, brother…
– What did you order? Ipad brother…
– Open it, see and take it. It seems online people these days
are delivering keeping stones in it Ok brother… You saw right? Go now… I will leave from here
if you give me a kiss. Kiss! Please go… Brother will see, go… He will not see, come on… I’ll die in fear, please go I am likely to die
if you don’t give me kiss I am coming to Divya™s marriage tomorrow
and we will see there. Please go… Hey stop… Come here… How is Flipkart sales in Guntur? Oh, pretty good sir. It is very nice… How many are working? Around 40 to 50 sir… Ok, go… Thank you sir… Brother-in-law does not know my face… I unnecessarily got tensed. What?
– Ammu, why has she still not come? Call her bro.. Bro, your brain is extra ordinary… Mine is a normal brain
and do not keep it in my account. You just call and that is enough…
– Do it… it is ringing… Hi Ammu, where are you?
I am waiting here. I am just starting, coming… You promised to give me something today…
Come fast and give that. Do not keep any such hopes… Brothers assistant is also coming
along with me. You should say that
before keeping hopes. It is very difficult to control
after keeping the hopes Ammu Come on, do not pester dear.
I am coming. Bye My dear soldiers… It seems Seshu’s assistant is coming
along with Ammu… Side him out so that he does not disturb
my romantic scene Leave his matter to us… You enjoy in romance with Ammu We will take care of him… Hi…
– Hi… Hello Sekhar sir…
Greetings… You are Sekhar sir, PA of Seshu sir right?
– How are you sir? Do you know me?
– How can we not know you sir… Is there anyone not knowing you in Guntur sir? Hey…
– Sekhar sir… Hey Srinu, Sekhar sir,
Our Seshu sir’s assistant. Hi Sekhar sir…
– we never expected that you would come here. It is our luck to have you sir. Hey, we need to take good care of Sekhar sir. how can we let go when we get to spend time
with a person like Sekhar sir? We will enjoy a lot sir…
– Come on sir, come on All these days, I thought was working
with that mad fellow… There is a good following outside
for me too then. Have you seen the to be husband of Divya?
He is just like a aged pumpkin. He is too aged
and also a comedy face Ammu… What? You said we’ll plan in the marriage, right? Come on, let us search for the place.
– In the marriage? See, there are so many here.
Will you not have any tension at all? Will we waste the lucky moments
we got keeping tension Still, we got to enjoy
each and every moment You say these stupid philosophies greatly. I also kiss great. Come on, we will kiss. I think there is none in this room.
Now nobody can stop us. You need anything? Why will he take if you give,
when there is the young girl with him? Aunties… Bye aunties… Are you so hungry? Food is not still ready… It takes time. Oh… ok
– we will wait… Come on Ammu…
– Looks like it is too busy here… We are friends of Babu…
We came for the marriage and where is he? Are you the friends of my son-in-law?
Wait, I will call him. Hi… Hey Babu rao, super… You look great as the groom… congrats.
– Thanks… Though late, you are marrying in style,
you still look young. I love you… Hey, none here perfectly know
about my age Thus I called only you looking young like me.
– Ok… I love you dear…
– Thank you… See this idiot…
– I couldn’t avoid him… I could not avoid him and called him
as sentiment as he is my childhood friend. Look at his shape like to have lost whole life
after getting married like an old fellow I am saying you very seriously… I will call you as uncle
when I need to talk with you. Don’t feel bad. Hey, I arranged a party for you all…
Enjoy well… Thanks dude, thank you.
– carry on. Uncle it seems, he will call me uncle… I felt this idiot will never get married. Amaravathi became the capital
and his lands got the demand. Finally he got a girl.
He feels like she came for him. Don’t feel bro, drinks are free.
Come on, we shall sip and talk Pour more…
– Sir… There is a talk in Guntur.
Is that true? What is it? That is, work will be done by Seshu
if you fix for it… Also that Seshu sir never does anything
without your advice. Actually you are the main pillar
for the growth of Seshu sir They say no Seshu at all without Sekhar… Oh no, if our mad fellow
gets to know about this, He will not just take out my job
but will kill me too. What are you thinking sir? Many respected me in my life
but none like you. I like your affection… If you ever need anything, ask me
and I will do that for you. We do not need but our Kanna will need
and we will ask then. Hey Kishore…
– what? Has anyone seen the girl
our Baburao is marrying? -No bro… She looks great it seems
and she is too much for our age bar idiot Do you know what build up
is that fellow giving? It seems she got some other match before
and she didn’t like that guy and told on his face… Chose him… she chose
this beautiful face it seems. Does he have so much?
Anybody should believe when it is said right? What guys, how are the arrangements?
– It is great… All the arrangements are fine. Don’t hesitate for anything.
Order for anything you need Ya sure…
– What was the topic of discussion? That one bro, someone had come before
to see Divya, she rejected him on face Later she chose you for marriage… Hey one minute. You continue
and I will be back again. Thank you… Hello excuse me.
you are laughing at me right? That is not your matter sir. We had some joke
and are laughing in that timing sir No, laughs fell in our timing. Definitely, it would be about us…
– No sir, this is a different topic. Will you say or not.
If not, this marriage will not happen. What is that sir?
– What happened sir? I am so, a different person.
Come on say Actually, it was our friend
who happened to see Divya first for marriage sir. We too were with him that day…
– So? Actually, it was not Divya rejecting sir.
Our friend rejected. As you were saying that in reverse,
we got laugh and are laughing sir. That means has Divya lied?
– No… Then, am I boasting out?
– Nothing like that sir Neither this and nor that, then what? What are you saying? I need to know
what exactly had Divya said… This marriage will continue only then,
else cancel. Divya… Divya… Divya… What, you felt like seeing so fast?
– Not that I wanted to see. I came to ask
why you lied to me. When did I lie to you? The match you had got,
you refused him on his face, right? I said….
– Is that true? Yes, it’s true. Why are they saying it’s a lie…
– Who said? Come on, why are you hiding like that? It’s them… You? Kanna said he didn’t like me… I said to like him and said some lies not to
lose this match and somehow set this marriage up. Instead of eating and going away… Why are you ruining this match…
– Sorry Divya Divya…
– Stop it. What they said was true,
You lied to me. Not that Baburao. I said so with a fear to miss you,
but never to cheat you. Still, I will not marry. You want me to marry a girl
rejected by someone else? Is he so courageous
though there is a demand for his land I thought he would never get married. Ammu… stay here. This marriage would be cancelled
if I do not go there. Please… I didn’t mean to cheat you
– I am not listening to you… Hello excuse me… Can I talk to you? Who are you? I was the one who refused Divya
in the marriage looks. But there is a strong reason for that. What is that? Can anyone say such a cute girl not good? She is so beautiful sir..
– Ok… That means my wife is
very beautiful right? But still I will not marry. What happened again sir?
– To believe you, I need to see friend of Divya
you are in love with right away. No way out of this?
– No way. Baby Ammu… Dear… Come out… Oh… What are they doing? He is opened business in the box itself What he said…
is that true? Brother, I should say you a truth… Not just you but even I would say
not to be liking after seeing such a beautiful girl. Sorry Divya…
I will marry you… No more misunderstandings
between us from now. Brother… Is anyone else there in that still box? Cool… cool brother… Marry her…
– Ok sir… It is time for the marriage,
bring the bride and groom Let’s go…
– Come… “Hey, colorful parrot, heat gets on” “Seeing your great beauty” “Hey dear diamond, shall I come behind you
After you call with a whistle” “It is a celebration, with you beside
I got the flowery bed ready” “He is a mass guy and came rushing
He is the dashing Guntur guy” “Seeing, he cuts off.
Be careful about your young age” “Naughty 1000 volts guy
and is alone still in age” “Care of the hot center
and is daring Guntur fellow” “Naughty 1000 volts guy
and is alone still in age” “Care of the hot center
and is daring Guntur fellow” “It’s time to chill now…
walk to the dance floor…” “Put your hands up…” “Here we go…
Break it. take it. get some more.” “Getting to the party mood
rock it dude” “Hey, I am fire brand cracker,
baby you are the match stick” “It is a breaking news
if we both become one” “My age is the airbus and you are my pilot” “Let us do a jolly ride in the clouds” “My hot chili romance is now with you” “Let us become hot couples” “He is a mass guy and came rushing” “He is the dashing Guntur guy” “Seeing, he cuts off.
Be careful about your young age” “Naughty 1000 volts guy
and is alone still in age” “Care of the hot center and is daring Guntur fellow” “Naughty 1000 volts guy
and is alone still in age” “Care of the hot center
and is daring Guntur fellow” Seshu…
– Yes… That kid fooled you.
He cheated you. What happened?
– What has to happen? He sent that video to CM… He called me… Even after saying so much,
what is he doing? Such people are tough to survive in politics.
I can’t take any decision as of now… I am halting the ticket.
We shall see later. All these days I thought it would be enough
If I kill the person who hit me. But now seeing you, I want to kill you… Thus I brought your dad. I have some information for you. There is no guarantee for your dad to be alive,
however fast you come. My men are beating in such a range. Even while dying
he is taking your name saying Kanna. Poor guy… Come and save him. Where is my dad? Where is my dad? You were the delivery boy
who came to my house that day Where is my dad? Hey, I am warning you all. Where is my dad? I am warning you all,
If something happens to my dad… None of you here would be alive. Will you kill us? We are so many here,
it is difficult for you to be alive now. Why is so much stubbornness still in you… What will you do
if I show your dad… Will you see? Show him his father… Father… What? are you scared? We still did not kill your father… Yes, it seems you are the life
of your father… You too should have it, right? I will kill him right before your eyes. Save him if you can. Hey…
– Stop Kanna… Stop. I would have killed you then
when you insulted my dad. But, I stopped then
and now my dad stopped. Do you know
why did you live twice? I am not any delivery boy
as you thought. I am the guy in love with your sister. He and Amrutha are in love.
I don’t like enemies in relation. Amrutha is the daughter-in-law of our house
either you agree or not. This is fixed. You came on to the roads losing MLA ticket
with a blow from my son. If you are still the same… I can’t say what would happen
to you going ahead. Think well and intimate about the marriage. Hey, you asked what is my courage right? Hey, you asked what is my courage right? The guts, even death runs away
when a guy with gut faces it. Come on dad… Seshu… You can mange even a husband
but not a lover boy. You messed with the wrong guy. Sorry Ammu, I did not say all these days
as I didn’t want to give you tension. But you should know it sometime. Anyone would have love towards
their family members. Obviously, you too will have love
on your brother. But when someone goes wrong, I react in the same way…
if it is my friend or even my dad I have no personal grudge
on your brother, Ammu. I can understand Kanna. But, what is the solution
if you keep fighting… How would our marriage take place? No way that I leave you Ammu.
I am the one to tie the knot in your neck. You be happy without any tension. Ok? Ok… Looks like you are showing all the anger
over him on the whiskey. Look, you already finished a full bottle. I am drinking to think about
what I should do with him. Give me a cigarette.
– Sir… He hit me… He made sure I didn’t get the MLA ticket… He moved around with my sister
and I didn’t know… I thought of killing him
just for hitting me. What should I do
when he did so much? When you are unable to anything to him means,
nobody can do anything to him. I have seen many,
but this fellow looks very dangerous. Either fear or respect is
nowhere to be seen. If not what was his style of hitting
and what was his power? He is like a father
to the original Guntur chili breed. I feared my heart to stop.
It was strong and thus could withstand. Koteswara Rao sir… Put a proposal in your political circles. He should have a son to marry Amrutha. He should have enough guts
to get me MLA ticket. I will give how much ever as dowry,
but I should get the ticket. Amrutha, whom he loved more than my life
should never go to that Kanna. Marriage should happen secretly. I will finish him at the right time. This is my plan…
– Super plan Seshu… Can we find such a match right now… Seshu, a politician to win election needs crores If you say to give as many crores he asks for,
he will give his son easily. You will get a response by this time tomorrow
for this proposal. But, will he be calm
when so much is happening? That is why I am saying to do all this secretly
not letting him know. Anyways, to be on the safe side,
I will divert him. How? I will get into an issue with him
saying my sister is kidnapped. Come out… I can’t find Amrutha… What have you done?
– What happened to Amrutha? Look Mr Seshu, if we have to do something,
we would have done long back. Amrutha is missing… I have been searching from yesterday.
– Is this any new game? Did you hide and playing a new plan?
– I expected you to get such a doubt on me. Amrutha is my sister even before you entered. If you have such a doubt,
bring Amrutha from wherever she is… I will get her married to you. He will roam entire Guntur
like a mad fellow for Amrutha. It is better to be more careful with him
during the marriage time. His dad meets at the same time
when marriage will be happening here. He would be at the hospital in a tension
for this father… Amrutha will get married here.
– No opposition now for your sketch… Cheers. Yes Mr Koteswara rao,
this is minister Krishna Rao speaking. Yes Krishna Rao sir…
– Greetings… How are you doing?
– Super… super… I am coming straight to the matter.
I got your proposal. After seeing the photo of that girl, my son… Is sitting rigid not to marry
any other girl than her. That is the situation.
So, I should do this marriage for my son. Ok. Ok, it is my responsibility
to get a ticket for that Seshu. Will he give the amount as thought?
– I am giving you that guarantee sir, You do not get tensed…
– What else when you are there? But… But, there is a small personal problem. We are thinking to get the marriage done secretly. What sir, have we grown so big
not understanding that much? Ok, ask him to make arrangements. Wait… Total 206 bones will be broken
with one blow. What? If you have any doubts take him to hospital
and get X-ray done. Come and ask me
even if one bone is less in the count. Hello brother-in-law! Being in the cell itself,
I showed my network in Guntur. Now I am out and how do you think
your tricks would go on? You said to give my Amrutha in marriage to me
if I bring her, right? There is your sister…
Will you get her married to me… Why don’t you talk Seshu… Will you get them married now or what? Hey you…
– Seshu, no use from your anger. I agree that you are very clever. You planned a wonderful sketch. You planned both, marriage of your sister
and your MLA seat to happen in one shot. Still, you failed.
You know why? He is clever than you. Shall I tell you one thing?
All this was your plan, But his setup. Is your mind lost with the shock. Your PA heard when you were
saying this plan to Koteswara Rao. He is not so cruel though
he is working under you… He said that matter to Kanna and his friends. Kanna planned this after know the matter… A great sketch to overtake you. Ok, I will accept proposal of Seshu as you said. But why all this? Someone else if not you will accept this
and marry Amrutha That is why blocking through you, I will tie the knot to Amrutha
in the same marriage hall. Ok… Seshu. You came to my house and acted great
saying your sister is missing. We roamed all around Guntur
not for Amrutha, But to call all our relatives
for this marriage. Few from those here are my relatives. Why am I being a Minister
doing all this for them. It maybe a Million Dollar question to you, Yes, matter is that this Surya narayana
is none other but my classmate. We used to compete a lot
to be walking along with him. He had so much following back then… He was always the unanimous SPL.
I had the desire to become SPL in those days. Once I went to him and said
I wanted to become SPL for once. When asked to leave once for me,
he just moved aside… He made me SPL. He gives so much value for friendship. Though I grew so much in life,
never once… Never asked me for help at least once. That is… His persona. For the first time in life, He asked me help
for his son’s love. Added it is a good work
and how I can deny Seshu? Still, this fellow is so clever, sharp
and added won the heart of your sister. What is your problem
to give your sister to him? He hit me…
– Come on… Saying like a kid that he hit you.
He said the matter of hitting you. You keep saying filthy language and keep hitting,
will they not hit you… Anybody would change
when they get hit once, But you didn’t change. Ok wait…
Hey Kanna… Say him sorry for once.
He is big guy and is egoistic. Look he is feeling it. I said uncle,
but he is not listening. He will listen now… Brother-in-law… Sorry brother-in-law… See… Seshu, you wish to grow in politics. Fine. Truly well educated and people
from noble profession should come into politics. I will convince CM sir
and get that ticket to you. To grow in politics… here… People like him should be behind you
but not the corrupt like¦ Why all these,
forget about it. Brother… I like you very much. I always feel all should say
great about you. I can’t take it when someone says
bad about you I like Kanna a lot brother. Kanna, matter is over… He changed face expression. Tie the knot as per your plan. Suri… Take him. Brother-in-law…
– No need… Tie the knot Let’s go… Remove your shoe… It is fine with you right?
– Ok. Our Guntur Kanna made everyone dance… If he has to stay happy like this… It is better to be careful
so that his hands don’t itch. Dear… My daughter… my stress buster… You are back.


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