[ Music ]>>All aboard! [ Singing ]>>Let’s go.>>Let’s go!>>Goodbye, goodbye!>>Gypsy is about
Gypsy Rose Lee, the famous burlesque stripper
I guess we would still call her today but of course
stripping was very different in burlesque times but
the show really is more about a domineering, forceful,
pushy mother who wanted to live her own career
through her daughter’s.>>You know, I had
a dream last night.>>Yes, mother.>>It was of a billboard
like the cover of that lady’s magazines,
a mother and daughter, only it was you and me,
wearing exactly the same dress and said Madame Rose
and her daughter, Gypsy.>>I play Louise and she
is a small town girl, she plays this really big
tomboy, she’s one of the guys, typical, typical tomboy
and then she turns into this burlesque dancer,
her name is Gypsy Rose Lee.>>I was just trying on a few –>>A few ideas you
might want to try.>>You really would have
been something, mother.>>And I [inaudible]
mother, Momma Rose, the original stage
mother pushes her children to be performers, to be actors. She really believes in them and she thinks everything
she’s doing is for the best. She’s so blinded by that
pursuit of fame for her children and recognition for herself that she doesn’t see
how it hurts them.>>Where [inaudible]?>>I have another in
the box [inaudible].>>Well, only for
an hour or two. Say, this looks better on
me than it does on you. It’s funny how we can
wear the same size.>>Well, we have some
terrific kids in the leads, as well as in the chorus
and there’s not a weak link in the whole cast so you’re
seeing quite a variety of the talent here at SAC State.>>[Inaudible], it’s
hilarious, it’s heartbreaking. The music is wonderful,
we’re in it. It’s breathtaking. You will enjoy yourself
beyond belief.>>We are in it. [ Singing ] [ Applause ]

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