Hall Pass – Fred Tries Using Hall Pass On Missy (Vanessa Angel Deleted Scene)

Mm-hm. Let’s forget the internet, all right? You and I gotta start playing
to our strengths. Starting now. -Good. What are they?
-Let’s be honest. Complete strangers do not like us. -Agreed.
-But you know who does? People that know us just a little bit.
Like in a casual surface-y kind of way. -They dig us.
-They do dig us. When they don’t know us
that well. -Like who?
-Well, I was thinking about …. [DOORBELL Rings] -Oh. Hi, Fred.
-Hey, Missy. Oh, here, I got you this. -Thanks.
-Mm-hm. -Stuffed grape leaves?
-Yeah, and some gyros. Gyros. However the hell you say it.
Heh, heh. -Frankinopoulos. You’re Greek, right?
-My ex-husband is. Right. Right. So …. How are you, Fred? -Are you okay?
-I don’t wanna get into all the details… …but my wife gave me this one time deal
where I get to be with another woman. -Really?
-Yeah. Not bad, right? Wait a second. Is that why you’re here? Well, if that’s what you’re getting at
I’m not gonna say no. What are you, an asshole? Hey, don’t go shooting
the messenger now. You come over here out of the blue
with a bag of garbage. -You’re welcome.
-And you think I’m gonna fuck you… …because of some bullshit agreement
you had with your wife? You know what? Screw you, Fred. What the hell just happened?


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