Hagemann Hall

I live in Hagemann and this is my third year so since my freshman year. I like that its just like an open community. You can walk down the hall at any time of the day and there’s always someone to just stop by and say hi to you. It is different yeah with the community
there’s a lot open doors and you form relationships with your RAs and other staff members We actually have awesome closets there’s plenty of space to have hanging clothes, fold your clothes. There’s like tons of room. We also have a sink which offers like
it’s really nice you don’t have to walk to the bathroom to brush your teeth. We also have the lofts within the room when you come. There’s just lots of space to keep everything
and just be able to personalize it. You’re near the business building, by the theater You’re attached to the Piazza by the skywalk.
And we have the Rec room it’s a really good place just to come down to
watch TV with your friends you can you know have a movie night which is always a lot of fun.
It’s also a really good place to study. Senate plans events for the other residents in Hagemann. Every year we make connections through Hagemann with other people. And we all become closer friends and you just build relationships that will probably last a lifetime. It’s just like a small family. It’s kind of a home away from home. You come back and just feel like you’ve made a home for yourself here.

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