Hall Pass – Fred Gets Drunk

Do you know how much
a polar bear weighs? No, how much? Enough to break the ice.
Hi, Fred Searing. Would you like to try the Australian kiss? It’s like the French kiss
except down under. Excuse me? Do you think these bar
napkins smell like chloroform? I’m kidding. Fred Searing.
Can I buy you a drink? I feel like donkey-kicking everyone
in this bar. This is unbelievable. Hey. Hey, hey, keep your chin up, okay?
No one said this was gonna be easy. Even in college it took 50 rejections
for every one score. Yeah, yeah. Of course, it didn’t sting as much
when you were drunk. That’s what we should do, then.
We should get drunk. – You’re right, we’re too stiff.
– I know. Let’s get the creative juices flowing. Let the soul come to the surface. That’s when we’re at our most charming. You say no to me? You say no to me? No, no, no.
Flip it! I say no to you! – Come on, let’s go, baby. It’s time to go.
– Oh, screw you! Look, hey,
you think your shit don’t float? Let me tell you something. I wouldn’t
titty-bang any of you in a snowstorm. – Come on, please?
– No! – You had your shot and you blew it!
– Come on. – Goodbye!
– You are the man tonight. Oh, hey! Betsy Ross!
You need a pole for that flag? Aw, what’s the matter?
You can’t get any bigger, you little bitch?


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