Halal (हलाल) | Official Trailer | Marathi Movie 2017 | Chinmay Mandlekar, Priyadarshan Jadhav

What is this! I’m going to
end this today itself! Haleen, our relationship is over! I’m going to give you a talak (divorce).
Talak! Talak! Talak! Dad, brother in law has come. – I had to speak to you.
– Tell me? I’ve come to take Haleen back. Once you divorce the wife, you can’t
take her back, don’t you know? I can’t see him troubled like that. He divorced me because of my
own mistakes, isn’t it? But now what do we do? I don’t know that, but I’ll ask our Maulana. This is a ritual given to us by Hadis. It’s called ‘Halala’. Halala. If you want to take Haleen home again,… Then Haleen will have to be married to
someone else, and if he divorces her,.. ..only then can you marry her again
and take her home. Otherwise you can’t. Did you ask Haleen about this? Why should we ask her? She’s a woman,
what does she understand? She’ll do exactly what we say. In this situation, I can see only one person
fit for this, that is our Maulana. If that holy man accepts,
my girl will be fortunate. Sheikh Balu presents his daughter Haleen,
for marriage, do you accept? I agree and I accept. We accept him and his presents. And now, as a part of Halala, as your husband,
I have to spend at least one night with you. If this ritual was made to punish the first
husband, then why is the girl suffering. Every woman has to tolerate all this. Now, that’s what your rituals say,
what can you do anyway? Don’t divorce me. You’ll are treating me like a toy! Once one is satisfied,
I have to go to the other! And when the second is done,
return to the first one! What about my own emotions and feelings? This ritual of yours is ruining me!


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