Hackney Empire Panto Appeal!

I’m Susie McKenna And i’m here to talk to you about our Hackney Empire Christmas Appeal It’s been my mission to help Olivier Award winning actors relive their dreams. Here are just two we’re helping this year Clive was tired of stinking of fish And then, he got my call TAXI! Sharon had been moved on from place to place And the Ukulele playing wasn’t getting any better Then, she got my call Thank you! THANK YOU! Mother Goose! Here I come! It’s not just old Olivier Award winning actors we’re helping Take Priscilla, she loved stacking shelves at Tesco but those shelves were difficult for her to handle And then, she got my call Ah, bless them! Well, as they say, charity begins at home Which is why i’ve given my self a leading role! So, if you want to help a tired old actor this christmas book your tickets for Mother Goose at the Hackney Empire Somebody get my tap shoes!

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